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Short Tahoe Trip Report


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  • Short Tahoe Trip Report

    So last week, after Christmas, my dad, his wife, Talon, and myself headed up to Tahoe for some winter sports fun.

    We were a bit late hitting the road, so we didn't make it up the mountain in time for afternoon skiing the first day. In fact, we just barely got up the mountain before it began snowing (YESSSSS!)

    Then it rained. (Awwwww)

    Then it snowed again... all night. (YESSSSS!)

    Making for some lovely views in the morning:

    Hehe... did I mention it rained?

    Anyway, next day, we skied Heavenly. By the way, NoCalers can get discounted ($62) tickets if they go to their local Albertson's for tickets before heading up the mountain. Which, being a holiday weekend, saved us like $13/ticket!

    This lift is either Patsy's or Groove, can't tell

    That's Talon with the Powderbowl Express lift behind him

    Me at "Snow Beach" which is the little warming hut in that little valley at the base of Patsy's, Groove, and Powderbowl Express lifts

    Good place to enjoy a cup of cocoa (or cuppa sumpin' sumpin', if you're into skiing buzzed, they have a bar there. Personally, I opted for the cocoa.)

    Snow Beach again, but this time with a view of the Patsy's run behind it

    View of the lake from "Mambo", the run I like to call "the green that isn't a green" because there's a section in it that I might generously call a hard blue, but feels like an easy black diamond (which I DO NOT ski). This is the "green" part of it though.

    There's the Lakeview Lodge, home of the $13 burger grill. They ran out of fries while I was there and had to have some sent up the mountain! But hey, the fish n' chips (once the "chips" arrived) was darn tasty. They have quite the gourmet selection going there.

    Snow cover was still pretty light, but it'll get better as the season wears on

    One thing you can say for Heavenly... great freakin' views!

    Oh yeah, and sunsets too!

    Next day dawned bright and beautiful... and a bit windy. Okay, REALLY windy. They actually SHUT THE MOUNTAIN DOWN it was so windy. They were saying 100mph winds on the slopes, with gusts to 120! Just look at the snow literally being blown off the mountain (remember, it was sunny, not a cloud in the sky, save for the one being formed by wind-driven snow!)

    So, no day 2 skiing for us, but one really great day. For those of you who have never skied in Tahoe, ya gotta do it!

    So far my favorites are Heavenly and Northstar-at-Tahoe. Heavenly because, well, it's freaking huge and awesome and Northstar because it's got a really cool, laid-back vibe (and firepits with adirondack chairs around them outside at the base lodge, can't beat that!) Didn't get to Northstar this time around, but hopefully sometime soon.

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    Re: Short Tahoe Trip Report

    Wow, absolutely gorgeous pictures. I do not ski, at all -- tried it once and that was one time too many -- but those views!!!! I like to ride the Heavenly gondola so I can see the pretty vistas without skiing.

    Thank you for posting. Just beautiful. Makes me want to go back, I haven't been up there in about 2 years now.


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      Re: Short Tahoe Trip Report

      Originally posted by disneyballerina View Post
      Wow, absolutely gorgeous pictures. I do not ski, at all -- tried it once and that was one time too many -- but those views!!!!
      What she said, times ten. Very nice trip report and some breathtaking pictures, Cindy.

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        Re: Short Tahoe Trip Report

        Nice report and pictures!

        Glad you had fun!

        I love Tahoe!


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          Re: Short Tahoe Trip Report

          Awwwww...I remember going up to tahoe to go sledding when I was little, I loved playing in the snow. We actually have video of my brother going down a hill on a circular sled and his boots flying off in the other direction! Good memories of that place.

          Amazing pics you took!!!! Wow!!!! But, gotta say, cute eeyore hat I love seeing everything all snow-covered when you wake up in the morning. Makes every picture look magical. But that view!!!!! Talk about picture-perfect!

          Glad you had a fun time!!
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            Re: Short Tahoe Trip Report

            Awesome!!! What incredible views.


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              Re: Short Tahoe Trip Report

              man was it windy up in here int he Reno/Tahoe area! they get gusts up to and over 100mph up at the lake sometimes.

              at least they're getting snow up there, we've only had one day of it down here in the city..not that i miss it

              glad you had a nice time, thanks ofr hte pix!
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                Re: Short Tahoe Trip Report

                Beautiful photos! I havent been to Tahoe in years, but really want to again soon.
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                  Re: Short Tahoe Trip Report

                  Tahoe is the best. Cant wait to get up there soon.
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                    Re: Short Tahoe Trip Report

                    I wish I'd taken more pics on the slopes, but it was so crowded (between Christmas and New Year's), that it just wasn't safe to stop along the runs very often.

                    I took tons of pictures the next day as we drove down. All just basically snowy scenes. But here's a small sampling:

                    This one's my favorite:

                    Oh, here's the sign for Sierra (we randomly stopped there, but not to ski, long story)

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                      Re: Short Tahoe Trip Report

                      Postcard perfect pictures!

                      Thanks for sharing!

                      We enjoy Tahoe every chance we get. Beautiful area!


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                        Re: Short Tahoe Trip Report

                        Great pics, thanks for sharing.

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