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Moving to LA - Tips from Locals?


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  • Moving to LA - Tips from Locals?

    Hello fellow MiceChatters,

    I'll be moving to LA in the very near future and am pretty familiar with the area. I'm just looking for some tips from those MiceChatters who live in the area and can point in the right direction to good housing in a safe town. If you know of any links for finding housing (other than Craigslist, Renttimes) let me know.

    Here's what I'm shooting for.

    * A unattached guest house for $900 a month or less or an apartment of decent size in a nice building. Guest house preferred for obvious reasons.
    No Roomate or sharing.
    Non-street parking space.
    I've also heard that careful lookers can find houses for rent in this price range.

    * Located in western LA (Santa Monica, etc.) or in a very decent area of Burbank, Glendale. Not interested in Orange County or north of Malibu. Will consider Pasadena but prefer outside of the valley. Would also consider Newhall and Santa Clarita despite the distance.

    * My job will be in the Universal City-Burbank area, but a commute does not bother me.

    * Would like to live in an area that is in short distance to big box type stores, (Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) rather than just frou-frou Beverly Hills boutiques and health nut grocery stores. I think you know what I mean by that.

    If you know of some good areas to scout, please let me know. I don't need to hear the horrors of traffic, etc. of LA. Quite familiar. Any positive info is appreciated. And, of course, if you know of someone who has what I'm looking for, please let me know.

    Thanks for your tips.

    - DPE
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    - Walt Disney

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    Re: Moving to LA - Tips from Locals?

    Wish I could help! Good luck!
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      Re: Moving to LA - Tips from Locals?

      My tip would be to turn back lololol..jk jk jk....

      $900 a month is really 'ambitious'. I know of 2 bedroom small duplex's (apt style) start at $1500 in West Van Nuys, on a main street!!! Esp looking on the westside at Santa Monica, venice will be really tough to find something, esp since they have strict parking issues (permit required for residents!!!)

      Try the North Hollywood area for your best bet...NEwhall and santa Clarita will be really TOUGH for the communte (traffic, 5/405/101 involved )

      But look around North Holly, possibly west part of Burbank
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        Re: Moving to LA - Tips from Locals?

        Try Westsiderentals and the LA Times as well.

        There really aren't very many "bad" areas of Burbank (which is pretty much the valley, I thought. Pasadena isn't the valley and it's a pretty safe town. I'd recommend South Pasadena as well). Those are all close to "big box" stores... I don't think there are many areas that aren't. It will probably be harder to find what you're looking for for that price in the Santa Monica area.

        Good luck!

        Oh, I agree w/goofygoof but north hollywood is more a sketchy town than a good town. The arts district is all right... it'd be an apt more than a guest house as NoHo is a city, and the houses all have small yards (from what I've seen at least!).
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          Re: Moving to LA - Tips from Locals?

          we lived in fullerton (about 2 minutes from anaheim) we payed $1250 a month for a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment and the rent was going to increase

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            Re: Moving to LA - Tips from Locals?

            my friend used to live in pasadena, not the best area, she had a very small one bedroom apartment and it was $850.00 about 5 years ago. I'm sure it's much higher now. Rent is really high in california. If you want a longer commute you can egt a place in lancaster or Plamdale. I think a 2 bedroom, 2 bath goes for about $800.00.


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              Re: Moving to LA - Tips from Locals?

              I hate to say it but finding a place to rent for around $900 is going to be REALLY difficult, especially in the West L.A./Santa Monica area. Like goofygoof said, $1,500 is about the norm these days for a decent sized place. Rent sucks. You might have better luck in the Santa Clarita Valley and there's big box type stores GALORE out there.

              Best of luck, and welcome!!


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                Re: Moving to LA - Tips from Locals?

                Thanks for some of the replies. I've seen a lot of places for $900 advertised, but they are questionable as usually no pictures are posted.

                I would prefer a guest house on a property as you can "move in" more with a little privacy than you would get in an apartment complex. I've heard Newhall/Santa Clarita is a lot like the midwest and that's a target for me. I'm just concerned with the brush fires in that region and the commute (while not bad) is still long.

                I've got time to look, so I appreciate additional suggestions.

                - DPE
                "You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up anyway."
                - Walt Disney


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                  Re: Moving to LA - Tips from Locals?

                  Try Long Beach. My friends just rented a craftsman guest house for $850 that is 5 blocks from the Ocean, in a terrific neighborhood and close to the train station. One of the girls takes the train into work to No. Hollywood every day. Having the Metro close by is a godsend in LA.


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