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Disneyphile has a new little boy


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  • Disneyphile has a new little boy

    Everyone needs to congratulate Disneyphile and Frodo Potter on the arrival of their new little boy, Oswald Rex. From what I understand, Disneyphile had problems with the delivery taking over a week, Everyone is doing fine but from last word, he is already trying to chew on electrical wires. Good luck to all.
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    KoH, you crack me up. Now I'm going to HAVE to take some pictures tonight an post 'em.

    Folks - yes, I have "Disneyfied" yet another pet. Our latest addition is a baby black and white rex bunny. He's named "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit".

    So far, Oswald is learning things quite quickly, especially how to run around the couch, sending Frodo Potter chasing after him to make sure he doesn't nibble the cords. So far, the score on "catching" him is: Oswald - 10, Frodo Potter - 0. :lol:

    Sad part is, he's still too little to tell if he is, in fact, definitely a boy. I really hope he is, because he's already learning that name....... and if he should turn out to be a she, then we're going to have a rabbit with one hell of an identity crisis.


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      oh my I thought she had a real baby boy, omg, Ok I need to stop these pain killers they are making me think crazy stuff, haha

      I will go crawl back in my Igloo now and be quiet, lol :bow:


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        Originally posted by CoolCanadian
        Ok I need to stop these pain killers they are making me think crazy stuff, haha
        Hey!! Pass 'em around!!! Sharing is caring!! :lol:


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          Alright, soon.

          I want to see him, too.

          Demanding, aren't I?


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            Looks like it'll be time to have folks over for a tiki barbeque soon, and to meet the bunny.

            (Just realized I put "barbeque" and "bunny" in the same post on this board...... I just KNOW what certain MiceChatters are thinking...... )


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              Ahhhhh! I wanna see the new bunny! Share! Share!

              (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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                The title of the thread and the revelation that it's a just freakin' me out! :lol:
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                  Congratulations on your new addition DP

                  Pictures pictures

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                    Oooh Tikki barbaque u hhave to wait till aug for that sounds thrilling
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                      Congrats on the new little bundle of joy !! and if things ever get tight financialy..well..feed him well so he can get nice and meaty !! lol

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