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Fun and Disney History

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  • Fun and Disney History

    Looking for a unique weekend getaway. Then check out this website.

    Sequim is also home to the Olympic Game Farm -

    The Olympic Game farm was once were the animals from the Disney movies of the 60's were kept. Yes, I got to meet Charlie the cougar in person and have my picture taken with him. The owner of this game farm was a good friend of Walt's and instrumental in the filming of the wildlife adventure series.

    Many animal actors were raised here, from the bear in Grizzly Adams to the Hamm's bear in the old beer commercials. You can take a drive through tour and feed the bears and play "patty cake" with them, or if you brave have a buffalo in your car window (ask Wolfy999) about that one.

    It is a great area and only a short ferry ride and drive from Seattle.

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    Re: Fun and Disney History

    Too bad it's so far away. I would do both.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.