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Need help from Cat owners!


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  • Need help from Cat owners!

    I came home yesterday from work to find that one of my kitties was sick. When I took her to the Vet, they diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection. She's on a couple of meds now and then told me to quarantine her (I have 1 other cat).

    Right we've got her holed up in a bathroom -- I've got towels, a kitty sleeping pillow, an extra litter box, and all her food there. I feel like the most horrible person in the world keeping her in there -- has anyone had to do this with their cat before?

    Are there any suggestions on ways that I might keep her happier/more comfortable, or any suggestions on letting her get some freedom? (I thought about keeping the other cat in our room at night and letting her roam, but I'm not sure I want to risk it)

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    Re: Need help from Cat owners!

    Sorry Belle626 for your cat's illness. When we had to quarantine one of our cats due to illness we were told by our vet to use just one room so that our sick cat would not spread any germs. We used the bathroom also. When she got better we disinfected the entire bathroom. It was heartbreaking hearing her whine but it was for her protection. Just spend as much time with your cat as you can.


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      Re: Need help from Cat owners!

      You could try a robotic cat toy. I found this one at Tuesday Morning once for $15.00!!! My cats LOOOOOVE it when we put it on for the two hour setting when we go to work.

      At least it'll help pass the time.
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        Re: Need help from Cat owners!

        Im sorry your kitty is sick. I can feel for what you are going through.
        Im sorry I have no advice. I think I would move into the bathroom with my cat.

        Sending get well wishes to your kitty!

        (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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          Re: Need help from Cat owners!

          I am so sorry to hear about your sick cat.

          We had to quarrantine one of our cats because he had a really bad leg injury and they wanted us to keep him in a smaller room with limited places where he could jump around or injure himself further. Plus he had to use a special cat litter that would not get into his wound (the newspaper pellet type). He was miserable, but there was nothing we could do. We put him in our office because there were limited places for him to jump and it had more room to roam than the laundry room or bathroom. We tried to spend as much time as possible with him so he wouldn't get too bored or lonely.

          Good luck and I hope your kitty starts feeling better soon.


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            Re: Need help from Cat owners!

            Yeah, it's heartbreaking when our furry little friends are sick. Like others here said, don't much you can do but give a little extra love (and maybe a special little treat now and then).

            You didn't mention how long this quarantine is going to be? Hopefully not too long. I'm sure your other cat is weirded out also.


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              Re: Need help from Cat owners!

              Aww I'm sorry kitty is sick, but don't beat yourself up over locking them in the Bathroom, we also use that as the kitty quarantine
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                Re: Need help from Cat owners!

                Originally posted by herb2linda View Post

                You didn't mention how long this quarantine is going to be? Hopefully not too long. I'm sure your other cat is weirded out also.
                Thank you all for the warm wishes for my kitty and for your suggestions -- her quarantine is for about 10 days -- well we've reached the 24 hour mark in the bathroom and she seems ok. I've been in there to love her a lot, she already looks like she's doing a better!


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                  Re: Need help from Cat owners!

                  dont' forget to wash your hands really well after visiting the sick kittie and before handling anything relating to your other kitties, or use an antibacterial hand rub.

                  hope your kitty gets well soon! we went thru the same thing with our female kitty when we brought her home from the pound.
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                    Re: Need help from Cat owners!

                    Poor kitty baby!

                    I had to quarantine my cat after he had radiation therapy for his thyroid. We were told to not touch him and to stay away from him for 2 weeks after he got out of the hospital. He had to be in the hospital (Davis) for 2 weeks and when he finally got home, all he wanted to do was cuddle up to mommy and I had to reject him and push him away! It was heartbreaking!


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                      Re: Need help from Cat owners!

                      I had two siamese with chronic cat flu, so I know how miserable they can be. Keeping her isolated and letting her be may encourage her to rest more (no stimulation for her) and she'll need all the rest she can get!!
                      Poor baby. I feel your pain (my cats lived to 12 and 14)

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                      :lol: Did the pages take that long to reach around to your part of the world?!? :lol:


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                        Re: Need help from Cat owners!

                        10 days will pass quickly and be worth it! Just be patient and before you know it kittie will be back to normal!
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                          Re: Need help from Cat owners!

                          My guy had an upper respiratory infection when I adopted him as a kitten. The vet gave him some meds (which of course he hated) and he got over it.

                          Then a couple years ago he had an allergic reaction to something and the vet gave him antibiotics... he's been fine since then.


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                            Re: Need help from Cat owners!

                            Just here posting an update on my kitty (I needed to get it off my chest too keep from crying ). Well 2 more days would have been day 10, but now I've been back to the vet 3 times, through 2 blood tests (waiting on the second results), 2 antibiotics, albuterol breathing treatments at night, and now we are on to the 3rd antibiotic which I have to inject her with!

                            Now she has to go through that and 10 more days of confinement. And apparently if and when she gets well, we have to deal with her weight issues (She is quite the fat butt).

                            I'm needing help now on how not be on the verge of tears because I'm so afraid that I am going to lose her (I know one day that'll happen, but she's only 7, so she & I have should have some years to come!)....


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                              Re: Need help from Cat owners!

                              I don't have much to offer except prayers and support. I lost my sweet little girl almost 5 months ago to breast cancer (she was 11 years old) so I know how scared you feel right now. I also had to quarantine mine in the bathroom to keep her stitches intact while I was at work during the day.

                              My best advice is to just love her, comfort her and enjoy your time with her everyday and pray that tomorrow you can get up start the process over and over again until she's past this and she's feeling back to her old self.

                              I'm sending lots of prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery. Hang in there!
                              ~ Tami


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