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Do You Take It For Granted?


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  • Do You Take It For Granted?

    Do you ever just take 'life' for granted? I know I do. My life can be so 'fast paced' sometimes that I forget to sit back and watch it sometimes.

    Have you ever been in a heap of traffic on the way home and see an amazing sunset and you just stop and think "Man, if I hadn't been in this traffic, I'd have missed this beautiful sight." Maybe the traffic was there to slow you down and realize the beauty in life? Just a thought.

    Have you ever just laid upon the sand in at the beach and just closed your eyes and listened to the roar of the waves as they crash upon the shore - seasoned with the sounds of seagulls flying in the midst.

    I can honestly say that I have experienced the two things above - and when I stop and think about them I say "Thank you God for this moment right now and for showing me this beauty."

    Are there things that you can think of that you take for granted that, when you stop and think about it, you are truly thankful for?

    Sound off and enjoy those 'special moments'!

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    Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

    I am a huge fan of enjoying the "small moments" in life. I think people sometimes lose sight of smaller pleasures in favor of looking for the bigger things. Sometimes happiness doesn't have to be found in just the big major events. Something as small and simple as my daughter's smile can be just as rewarding.

    The key to happiness, true happiness in life, is finding pleasure in all of those smaller, in-between moments that so many people seem to overlook.
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      Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

      i've been through "the valley of death" so many times my friend...that early on hubby and I both have learned to 'take the moment' kids probably cannot count how many times we have pulled over for sunsets, woken up for sunrise drives, stopped the car so she could 'pet the horse' name it....our ride here is just waaaay too short & you never ever know when the seat next to you is going to become unexpectedly empty.


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        Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

        I take things for granted. Everyone does.

        I have two favorite "wake up calls" to the fact I've been taking things for granted.

        1.) When I get a "good morning" kiss.

        2.) When I'm outside and a cool breeze hits my face.

        Oh and, I guess a third one:

        When DizDaddy gets philosophical.
        "But every night, when it gets dark
        and the stars come out,
        I'll look up on her behalf.
        I'll look up in the sky and think of you."


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          Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

          i really think I take life for granted.. i never really sit down and think what i am thankful for never.. I should do that

          i enjoy a sunset but never really sit and watch it..

          I have got to learn to be thankful for what I have

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            Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

            Life is something that we should never take for granted. To me each new day is a gift wrapped up in ribbons and bows. It's like Christmas. I was born with many birth defects and was tested for everything under the sun. The doctors told my parents I would not live for six months, let alone the 24 and a half years I have lived on this Earth. If I did live longer, the doctors said I would be a vegetable. I am definitely not one of those. I have been truly blessed by God and everyone has. Life is way too precious to take for granted. Everyone should take time every day to think about, and Thank God (or whomever you believe in) all the wonderful blessings you have, because everyone has at least one.
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              Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

              I try hard not to take life for granted. I tell my daughter and husband multiple times a day how much I love them.
              I really appreciate living in Florida. The summers can be unbareable but the rest of the year is great.


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                Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

                This may sound cheesy, but to make sure that I cherish the time I get to spend with my kids rather than wish they would hurry and grow up so it would get easier, I have several songs I listen to that get me back on the right track. They are, "Let Them Be Little" by Billy Dean, "Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas, "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield (my son and I dance around the kitchen to that one. Can't be in a mood for long doing that), and "Busy Man" by Billy Ray Cyrus (I'm not a guy, but I love the message, especially "When you say that time's a wastin', you don't know how right you are.). But the message is the same for all of them to me- Savor the moments with your family, and life, and don't be afraid to start over if you make a mistake. Thanks for this thread DD, I love it.


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                  Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

                  I guess I have to say that I am guilty of this. However, the older that I get, the more I try and slow down and try and appreciate what I have, instead of wishing for what I can't.

                  When I was a Cub Scout Leader, I used to tell the parents of my Cub Scouts this. If you are at the sink doing dishes, and your son asks you to take him to the park, turn off the water, and take him to the park. There will be a day, when you are washing dishes, and you will be wishing that your child was little again, so you could go to the park together.

                  Most of my life is behind me, and memories are with me always.


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                    Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

                    I think we usually appreciate the little things in our lives once something bad has happened to show us how lucky we are. I used to take walking for granted until I broke my leg - and required surgery. I didn't walk for about 6 months, but instead used a walker and my one good leg. When it came time to start walking it was hard, but I cherished being able to do it again. It also gave me a new perspective on those that are handicapped and what they go through on a daily basis. That even though there are a lot of places that accomodate handicapped people, it is still a struggle to get around every day.


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                      Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

                      Something I'd like to add to this is as such:

                      My Grandparents had many stories to tell me about their youth and growing up in the first half of the 20th Century. I was fascinated by what they had to say.

                      My Grandpa Rex's mother, my Great Grandma Mae, died in 1922, when Grandpa Rex was only 4. He has few memories of his Mom and his Dad lost it after Mae died.

                      Grandpa lived with relatives and used to sell cheese door to door as a child. He also sold shoelaces. In his early to mid teens he worked in a billiard hall. He enlisted in the Army in December 1939 because he knew he'd get 3 square meals and be serving his country. He was quite a dancer and met Grandma Ginny at a dance hall in Hollywood.

                      I won't bore you with other stories, but what I will say is we can take life for granted by not listening to someone elses life. My Grandparents were fascinating people - and I've gotten to watch their lives again when I sat down and listened. How I wish I had that luxury again - to just sit and listen to them. But in my heart and in my mind, I can hear them telling me all of their fascinating stories of life in their own ways.

                      I learned never to take their stories for granted......they are a part of me.


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                        Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

                        I think we all take life for granted sometimes, I know I do.
                        "Pain is temporary, Film is Forever..."



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                          Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

                          I try to take nothing for granted when it comes to my husband and children. I keep every little memento and card and drawing, and I freak out over their every passage through life.

                          I already mourn their babyhood and toddler days. I hate that they grow up so fast. I try to keep them as young as I can, but it's hard! You'll never hear me tell my kids to grow up. I'm often lecturing them on staying young and not rushing life. In fact, we sort of took this year off. We did half-day kindergarten with my youngest and I'm homeschooling my middle daughter, just so we can take life a little slower. It's been perfect.

                          It was something I knew I'd never regret doing. I'm already mourning the end of it though. Next year, all three kids will be in school all day for the first time. It makes me physically ill to think about.

                          I do take my extended family for granted. I know we're only give a brief time with everyone, but for some reason, I don't give them the time and attention they deserve.


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                            Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

                            Yes, I sometimes take things for granted when I am tired or cranky or really busy .

                            I spent the last two days doing a lot of work around my house which I had been taking for granted and neglecting. And now that most of the tedious work is done, I find myself being really thankful for this house and thinking of all kinds of cool possibilites I can do with it.

                            And on most days, I find a lot of joy and amusement in people and things and the beautiful area I live in. I just have to be reminded every now and then to stop and acknowledge that..thanks D Daddy!


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                              Re: Do You Take It For Granted?

                              Everytime I see a wonderful sunset/sunrise I am thankful and then I wonder about the ones that I did take for granted. God has an amazing paint brush!
                              I've made it a habbit to say thanks for my little one every night and I list off the things; smiles, hugs, kisses, words, every healthy breath, etc. the joy and the challenge she brings us. But, I forget to cherrish when I am in a rush or irritated. It always helps to pause, take a deep breath and hug for no reason.
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