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  • What I Love About MiceChat

    Thought I'd start a thread for folks to list what they love about MiceChat and why, since this place just rocks.

    What I love:
    • Members - never before have I seen such a large group get along SO well, not only online, but in person. Everyone is very open and accepting of others. It's truly amazing. (Can't you just feel the love??? )
    • Lurkers - for being here and reading all this stuff that we talk about.
    • My fellow mods - for being a laidback, supportive team, providing one of the most relaxed, yet nice, places on the internet.
    • The admins - simply put, without you, this wouldn't exist. (And I might actually get some work done. ) Thank you!!!
    • Humor - where else can we see crazy avatars, funny/punny posts, and even such obscure and wacky derailments like starting our own "Church of Walt"? :lol:
    • The news team - for giving more news than I can even keep up with reading.
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    I love how being a part of this board changes YOU. By hearing others opinions and talking to people from all walks of life, you begin to appreciate what each individual has to offer.

    There have been several times when I've read a post and automatically thought something negative about that person/lifestyle/etc. but after continually communicating when them and getting to know them on a personal level, it has become easier for me to see my OWN faults and how I may not be the person I always percieve myself to be...

    the members of this board are absolutely wonderful. There is no other place that I could communicate with adults who are sometimes more than twice my age and feel that my opinion is valued. It is such a beautiful thing to be able to communicate with people of more life experience.

    So even though we may all have our disagreeances, debates, and arguements, we are still very much a family. I look forward to seeing you all sometime at the parks!

    (Disneyphile your awesome too )


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      I love the instant feeling that I belong to a special group of people. that I'm not alone in my love for Disney, and that while I'm away from the happiest place on earth, I know friends are keeping watch and protecting my special place. Where else can you say hello and get instant friendships that feel like you've know them forever?
      As nice as the other parks are, we must always remember that it all began at Disneyland. Disneyland should be the crown jewel in the Disney crown.


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        I don't know about you... But I am here for the Beer...

        Darkbeer in fact... His photo essays of the park ROCK!!!
        Check out my other blog:


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          There are less forum rules here compared to other Disney-related sites, and I can post Disney photos here, not to mention a lot of people here have the same viewpoints that I do associated with WDW and the general world of Disney. It's also good to know that we can provide feedback to the authors of the MiceAge articles.
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            I like it here because everybody has very differing and interesting opinions about things. Also, I don't feel quite so geeky about my love of all things Disney.
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              I love it here because I can get my Disneyland fix and see way cool pictures of the park.

              I also love that everyone here is friendly and helpful to everyone. This is a WONDERFUL group of people and its so easy to make friends with everyone,
              All ya gotta do is stand up and say

              "Hello, my name is MellyMouse and I'm a Disneyholic"

              Then BOOM! Everyone is your friend and they understand you. Its all just so great!


              (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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                >The fact that I can talk with people who Love Disney and understand that it is for all ages!!

                >As It already has been stated When this group comes together the walls come down and everyone that I' ve come in contact with has been great.
                (they are all trying to get me to move closer!!)
                >Soulquarian's interesting threads and challenges, Cousin Orville's & Gemini Cricket's , & Girl Anachronism's avatars!! (and I'm sure there are more)
                > The fact that A lot if Mice Chat folks share there awesome stories of their trip with Photos in tow!!
                > It makes looking forward to when I come down in June and July.
                > That the site is moderated to a degree that makes most folks comfortable.
                > Thanks for allowing Us to be apart of this site.
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                  I love Ortizmo2000
                  I find it hard
                  It's hard to find
                  Oh well, whatever, nevermind


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                    I love the feeling I get when I come on and see all these new threads.. and how welcoming everyone is.. No matter your opinions and ideas. I just love MiceChat!


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                      Originally posted by EpTxGuy
                      I love the instant feeling that I belong to a special group of people. that I'm not alone in my love for Disney, and that while I'm away from the happiest place on earth, I know friends are keeping watch and protecting my special place. Where else can you say hello and get instant friendships that feel like you've know them forever?
                      Hear hear! Well said, EpTxGuy. Like Dash said in The Incredibles, "I love our family."
                      My finger points.


