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It's over. The young days are actually over. (AKA: The Break Thread)


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  • It's over. The young days are actually over. (AKA: The Break Thread)

    Wow. It's 5:17 in the morning, and I'm over a friend's house (a friend who is in my graduating year), and as we all are/were (many went to bed!) sitting here on a Mountain Dew high, and just recently did some raiding on World Of Warcraft, when it (finally) hit me. The days of being innocent and young are just about over. The real world is ahead, and as friends say good-bye, who I will never see again. I mean, it's over. No more waiting, but no more carrying. Yet at times I wonder if the friends I have will stay friends, even ones that are staying close. What about friends going across-country, or even across the world? Many will be leaving me this summer, and the time that I spend with them will be very important.

    Then I realize how much time that I spend working on here, and how I could be out doing something more with my life, enjoying times and doing more (fun, people, driving, living). I love my time here, but I need a break (for how long, I do not know, maybe a few weeks). So, I'll be taking a short break to head to the beach with friends, get some road trips in, say the final Good-Byes, and have a blast while enjoying what time I have left with friends (and as a Teen).

    This doesn't mean that I'll be dropping MC at all! I'll still pop-in, and answer my PMs, keep the board in tip-top shape, and more. We have a great community here, filled with new friends to explore, and a different outlook on the future. I'll still be there on July 17th, and I still love MC! However, with this drastic shift coming up, my personal priorities have changed a bit. Work will not stop, but slow down a bit.

    A bit more Relaxed,
    Hastin Zylstra (Monorail Man)
    -Monorail Man

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    Good luck MM! Enjoy the summer and your youth before real life really kicks in.
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      You deserve some time off. Be young. Enjoy one last summer of innocence.

      We will all be here, waiting for stories from your summer. :love:
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        Go Monorail Man! Freedom is sweet, eh?


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          Hey it's awesome that you have figured all that out before it is too late and you are looking back on your life WISHING you had taken that time!

          Have fun and do all the crazy things I never did!!

          And thanks for all you have done for us around here!
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            I wish I had learned this before I got too old. Funny thing, it took almost dying to figure out that life is too short and friends are too valuable.
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              Have fun MM! Go explore... life is an adventure!
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                Life lesson - moderation in all things. Or put another way; make time in your life for all things - career, family, and recreation. Don't let one control (replace) the other 2.

                Have fun playing around!


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                  I know the feeling.. I graduated and many of my friends already left.... some are still i the area attending local schools like me. But we cannot have the same partys drinking Bawls and fighiting in a house built in 1913....


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                    Finally, an "I'm outta here" thread that makes sense, and was worth posting!!!! Go out into the world, young man, live life the the fullest and have fun!!

                    Oh, to be 19 again...


                    p.s. if it makes you feel any better, the friends I had in high school are still some of my closest friends to this day.


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                      Yes, much more acceptable from a teen than a 30-something.....:lol:
                      Have fun Monorail Man, see you later...
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                        I wish you well as you enter the most exciting time of life. Remember one thing; never put off something you really want to do for too long lest that something lose its luster with age and and so called wisdom.

                        ..and have fun
                        Waiting for Godot


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