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I could use some help, need some ideas and art work


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  • I could use some help, need some ideas and art work

    Well, I am planning a couple of events for the July 17th weekend, and would like to have some buttons made for two of the events..

    The first one is a meet for Disney internet fans at 1 PM on July 17th (time subject to change if Disney schedules a special event).

    Of course, we need a catchy name for the meet, plus button artwork. The focus is of course the 50th.

    The name given to the event so far is.. "Darkbeer's Disneyland Birthday Celebration Meet", and well, I am not happy that my name is at the beginining, as the focus should be on the day, and not me....

    So folks, and ideas, or if someone wants to try and come up with artwork to fit a round button.... Please, do not infringe on Disney copyrights....

    As for Monday the 18th,not sure what time, or where yet, but I want to have another gathering, mainly so I can celebrate the REAL Birthday of Disneyland, and the first day it opened to the public...

    So the theme would be July 18th and the fact it is the real BD...

    So an appropriate name needs to be come up with, along with button artwork.

    Also, if someone knows of a good company that makes buttons at a fair price, please let me know, I have been looking on the internet, I might just buy a Badge-a-Minit and do them myself, but if anyone has any good thoughts on this!

    Also looking for raffle prizes for Sunday the 17th and/or things to hand out...

    Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions, try and have fun with it....
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    Buttons,, no question. I'd be willing to help out with the artwork once you come up with a name.


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      How about...

      The Fantabulously Fun Fiftieth Friends Meetup!


      The Gloriously Golden Get-Together Gala

      Sorry, I like alliteration.
      The King is back and he's ready to kick some tail. Do not mess with a mouse in black.


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        I have a sort of an idea for the 18th button...

        On top, July 18th, 2005, with the 18th in larger print, and will fit in the top of the upper curve...

        The lower half of the button, the "REAL 50th" Birthday, with the "REAL 50th" in larger, and more bold print....

        Maybe using one of my photos of the Castle as a background.....
        Check out my Theme Park Photos at


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