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Easter when you were a kid


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  • Easter when you were a kid

    Looking for my Easter basket that the bunny hid somewhere in the house every Easter morning. One time he tied it up inside the exhaust fan area of the stove! Mean bunny.

    Easter Vacation (which is what it was called back then) starting at noon on Holy Thursday and going the week AFTER Easter, unlike the public school kids that got the week before off.

    Going to church on Good Friday. It was always kinda cool 'cause it wasn't a mass and it was at 2:00 in the afternoon, but that whole veneration of the cross business, always weirded me out. Kissing a cross' feet :blink:

    The smell of vinegar wafting through the air when you were making the dyes for coloring eggs with the PAAS stuff. One year we got a contraption called a Decor-egger that you put an egg into and could draw all over it with colored pens. I loved that thing.

    Those rub on decals you got in the PAAS kit. It was way more fun rubbing those on compared to just sticking a sticker on the egg. And those egg holder things you could make that never quite held an egg because they were too small.

    Smelling the eggs the day after you colored them. They smelled like a combo of vinegar and sulpher. Come on you know you did that.

    The year I got sick on Easter dinner. Ham and this potato/corn flake/sour cream and cheese casserole dish my sister in law made. I still cant eat that potato dish without getting a nauseous feeling in my gut.

    Easter egg hunts for the kids. I really didn't get any hunts after my nieces were born, but it was still fun being 11 or so and hiding the eggs for them. Luckily my sister now puts on adult egg hunts for us at her house, with adult goodies like certificates for likker inside. I :love: my sister.

    And your kid memories of Easter??

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    Re: Easter when you were a kid

    I remember looking for my easter basket, usually hidden somewhere around the house. One year, our dog got into my basket and ate alot of the chocolate. He survived many years later, still. My basket had a purple bow on it and it was my mom's old basket. Nowadays, if I even get a basket, she'll leave it outside my door. Our new dog won't touch food on the floor, even chocolate.

    I also remember how horrible I was at finding easter eggs hidden around the house. My brothers could find them so easily, but not me. I can find wallets, glasses and everything else that goes missing around the house, but not easter eggs. Last year proved that I still am horrible at finding eggs, my parents like us to keep finding them every year, regardless of our age. Usually the eggs had money, or candy or something in them. I remember one year, I had gotten a $20 and I was shocked until my mom realized that she had acicdently put it in there and took it away and gave me $5 instead.

    My family also makes the potato/corn flakes/sour cream dish, and my mom gets a gift card for Honey Baked Ham from her work at christmas, so we eat what we had frozen from christmas, since the ham is huge.
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      Re: Easter when you were a kid

      Easter basket that always contains the jelly beans from See's candy that have the little white dots on them, a see's chocolate bunny and something else. I know I got Bambi one year. Always a new outfit for Easter Sunday and Easter Brunch after church. Then it was time for the Easter egg hunt with the eggs filled with candy. I usually felt sick by the end of the day. What is this cornflake/sourcream/potato dish? Should I feel left out? There's always ham at my house too but I never eat any of it. I loved loved loved Easter as a kid. My aunt always gave me a stuffed bunny. I have a whole collection now that I get to display once a year.


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        Re: Easter when you were a kid

        My memories go back to the 1950's. We dyed eggs but I think we used real food coloring mixed with vinegar as we did not have the kits back then.

        The local park had an Easter egg hunt every year. I have old home movies that my Dad took of this. One year right before Easter my Mom was told that if I had my hair cut short and then permed it would bring out any natural curl I had (my Dad had a natural wave in his hair). Well it was awful. I still remember that perm smell. I look like a skinned rat in the movie. Another year at the park hunt they blew the whistle but it was a false start, or something, and they called us all back. But the older kids went out anyway and got all the best eggs. What they would do is hide paper eggs which you exchanged for real eggs. Hidden somewhere in the park, though, were golden paper eggs which were exchanged for nice, big Easter baskets. That year I came back with very few eggs and I look so pathetic holding up my Easter basket of hardly any eggs for my Dad to film. I look like I'm going to burst into tears. In the years I did that hunt, I never found a golden egg.

        At home my Mom went all out. She got the really nice chocolate eggs and bunnies from Helen Grace. Also the very nice sugar eggs with scenes in them. Back then they were much nicer than the ones they make today. Again, we have home movies of this but because my Dad could only film outside he and my Mom would haul all this stuff out onto the front patio and film it. One year my Mom is holding me in one arm and picks up a chocolate bunny and quickly puts it down. She then touches others and sees that they are melting. It was hot that Easter and so there is a mad scramble to pick up everything and get it into the house before it melted. It's a hoot to watch it now.

        And I also got the new Easter clothes and Grandma and Grandma and the other relatives came over for Easter dinner. Good memories and I'm glad we have all those old movies (which I transferred to VHS some time back).

        For my daughter I always hid chocolate candy around the house which she would hunt for and put in her basket. When she got in her teens she did not want to do that anymore as she was staying away from chocolate.


