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Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...


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  • Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

    Yes I have more pictures finally although almost everything in the yard is indeed dead right now and a lot of ice.... a few new pics of the show also.
    *These pics were taken about 2 weeks ago so some of the new show effects such as some new fountains were missing and it took me forever to finally get the new components installed... anyways here they are!

    Also check out my show's website HERE. (updated)


    I put this warning out and I still slipped on it...

    Kind of new logo.... only temporary until I get some new stencils...

    I was origionally going to remove this but decided to paint it instead...

    New green paint job to the right of the show

    This has been frozen over everymorning... about 1 inch thick.

    signs of death are all around... in the plants.


    just recently started working again... pipes underground burst and cut off the waterfall.


    another frog!

    veiw of show through shed window.


    as you can see SOME new lighting installed and still have about 15 more fixtures to install.. also the new triple stream jets are the only new ones in the pic... others are yet to be installed. hard to tell but new nozzles too.

    par cans, ellipsoidal, strobe light, and strobe rope. also, before each show, this is where the green lasers are clamped to.

    I took this pic so you can see the new brick wall beside the show.

    gotta love the side veiw... plenty more to come and some night shots of "Pyromania" which was the re-grand opening of the show.

    If you have any requests or questions, I am happy to answer!

    also here are some laser pictures.... hard to see the patterns, my camera couldn't catch them.

    hard to tell, but it is spelling out the word 'welcome' this word will be displayed on the show wall when the qoute of Walt Disney is announced, "to all who come to this happy place... WELCOME!"
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    Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

    That is so awesome. I will definetly have to check out your show one of these days.


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      Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

      Do you have a video of the show?
      Brian Kolm the Atomic Bear - comics, cartoons, artwork and instruction.


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        Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

        Originally posted by AtomicBear View Post
        Do you have a video of the show?
        yes, there are a couple of old videos on this thread here:

        These are older and outdated videos, the show's effects are very different now... I will soon put up a new video and unfortunatley I couldn't film the opening night called Pyromania, which featured dozens of fire effects.


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          Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

          Wow, weirdest thing happened tonight, at the end of the show during the fantasmic theme, the main *flashpot went off at the end das usual, only there was something diferent about it... I was the loudest bang I have ever heard, it scared me, my dad, and the four people watching it. It shut of the power to all of the backyard, it cracked two bricks and a cylander block which it was sitting on. I put in the same amount of powder as usual, but then I found out that StarMGC sent me 'sonic boom powder' which is what caused the dramatic event.

          *flashpot- a pyrotechnic device that shoots out a shower of sparks with a loud bang.

          Also, the pics above are after refurbishment, although it doesn't look too much different, that is not what I was aiming for. I wanted to update it.

          below is what the show's components include:

          1 FTP programming unit and software*
          4 windometers for pyrotechnics and water height.
          9 1,900 GPH pumps (variable speed)
          43 komet nozzles
          20 comets*
          3 Flashpots
          4 pinspots
          2 par 64 cans
          1 altman ellipsoidal
          1 cosmic frenzy green laser system
          1 strobe rope
          4 garden speakers
          1 250 watt suround sound system
          3 submerged pre show lights
          1 strand blue LED lights
          1 rotopod 250
          2 gobo projectors
          1 strobe bar
          1 color sweep
          6 multicolor LED flood lights
          1 submersible gear motor

          FTP Programming- FTP programing stands for 'Fountain Timing and Precision' this is what I use to program the show's effects, I no longer have to control it unless i want to. It is a computer software for a MAC which links to a Show adressing unit which has 5 main cables that run all underground to the show's cable distribution center, this device is located in the shed and it splits up all of the data and the cables and all the lighting cables and fountain cables and pyro cables are linked to the distribution unit. The FTP programming does more than just control the fountains and lighting. It comes with 4 windometers, they are in various places around the yard and if the wind is too high, the computer automatically lowers the height at which the fountains shoot and will prevent any pyro devices from fireing if it is unsafe, also upon the bricks in front of the show are 2 eye sensors, if someone is too close or any dogs or cats are too close and cross that line, the computer shuts down the pyro devices and prevents them from fireing. new among the show in pyro devices are 20 comets, these are little pods that shoot a single star up to 40 feet high, mine however only shoot ten feet high due to state laws. another great thing about the new software is that before the show starts, it shuts off the other two water features and dims the garden lights down and then starts the pre show. 30 minutes prior to the show the computer will test each device and if it detects any problems or malfunctions it shuts the show down unless I decide to continue operation. I unfortunatley have to load each pyro device individually and install the green laser system in the afternoon before the show... lol

          more pictures on the way soon.
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            Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

            NICE!!!! Ya that would suck if that happened.


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              Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

              ^ yes it did suck, infact.. it burned through the wire so now I must buy a new flashpot.


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                Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

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                  Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

                  On Febuary 28, it will mark the 5th year anniversary for the show, everyone who is anyone is welcome!


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                    Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

                    MORE PICS!

                    New 100 years of magic banner that once hung at the animal kingdom.

                    This area will soon be themed to Alice in Wonderland.

                    Spring is nearing....

                    New nozzle set-up, soon, Waltzing Waters will send out my two new spinners finally, and my moving row is in the house as it is worked on. (it goes right in front)

                    These wre the once 'dancing palm trees' that would dance to the music of the show, they used to be back by the show wall, but have since been moved to the patio where they are just steady on.

                    New par can and new webcam, on my show's website you can now veiw the show live or the backyard live on Friday thorugh monday.

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                      Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

                      NICE!!! cant wait to see the webcam on your WEBSITE!!!! lol


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                        Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

                        Originally posted by disneyguy115 View Post
                        NICE!!! cant wait to see the webcam on your WEBSITE!!!! lol
                        lol, it works through aim too....


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                          Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

                          small update:

                          New water curtain added, shoots about 10 feet high and attatched to a 2,000 gph pump, 12 nozzles.

                          updated pictures soon, also the Fantasy Waters website has been updated, special thanks to Hilsbro Mclemington III for creating it.


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                            Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

                            The 5th anniversary for the show is this wednesday, I will have a video of the show up next week sometime... There is a lot of new effects included in this show and many more water effects.


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                              Re: Disney Inspired Backyard Pictures...

                              Here are some pictures of set up:

                              the railroad tracks are just to set the flashpots on so they do not leave black marks on the bricks.

                              gatorade fountain... lol


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