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Revlon Run/Walk Los Angeles 5/12/07 TRIP REPORT


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  • Revlon Run/Walk Los Angeles 5/12/07 TRIP REPORT

    Today was the big day. The one I had been planning since February. The Revlon Run/Walk for Women in Los Angeles. I was the team captain for Curves in Lakewood and we ended up with 36 people on our team and 31 walked the course. Thankfully the morning was cool and overcast. So much better than the hot weather we had at the beginning of the week. We turned in the money we had raised at our raffle ($748) along with other donations and pledges. We won't know the total raised for our team until the middle of June but I am guessing we will have raised over $2,000. :thumbup:

    Here are a few photos I took this morning while walking.

    This year we leased a bus from Durham Bus Services. The traffic in the area of the coliseum is bad and parking costs $10 per car. No one really wanted to drive and so the owner of our Curves paid for the bus. It arrived shortly before 7 AM.

    Here is our awesome drive Glori

    Our intrepid team aboard the bus ready to roll

    Some of the people wore the T-shirts provided by Revlon but they also allow teams to wear their own shirts. A co-op Curves provided shirts that were hot pink with the Curves logo up above the Revlon logo so that is why you will see hot pink T-shirts in the group.

    Traffic on the freeways was good until we got near the exit to the coliseum area. That is when we began to just sit in traffic. We needed to turn left but they made us go straight through from the off ramp so our driver went around the block so we could end up on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. We traveled West toward Menlo Ave. which is where the parking lot for the bus was. We crawled along and discovered we were in the wrong lane and it looked like the entrance to Menlo was closed. So I jumped out and asked the security guard if buses were still allowed in. Yes - and so he stopped traffic and waved us onto Menlo and then we arrived in the parking lot. Whew ... that hurdle was crossed.

    After getting into the coliseum we found our sign and then proceeded to get a group shot (missing a couple of people)

    We headed to the Opening Ceremony area and I picked up my survivor hat and then we had to cross to the other side so a couple of people could last minute register. Here we are waiting for them and two people who drove.

    We missed the Opening Ceremony because of the traffic problem and so when we were altogether we headed towards the start of the walk. The runners had left 15 minutes previous.

    Here is Joseph, a former student of mine, carrying our sign on the way to the start.

    This will give you some idea of the size of the crowds. There were over 5,000 people there according to this evenings newscast. The exact figures will be known in about a month.

    Continuing on to the start line

    Finally we are ready to cross the start line

    There was music playing and an announcer talking to people in the crowd as we passed

    And our wonderful Los Angeles firefighters were there. Yea for them and their wonderful work this week fighting the fires in Griffith Park and Catalina Island!

    People even bring their dogs on the walk. There were two dogs with walker bibs on. I only got one in the photo

    Here I am. Have to prove I was there after all I am wearing a lavender cap that Macy's provides to the survivors. Any lavender cap you see in these pictures, they are survivors!

    This is my little buddy and former student James. He is Joseph's brother and it was his turn to carry the sign.

    The area we walk around in large part surrounds the campus of USC. Here are three photos of some old victorian homes in that area.

    This is my favorite

    KABC Channel 7 is a sponsor of this event and they are always here in this spot with a jumbo tron and Karth Kemp. Sorry, no picture of Karth this time.

    We have passed the two mile mark and are getting closer to the end.

    This person dressed up like a bottle of mouthwash and walked the entire route that way

    And another couple of dogs, this time in t-shirts

    At this point, turning and heading back to the coliseum, we needed to stop and regroup. Several had stopped to use bathrooms and needed to catch up to us. Cell phones sure came in handy at this point. You can not see them here, but I was carry a bunch (12) of balloons to help our group stay together.

    Now we are back together and have made the turn heading to the tunnel entrance of the coliseum

    We turn to the left and have reached 3 miles

    And we turn left again where a group of drummers are drumming us in

    Heading down the tunnel. This is what the football players use to make their entrance onto the field. At this point the engery level is very high and everyone is shouting and cheering.

    and we come out onto the field and the finish line is before us

    Everyone who walks receives a medal and then we make our way over to pick up a snack bag. Pat Benetar was the entertainment and she was rockin'.

    Two shots of the field. There were more people up in the seats on either side not shown in these photos.

    This is my friend and a mom from my school, Maggie. She is a really good photographer and I'm looking forward to seeing her photos.

    And so ends another Revlon Run/Walk. We had a good time. We were able to get back to our bus and leave the area in a timely manner so that we were back to Curves at Noon. I was so pleased that everything I planned and worked so hard for went off so well.

    Thank you to my team members for joining and helping to raise money. Thank you to some of my fellow Micechatters for contributing. It is the research toward better treatment and a cure some day that we do this. I am living proof, as our others on this board, that new treatments save lives.

    THANK YOU :clap:
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    Re: Revlon Run/Walk Los Angeles 5/12/07 TRIP REPORT

    Thanks for sharing the pics and story of the day!
    Congrats to your team!
    Good morning, son
    In twenty years from now
    Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
    And I can tell you 'bout today
    And how I picked you up and everything changed
    It was pain
    Sunny days and rain
    I knew you'd feel the same things...



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      Re: Revlon Run/Walk Los Angeles 5/12/07 TRIP REPORT

      I am so proud of you sis. You did a good job in planning and organizing this for your group from Lakewood Curves, and everything just turned out fine. The pictures came out good too. I am glad it all went well and that the weather was good for the walk as well. Good Job.
      Peter Pan Forever!!! I Will Never Grow Up.

      Thank You Poisonedapples


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        Re: Revlon Run/Walk Los Angeles 5/12/07 TRIP REPORT

        Wonderful pictures and report.

        More important, though, is the fact that you went out there and participated in an event to raise cancer awareness and money to find a cure. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


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          Re: Revlon Run/Walk Los Angeles 5/12/07 TRIP REPORT

          Not only did she go and walk, but she was the one who planned the entire thing for the Curves in Lakewood. She got the raffle donations from various stores in the area, and made the bus reservations, kept after people to join the walk, just in general spent a great deal of time and energy making sure that everybody would get safely to the Walk and back home again. I think she did a great job, and everybody seemed very happy with the outcome. I love my sister and am so proud of what she has done with the Cancer Groups. And she takes some pretty darn good pictures too.:bow: :squeeze:
          Peter Pan Forever!!! I Will Never Grow Up.

          Thank You Poisonedapples


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            Re: Revlon Run/Walk Los Angeles 5/12/07 TRIP REPORT

            Thanks for sharing this with us, looks like all your hard work paid off in the end. Hopefully next year I'll join up now that I can walk better.


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              Re: Revlon Run/Walk Los Angeles 5/12/07 TRIP REPORT

              Thank you for all the kind comments :blush:

              It was a lot of work but worth the effort. The raffle at Curves came out much better than I ever envisioned and the walk itself and keeping everyone together worked out really well.

              Now it's on to 2008


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