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          Re: Easter when you were a kid

          I'm jewish, but we did do a lot of stuff for easter.
          When i was younger, we used to go to a famous persons house (i cant belive i forgot who), and it was a fun-raiser. So you payed 5 bucks, there was an easter egg hunt, a puppet show, and all proceeds to local charitys.
          And every year, we go to our long time friends house and have easter brunch and a easter egg hunt.
          Fun Stuff.


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            Re: Easter when you were a kid

            When I was a kid we would go to our Oma's house in the afternoon and she would have the Sugar colored eggs hidden all over the yard, fence, by the pool. They had a white milk center, I just can't remember the type or brand.
            We would get a Chocolate Easter bunny with the sugar flavored eyes from our Oma. It was great. Good times. Then we would have the feast of food, like Thanksgiving.
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              Re: Easter when you were a kid

              When I was little, my mom always made me a new dress for Easter and I always got a chocolate egg from Fredrick and Nelson's (a now defunct Seattle department store) with my name on it. One Easter the bunny left me an empty basket. Imagine trying to find all the little piles of jelly beans, I was still finding them 6 months later. I always got something in by basket like a doll, coloring book, or new outfit (later in life).

              My kids get very little candy. The Easter Bunny leaves them all kinds of ridiculous things...this year the 9 year old is getting the new TMNT game for PS2 and the 5 year old is getting a BAB unstuffed lamb along with some Star Wars figures (he's a boy with 2 loves - sheep and Star Wars). Silly bunny!


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                Re: Easter when you were a kid

                When I was a kid, Easter vacation started on Good Friday and ran the whole following week. As long as I got a box of Peeps in my basket, all was right in the world.


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                  Re: Easter when you were a kid

                  Peeps!!!! it was always a good year when you got peeps.

                  We used to go to a family friends for Easter dinner and they made the best food. Oh and we got to go swimming usually on Easter cause they had a pool. Pretty awesome.
                  Katie :yea:
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                    Re: Easter when you were a kid

                    my familys easter tradition was just have have the baskets in plain sight. it would always be filled with goodies such as chocolate, peeps, jelly beans, etc. sometimes a toy or a movie. then we would do an egg hunt to were there was more candy or sometimes money in the eggs. We always decorated eggs as well. a little messy with the dyes but so much fun!


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                      Re: Easter when you were a kid

                      When I was five, I lost my tooth the night before Easter. That night the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy crashed into each other and left jelly beans and nickels and pennies all over the house.

                      Ever since I told my oldest daughter that story 7 years ago, she started saving her lost teeth for the night before Easter, then my middle daughter did it and now my littlest daughter is doing it. So I always have to plan for not only Easter, but the inevitable tooth fairy crash, too.

                      One year my dad barbecued chicken on Easter and told us it was the Easter Bunny. I was six!! :botox: Sick man! Now I think it's kinda funny. :lol:


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                        Re: Easter when you were a kid

                        Am I the only person who never really liked Peeps? It's weird since I love marshmallows, but Peeps never caught on with me.

                        We had these old-fashioned papier-mache eggs that had pictures on the outside, and my mom would fill them with jelly beans or whatever. They were big, like 6" long, so we got one each, plus a chocolate rabbit. My brother wasn't a fan of real chocolate so he always got a white chocolate rabbit, and I got a regular one. I hardly ever ate the whole rabbit. The ears usually went though

                        We dyed, and then hunted, real eggs. My dad was a great easter bunny. We left our eggs in the baskets, and on Easter morning, they'd be spread out all over the back yard.

                        I had this little pink easter basket that was made out of some kind of rope/macrame/knit (not sure what you'd call it. And it had ceramic white rabbits on either side (with the handle going through them).

                        One year I invited a friend of mine to sleep over the night before. In the usual thoughtless way of young children, it did not occur to me that an extra child on Easter morning might be an issue, but my mom managed to pull together an extra basket for my friend, complete with a doll, which my friend still had many years later. That always amused me, because it was one of those old-fashioned looking calico mice that mothers everywhere go nuts over. The cool thing is, her mom got to come over and watch the fun (they were Jewish, so this was a novel experience). In fact, I think that's the Easter that stands out most in my mind.

                        Every year there'd be at least one egg we'd missed, and one of the dogs would find it weeks later. Ewwww.

                        Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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                          Re: Easter when you were a kid

                          Decorating easter eggs with my mom and then waking up early easter morning to find my easter basket full of goodies then searching for my easter eggs. Usually the whole family (aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins) would all come over and we'd have a big meal.
                          Now, I decorate easter eggs with my kids and make sure that the easter bunny has left them loads of fun stuff. Then when they wake up easter morning we hunt for easter eggs together. Then I take them to their dads where they have easter lunch/dinner w/ his family.
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                            Re: Easter when you were a kid

                            Also I would microwave peeps and watch them get really big and then dare my cousins to eat it.


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