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                        There is only one word that comes to mind when I think of MiceChatters... FAMILY.

                        And I'm new around here!! It's just something that I could feel right away. Weird, huh?



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                          What a fun thread Disneyphile.

                          As I have said before I love MiceChat for the community. It is a place where at first I felt I was standing on the outside, looking in, somewhat trying to join in. I felt as if this was going to be another one of those Disney communities where I was excluded because of my age or the fact that I'm in Minnesota, so far away. But that was not the case. I was slowly accepted and in a way I would like to say it was because of MiceChat Live! where I got to meet and start talking with MiceChatters even more. Thank you Dusty for your help and kind words. I felt like I was a part of this place and now I obviously am.

                          I love the entertainment I get from reading your posts, seeing creative avatars or silly remarks. You've all been so friendly.

                          I love the derail thread. It's hard to explain it but I will try. It's like one long chat, IM, or email with a group of friends -- that grows and expands. In it I have been able to get to know a small group of MiceChatters. It is the first place I check on MiceChat and I go back at least once before I leave.

                          Thank you all for creating and maintaining MiceChat. I'm trying to do my little part by posting news and welcoming new members. Gosh I still remember welcoming AndersDMB right after he joined! I honestly mean it when I love you all -- you're an amazing group. I can't wait to see many of your smiling faces in July and hopefully some more this fall in WDW. Once again, what I love about MiceChat is you!


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                            Originally posted by LightBeer
                            I love Ortizmo2000
                            I ADMIT...I'VE BEEN SOCK PUPPETING! This is actually me. :lol:
                            "The old man's gonna knock on the sky. Listen to the sound."

                            AP'er since 2004. Yup.....I'm one of THEM.


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                              I agree with everyone so far- I love all the crazy people I have met on here. It is hard being in the midwest, so far away from everything I love, but here, I feel like I am home and I can stay connected to the things and people I love. I have never felt so accepted before and feel like I have made some real friends. I love how hard everyone works to make and maintain a great community and hope it stays that way. I also love how excited I am to meet everyone- I know when I finally come home this fall, it will be the best homecoming ever! Big huge hugs to everyone who has given me so much love- MUAH!!!!!!
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                                I love MiceChat because you can say anything; from what you had for lunch to the stock market, and there's always someone to talki to.

                                Plus it gives me design ideas :devil:


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                                  I can't quite remember life before MiceChat!

                                  Our differences are not only accepted, they're embraced.

                                  BPF is right about the derailed thread. It's like calling all of your friends on the phone at the same time.

                                  MiceChat makes me LAUGH! And I love to laugh This place is quirky. No one in my family understands it but me...well maybe Faith does now :love:
                                  I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.
                                  That explains the trouble that I'm always in...


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                                    This place is pure insanity....just the way I like it It has also become my obsession let's all sing the song...
                                    Marge: Barnacle Bill's Home Pregnancy Test? Homer, shouldn't we have gone with a better-known brand?
                                    Homer: But Marge, this one came with a corn-cob pipe!
                                    Marge: [reading from the test box] "Ahoy, Maties! If the water turns blue, a baby for you! If purple ye see, no baby thar be!"
                                    Homer: So, which is it? Blue or purple?
                                    Marge: Pink.
                                    Homer: D'oh!
                                    Marge: "If ye test should fail, to a doctor set sail!"


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                                      Originally posted by Ortizmo2000
                                      I ADMIT...I'VE BEEN SOCK PUPPETING! This is actually me. :lol:
                                      He's right! I do not exist.
                                      I find it hard
                                      It's hard to find
                                      Oh well, whatever, nevermind


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                                        Lax rules. (Not sucking up to sponsers. Participant supported.)

                                        Fewer appologists. (People that spin everything as being positive for Disney....)

                                        Great people. (Meet-ups in the park especially fun.)


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