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your home movies


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  • your home movies

    So, how often do you watch your home videos of your trips to the parks? I have one from 2000 (actually its 4 VHS tapes) and i watch them at least once a week. no lie!!
    wdw-87 fort wilderness with fam.
    00 off property with future wife
    00 carribean beach with fam. for x-mas
    01 all star ask her to marry me also x-mas
    02 off property with inlaws
    03 polynesian with wife and fam. 3 days from wed.
    06 port orleans french quarters with wife for one day

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    We have an 8mm film of a trip to DL taken in '59 and a 30 minute reel from the late '60s. We watched the former just a few months before my dad died in '98 and I haven't seen the other in probably 30 years.
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      we have some old home movies from the late 50's and the 60's they are me when i was nothing but a wee yard ape and stuff of my brother and sister when they used to be in high school band and used to be in the parades and played around the sister had them transferred to VHS i havent seen them in about 20 years..


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        I do believe our only video of Disneyland is about 30 seconds long and I'm meeting Daisy or something when I'm 2 or 3.

        But my friend has a family video from August 1955. It's sweeeet.


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          Documented Video Footage Of Spawn Traveling To Disneyland


          Be warned.

          This has live real spawn in this video. Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

          This is actual footage of spawn in the backseat of my mothers truck. We had to take the spawn with us to Disneyland, they would suck our life force if we didn't. This is how spawn act during a 6 hour drive to Disneyland. Did I mention it is a 6 hour drive?

          Spawn in Action Part One

          Spawn in Action Part Two
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