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Winter weather....


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  • Winter weather....

    What a strange winter we have been having so far... hot.. cold.. hot.. cold...

    snow up to how high in the north.... constant rain for how many days in CA?

    Tell me their is a reason for this.. it is just getting bad and strange in some cases.. next thing we know.. it will start snowing in Tampa Florida.. here it hasn't snowed since that one time in the 70s.....

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    It is all an evil plot by the Chinese to take over America. Once they've killed all the orange trees, they will charge us 50% the current price of citrus fruit, causing the US economy to crash. Then they'll just buy up all the stock in American companies and take us over.

    Really quite simple if you think about it.
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      Here in Portland OR, we had an ice storm one weekend which shut down the city pretty much, followed by record high temps. Two weekends in a row we had to cancel our snow weekend at Mt. Hood.

      Supposedly, the weather is supposed to be a little more normal toward the end of the week for us....and the snow levels are supposed to drop in the mountains so we can go and freeze our tushies off like a normal January!!!


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        You folks think the weather is weird? HAH! check out conditions both current and historical for south central Alaska. I think we have the temps as much as 70 degrees off of normal, whereas its normal to be -20 or -30 its been over 45 above and much more rain than I have ever seen. Also our winters which are traditionally 6-7 months long are acting like a normal lower 48 winter or from dec to say march instead of oct to may.
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