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MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History


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  • MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

    Tonight marks the day; two years ago we embarked on the endeavor that we now call Over the last two years, MiceChat has seen success that none of us thought would be possible. Now, here we stand two years later and we've just begun. There's been some momentous events that we've seen, and below is a quick history of where that 2 years has taken us, and where MiceChat will be in the future.

    Thanks to the internet archive, we can look at the MiceChat of the past. All click-able dates let you view the MiceChat of old.

    A Brief History of MiceChat

    November - December 2003 - Dustysage lays the framework!

    MiceChat at this time is just a glimmer in Dustysage's eye. However, he knew that MiceAge needed message boards, and decided to pitch the idea to MiceAge editor, Al Lutz. However, at the start, they we're unsure of the logistics of how the discussions would work, and how the discussions would tie into the site. Eventually, the idea of a separately hosted and run discussion board, MiceChat, would be created. Both knew it would be popular, and we're looking forward to the launch.

    January 11th, 2004 - MiceChat Quietly Launches

    After receiving the call the previous night, Dusty informed me of the site, and what we needed. My first sleepless MiceChat night was getting the forums ready for the launch the next day. We we're excited, and a whole crew of us laid out the forums and we're ready. In the afternoon, we flipped the switch, and MiceChat was officially open.

    January 16th, 2005 - MiceChat Launches On MiceAge

    Starting on the 16th, a new message appeared on MiceAge, "You asked for it, MiceChat. The boards are Now Open!". Within that first week, we had over 600 members, and nearly 3,000 posts. We never expected the first week to be so popular. On the 18th, we had out first MiceChat Weekly Roundup - featuring discussions of the week. Here's what MiceChat looked that day.

    July 1st 2005 - First new features of MiceChat Added

    6 Months after launch, MiceChat had over 2,700 members, and over 160,000 posts. Our new News and Roundup crews we're in full force, finding news, and weekly discussions on MiceChat. However, July 1st also marked the day of a couple new features, the DIG (now planned for a mid 2007 re-launch), and out portal home. It just one of many new features that would grace the boards.

    July 17th 2005 - MiceChat 50th Anniversary Meet

    Disneyland's 50th birthday, was MiceChat's first real mega meet (in addition to our weekly meets, still going strong). Over 100 people showed up during the day to celebrate with fellow MiceChatters. Here's a list of the Disneyland Forum threads from that time.

    November 9th 2005 - MiceChat Gold Launches

    Now with over 3500 members, MiceChat needed something special. MiceChat's subscription service, MiceChat Gold, launched on the 9th. MiceChat Gold is a $12 a year service that gives adult (18+) MiceChatters all kinds of extra goodies, including a blog, more PMs, clubs, and more.

    January 22, 2006 - MiceChat's 1st Anniversary Meet

    Now, one year later, with over 4500 members, MiceChat had it's first big anniversary meet. Again, over 100 MiceChatters showed up throughout a day filled with meets that included Breakfast in the park, a Mark Twain cruise, and dinner at Whitewater Snacks. Here's a list of threads that featured pictures at the time. Here's the original meet thread. Also for the anniversary, we gave away free MiceChat Gold to everyone for three months.

    Now, you didn't think I would post the whole two year history in one post would you? Come back in a couple of days for more MiceChat history.
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    -Monorail Man

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    Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

    Thanks for the great history lesson, MM! :bow: After one and a half years, I didn't know much of this information! We appreciate ALL of the Micechat crew so much, and especially YOU with your dazzling computer know-how. Happy anniversary, Micechat!


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      Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

      01/11/05 6:51pm I made my first post here, which in fact it turned out to be the first post.

      It's been a great ride since then. Filled with great loops, dips and not a 101 in sight. Thanks!
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      "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."

      -Mark Twain


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        Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

        My join date: 1/12/2005 :yea:

        Glad to be here.
        Happy Birthday, MiceChat.

        I keep hearing Julie Andrews... "2 years ago..."
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          Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

          Originally posted by pveticket
          Woo hoo! Nice MM!
          I joined Micechat on 01-20-2005 after i got back from my WDW trip, I found it on Miceage and have never turned back!


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            Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

            I'm glad to see that a lot of the people who were here at the start are still around. I can't say thanks enough to all of you in charge at how great this site has become.


