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(Photo Heavy) PrncssZ's First Class Field Trip-Ronald Reagan Library Trip Report


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  • (Photo Heavy) PrncssZ's First Class Field Trip-Ronald Reagan Library Trip Report

    (Part 1 more to come tomorrow)

    So today it was my very first field trip with my kids. It wasn't some little in town field trip... no we went from Bakersfield to Simi Valley to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. All I have to say is if you've never been there YOU HAVE TO GO!! It is so amazing and breathtaking. Words can truly not describe it and the experience. So here's my first trip report (bummer it's not about Disneyland, but it's still fun and interesting).

    7:20 am - Get to school and rush around like a chicken with my head cut off getting things together, including permission slips and the all important tissues!

    7:30 - Parent Chaperone meeting.

    7:45 - Go outside to waiting students and work through the chaos of students getting school lunches, putting them in the right place and sending the students to the right chaperones. Thankfully I had all my name badges color coded and my chaperones all had a list of students of who they should have. All in all I was very organized for my very first trip.

    8:00 - Leave, but only after one of my students who were running late rushes over and gets on. Makes me angry because she knew what time to be there, but she's late for everything so it wasn't a surprise.

    So we're driving down the highway about 45 minutes into our trip then *gasps* there's the other buses pulled over.... *sigh* We started with four buses then one of them had a blown transmission. Thankfully!!! There was exactly enough room on the rest of the buses.

    9:00 am - Leave from gaining more students, pull away from side of the road and now we are really on our way! My students love me because I have all the cool teenie bopper disney movies.

    10:30 am - 30 minutes late for tour....but nonetheless WE MADE IT!!! So now onto pictures of our tour.

    We had the greatest docent! He was so full of information and you could tell he loved what he did. He even told me what a wonderful class I had and how that shows what a good teacher I am, because they were really interested and asking valid questions! Not one student asked what time lunch was, where's the bathroom, or anything off topic. I was about to pass out with joy hehe.

    Entrance Sign

    View from the top of the hill right outside the library entrance.

    Courtyard (where we met our docent)

    Statue of Ronald Reagan

    Replica of the oval office from Ronald Reagan's term. Ronald Reagan actually supervised this to make sure it was an exact replica. The ceiling had to be hired 4 feet more because at first he said it wasn't high enough.

    Presidential Seal on the ceilling. 50 stars for 50 states, 13 arrows for 13 original colonies.

    This is the VIP door that matches into the wall. "Normal" People would use the regular door next to it or the door we entered through. Very secret agent if you ask me.

    More to come tomorrow!! Including a retired Air Force One!!

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    Re: (Photo Heavy) PrncssZ's First Class Field Trip-Ronald Reagan Library Trip Report

    Wow cool!! Another place I've never been to I get to see thanks to cool MiceChatter like you who share their experiences!!! :clap:

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      Re: (Photo Heavy) PrncssZ's First Class Field Trip-Ronald Reagan Library Trip Report

      Thanks Princessz, I have been curious about seeing this place. Any Jelly Belly Beans near by?
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        Re: (Photo Heavy) PrncssZ's First Class Field Trip-Ronald Reagan Library Trip Report

        Any Great Moments with Mr. Reagan?

        OK, I had to throw in a one-liner but the trip and museum look very cool!
        Thanks for posting this and I can't wait to see/read more!
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