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New Sig + Avatar


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  • New Sig + Avatar

    What does everybody think of my new signature and avatar?

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    i'll be honest with's rather spiffy!
    What an idiot....

    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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      Originally posted by Tui
      i'll be honest with's rather spiffy!

      I decided to retire the old one with the purple and yellow because it was too bright, leading to something a bit more subtle.

      As for the avatar, I was feeling left out. A while ago I used to have a Scrooge McDuck one but again it was too bright and I decided to leave it out when joining MiceChat.


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        Looks nice.


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          very nice, i love it.
          Come to the dark side,
          we have cookies.


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            My server is down ATM . Should be back soon.


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              Lookin good


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                Notice something different with the sig...

                (Hint: Refresh!)


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                  Here are the new sig's:

                  SEE BELOW

                  They are all in a loop and there will be new ones soon. I don't know what to do about the avatar though... Might start participating in the theme weeks.
                  Last edited by drnilescrane; 06-20-2005, 04:09 AM.


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                    In a loop, that is awesome!!
                    wdw-87 fort wilderness with fam.
                    00 off property with future wife
                    00 carribean beach with fam. for x-mas
                    01 all star ask her to marry me also x-mas
                    02 off property with inlaws
                    03 polynesian with wife and fam. 3 days from wed.
                    06 port orleans french quarters with wife for one day


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                      Wow, Nice Job DRNiles, I love the Goofy series. Look froward to seeing the rest.
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                        Ok, I decided to turn it into a hobby... A new one added weekly, Maybe it can become an official MiceChat game like the Avatars.

                        Here is a page listing the sigs (Including the new one I let you tell me what you think about it.)


                        Please comment on the site... It helps!
                        Last edited by drnilescrane; 06-14-2005, 05:50 AM.


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                          I have added a new avatar which can be seen to your left.

                          This week's signature theme is Quack Pack:

                          Daisy Duck

                          Donald Duck

                          Huey Duck

                          Dewey Duck

                          Louie Duck

                          Huey, Dewey & Louie Duck

                          Ludwig Von Drake

                          The Archives

                          The Goofy Collection:

                          Goof Troop

                          A Goofy Movie

                          An Extremely Goofy Movie

                          Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

                          Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

                          House of Mouse


                          Roy and Stanley Gold

                          Fantasia 2000 (A Collection Will Be Coming Soon)


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