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Vote for Walt - Greatest American


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  • Vote for Walt - Greatest American

    I'm not sure if you know but AOL has this thing where you can vote for the "Greatest American" and it will air on the Discovery Channel. The show is every Sunday in June. Anyway, there is a whole bunch of people and you can vote for which ever American you would like but I voted for Walt.

    (Another interesting observation about the top 25 is how many are former Presidents and scientists/inventors.)

  • #2
    I voted for Walt too.

    Thanks Piglet for reminding me, I totally forgot that the show will be on in a few minutes. (In Cali)


    • #3
      I voted for Walt - There were so many good ones...


      • #4
        I sent two of my votes to Walt, but I had to give some love to Mr. Lincoln.
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        • #5
          Walt Disney for the "Greatest American?" My god... you people can't be serious. He honestly shouldn't even be on that list. In fact, this entire list sucks. Oprah??? George W Bush??? Elvis??? Billy Grahm??? Ronald Regan??? My goodness, who makes this list!

          I voted for MLK Jr for obvious reasons. I don't understand how anyone could say that Walt Disney did more for America than MLK Jr.

          Oh, and Cesar Chavez should be on there too.


          • #6
            I am voting right now! For Walt of course!
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            • #7
              I'm not sure even Walt would have voted for himself.


              • #8
                3 Votes for Walt from me.


                • #9
                  I voted for Walt, MLK Jr and good ol' Abe


                  • #10
                    I gave Walt a vote, but had to give Lance Armstrong a vote as well because of what he has gone through, and came back too. Too come back to the top of Professional cycling is no easy feat.
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