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              Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

              Ah, yes. 2 years. And Monorail Man does a VERY good job of telling you what happend in those days after the site was launched. But how did this all come to be? I answerd this question once for the VMK, and now I will share it with the rest of you.

              Sit for a moment, won't you? And let me tell you the tale:

              It has long been believed by a small tribe of people in the remote and distant North country, that a mysterious electrical storm can spark fantasy and joy into the hearts of men. On rare and special evenings, and at just the right time (that magic moment between day and night), and for only a moment, the skies will change in waves of bright colors too beautiful to be described. And, they say, that for the lucky few who experience this phenomenon, joy and happiness will be bestowed. Sadly, few will ever experience this mystery, and fewer still believe in it.

              However, myth has it that if you believe, and if you carry the magic in your heart, that same bright energy can live within you always - whether you see it in the sky or merely in your imagination.

              For you see, one night, just over two years ago, in a moment not unlike the one described above, a spark entered my soul. And from that spark, MiceChat was born. The energy from that spark was shared by others, and it grew. If you have been here for long, you have surely felt it. And if you haven't, you surely will.

              MiceChat is not one individual, or two, or 10 . . . MiceChat lives within you, within all of you. MiceChat is the exuberant energy that comes from friendship, knowledge, and fantasy. But it can only live if you feed it happy thoughts, love, and creativity.

              I place into your hands a precious gift. And, I have faith that you will do what is right to help this gift grow and thrive.

              Welcome one and all to the happiest web site in the known universe! - Experience the magic of

              -The Dusty Sage
              (this message has been brought to you by the brotherhood of man, and by the letters A and Z and the number 12)
              MiceChat 101: Be NICE! If you don't play well with others, you are in the wrong sandbox.

              Find us on Facebook: .

              How do you support MiceChat? Join MiceChat GOLD!,


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                Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

                ....and I thank you everyday for bringing MiceChat into my life.


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                  Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

                  Join date: 1/16/05

                  Incredible Dusty!! Its hard to explain how much MiceChat has changed my life, and all because of that little spark of magic you wanted to share! Aside from the fact that I have more posts than even I want to admit, MiceChat has allowed me to connect with some wonderful people all across the country. In fact, its allowed me (and others) to even become friends with people in other countries! Do other internet sites have that capability? Oh sure, but none in the same friendly, purely magical way that MiceChat has brought us all together!!

                  Thank you Dusty and everyone involved for the last two wonderful years!!! And here's to many many more for us all!!

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                  Originally posted by AGhostFromThePast
                  all you need to know about the mommy stick is.. out of all the bad things that could happen to you... it's right between wetting yourself and death.


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                    Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

                    Awesome walk down memory lane. When I joined MiceChat I had no idea I would meet some great friends and have such lasting memories.

                    But what's up with no Non-Disney parks section when the site launched???


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                      Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

                      I joined in April 2005 after seeing the link in Mice age for a few month. I finally decided to check it out and I'm glad I did. Micechat is easily the best Disney board out there. No others come close. I wish more people used Micechat Live so this board would even be more interactive..bit thats ok. I have met some great people through this board.
                      I'm glad we are just getting started !!

                      Contribute to my Johari or start your own!!


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                        Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

                        Wow thanks for the History!! As someone who has been here less then a year it is fun to hear the beginning. And thank you Dusty for sharing this vision and this spark with all of us. It truly is a precious gift and it has made my life and many others so rich and full. I look forward to many more meets, friends, and laughter! Happy Birthday MiceChat!


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                          Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

                          I was the 153rd person to sign up that fateful day 5 days from now, 2 years ago.

                          And, at first, I thought I might be the first to be banned. Until I realized that, thankfully, you weren't so yippy-skippy-happy-sappy-doopy-woopy as other boards.



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                            Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

                            Thanks for the memories MM. I am so honored to be a part of this community!!! I found Micechat via Miceage in April 2005, and my life has been changed forever. I have met my bestest friends here.

                            Thanks Dusty and Monorail man. Mere words could never express my deep gratitude for all you do for us.
                            Katie :yea:
                            Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
                            :sc: FIGHT ON!!!!!!


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                              Re: MiceChat: 2 Years Later - A Brief History

                              join date. 8-2005
                              I am grateful for you, and this wonderful site!! thank you Dusty and monorailman for everything good here!!!


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