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Science Project Ideas?


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  • Science Project Ideas?

    My sixth grader is required to do a science project this month. In elementary school, projects were optional, so we always skipped (but we did plenty of other projects, bah!) out on the science fair.

    We need ideas! She brought home several pages of cruddy ideas (is waterproof mascara really waterproof?) from the school (do pictures of missing children on milk cartons really help find the kids?), and we seriously can't come up with a good project.

    There has to be a question involved....we can't randomly build a robot and call it a project.

    Actually, we just can't build a robot. Period.

    Help! Must be easy-ish and do-able in a month!!

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    Re: Science Project Ideas?

    I have the PERECT project for you, it involves Starbucks and the hotness of the coffee. Let me grab Ky and I'll get right back to you

    Kyler did his on gum, which flavor lasts the longest type of thing

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      Re: Science Project Ideas?

      Okay the Starbucks project
      Which cup keeps it hotter? (styrofoam vs cardboard type of thing)
      He tested it by buying a size of coffee in from each place and tracked the temperature. He did the starbucks one with and without the sleeve.

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        Re: Science Project Ideas?

        I remember both of the projects I had to do for science fair. 1st one: What cleans clothes best? I put stains on several pieces of fabric and then tested them using different detergents. 2nd What's the effect of different liquids on raw meat? Pretty gross but I put a chunk of burger into dishes of cola, 7up, milk, apple juice & water. Let's just say this is the reason I stopped drinking soda. Hope this helps.
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          Re: Science Project Ideas?

          I remember doing: what laundry detergent works the best?

          I'd get samples of different detergents from the neighbors to use, then my brothers and I put on the socks and placed grass, mud and oil stains on them.

          Then, we washed them each with a different detergent to see which worked the best.

          We used to have a book all about different ideas for science fair experiments. I think I also did one with sound, and my brother did one with light.
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            Re: Science Project Ideas?

            Okay I teach 5th grade and have a whole list of projects because we're doing science fair at this time too. Here's what I can remember:

            1. Which paper airplane design flys the best?
            2. Does a ball roll further on grass or dirt? (you could even test different types of balls)
            3. Does water boil faster cold or already hot?
            4. Which juice cleans a penny the best?

            These are good because there's only one variable so that it has an easier and more precise explanation.
            (I'll post more when I find my paper)

            I like the idea of the hotness of coffee and which cup keeps it warm. If you need any more help feel free to PM me.
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              Re: Science Project Ideas?

              My son did his on the effects of soda (pop) on teeth. Our dentist made him some "fake teeth" by filling a straw with the tooth colored stuff they fill cavities with. My son then soaked the "teeth" overnight in cups of root beer, Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, orange soda, and Hawaiian Punch. I think he also did coffee and tea.
              Pretty cool, actually. The dentist displayed the project for several weeks in his office.


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                Re: Science Project Ideas?

                When I was in 5th grade we took a empty dishwasher bottle, filled it with cotton balls, sealed the top with rubber cement/clay created a hole, put a cigerette on top...and watched the "lung" made of cotton balls turn black!

                Ok so they don't allow that anymore lol...but I did one on different light bulbs, wattage, type vs amount of current they take in
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                  Re: Science Project Ideas?

                  I did what do plant seeds grow the best in. I used radish seeds and put them on a papertowel in a baggie and then fed one water, one milk, one soda, one nothing at all, and one just miracle grow. It wasn't that exciting but it was super easy.


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                    Re: Science Project Ideas?

                    Which paper towel absorbs the best?
                    My bro did that, and it changed buying habits of several of the aprents we knew (we found out Bounty, but this was about 15 years ago


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                      Re: Science Project Ideas?

                      I remember doing "What brand of battery lasts the longest?" using the same model of flashlight and timers. Technologies of the early 90s caused the answer to be Duracell.

                      Also, "What is the most flame-resistant fabric?" Denim was the worst. I think polyester was the most, but it just melts, which causes other problems. For that, we timed lengths of time that equal pieces of various fabrics took before the flame went out.

                      Other ideas:

                      "What flavour of Jell-O do C.O.W.s like best?"
                      "How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a piece of uranium?"
                      "What is the air speed velocity of a pigeon?"
                      "What's cleaner: toilet water or my brother's hands?"
                      "Why don't Everlasting Gobstoppers last forever?"
                      "What's filthier: the city dump or uncle Bernie's mind?"
                      "Why do chickens cross roads?"
                      "What kind of salt is deadliest to slugs?"


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                        Re: Science Project Ideas?


                        I selfishly like the coffee idea....I wanna drink all the coffee!

                        I also like the teeth one! That would be cool!

                        I think we've settled on bread mold. But I think we're doing too many variables--I think we've made it too complicated.

                        We will have 8 pieces of bread in baggies in different environments. Moist, dark, cold. Dry, light, warm. Etc. I think we covered all the possible combos of moist/dry, light/dark, and warm/cold. Luckily, my daughter's hypothesis is that the moist, dark, warm bread will mold the quickest. I was wondering if she'd choose a false hypothesis and feel like a dork. :lol:

                        We're working on it tonight...we might switch to the teeth thing. I'll have to call our dentist today to see if they'll help us out!


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                          Re: Science Project Ideas?

                          One of my fave science projects when I was a kid was about fireworks. I used a Q-tip dipped in alcohol, and then in various chemicals from my chemistry set. I learned how they turn fireworks different colors AND I got to play with fire. Lots of fun, and I took 2nd place in the county science fair that year!

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