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broken luggage - help!


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  • broken luggage - help!

    My daughter has the red Mickey Mouse luggage set purchased from Disney Shopping.
    On a recent trip, the airline managed to break one of the wheels off her big suitcase.

    Disney Shopping doesn't carry that luggage set any more, so I can't replace the suitcase. They don't carry replacement parts, so I can't just get a new wheel. They also can't give me the name of the manufacturer so that I could contact them directly for a new wheel.

    And the airline accepts no liability for handles or wheels on luggage.

    I'm almost to the point of going to Goodwill and purchasing an old suitcase just to take the wheels off and put them on her Mickey suitcase.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: broken luggage - help!

    Is there anything inside the luggage that might suggest the manufacturer? Look in pockets too - the back sides of tags might help. Otherwise, I think you might be onto something as far as going and getting a set of wheels at goodwill. Does your local mall have any kind of luggage store? I can't think of the name of the one here in Washington that seems to be at nearly every mall...but if you found one, they might be able to set you in the right direction as well.

    Good luck!
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      Re: broken luggage - help!

      I would contact a luggage store and ask them if they can recommend someone that repairs luggage. Surely there is a shop that can handle the job!
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        Re: broken luggage - help!

        Mori Luggage?

        I saw that there was a child inventor on the Disney Channel one night when I was channel surfing. She had designed wheels that snapped on to anything to make it portable. Maybe there's something like that out there?
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          Re: broken luggage - help!

          Originally posted by EpTxGuy View Post
          I would contact a luggage store and ask them if they can recommend someone that repairs luggage. Surely there is a shop that can handle the job!

          that would be your best bet! Or like it was metnioned before, look inside and all over for the manufacturuer tag!
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            Re: broken luggage - help!

            Would inline skate wheels work? I know some luggage manufacturers are using those now.

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              Re: broken luggage - help!

              Try this. Call your local mall and see if they have a Wilsons Leather. If they do, get their number and call them. Ask if they can refer you to a local luggage repair shop. Most likely they will. We keep several different repair places; luggage, shoes, furniture, etc because a lot of our customers have said items in leather and call us when they break. So we have the numbers of who to call when they do. I'm not promising anything, but I'd be surprised if they don't know who to send you to.


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