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Top 10 Astronomy Photographs of 2006

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  • Top 10 Astronomy Photographs of 2006

    The "Bad Astronomer" has chosen his 2006 top ten astronomy photos, and many of them I agree with. The painting a partial eclipse one is especially clever. You can see all of them at this link, but check out the number one photo, which I've posted below:


    What else could it possibly have been?
    This imageus. Cassini was nearly one billion miles from us when it took this image, orbiting a giant ball of gas as exotic and alien as any place we can imagine. From such a terribly removed location, the entire Earth is reduced to a single point of light, just one among an anonymous many as seen from our robotic proxy as our generation, for the first time in all of history, seeks out our neighborhood and takes a really good look.

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    Re: Top 10 Astronomy Photographs of 2006

    That would be a great picture to have a large print of. Here is one from NASA taken a few weeks ago in Iowa after the massive solar ejection:


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      Re: Top 10 Astronomy Photographs of 2006

      Wow amazing photo's thanks