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An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.


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  • An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

    Hi everyone.

    Tonight in Seattle, WA, Marty Sklar, imagineer, had a presentation at the Experience Music Project. It was time for us Washingtonians to have a meet.

    I took the 12:35 ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. Before I left I took some pictures of Bremerton's new waterfront park.

    Riding across the sound...

    Here comes Seattle!

    Its getting closer.

    Space Needle.

    I spent an hour or two downtown at some of the local comic book stores and such, then visited "Seattle's Best Happy Hour". I had skipped lunch so I was quite hungry. I went to the Metropolitan Grill and had the bacon wrapped beef tenderloins with shallots and crispy onion straws.

    Looks good doesn't it. How much do you think I paid for this?

    $20.95? Nope, lower.

    $15.95? Nope Lower.

    $10.95? Nope, getting closer though.

    $5.95?!?! Not quite.

    It was $4.95! Add a drink, tax and tip and I got out of there for less than $12.00. The food was great and very cheap.

    Anyways, after that I headed to Westlake Mall to catch the Monorail to Seattle Center. That's right, we got one too. It's almost as old as Disneyland's. It was built in 1962 for the World's Fair.

    Leaving the station.

    The two monorail trains, red and blue.

    The track through the EMP.

    I toured around Seattle Center. The sun had come out and it was lovely, though a bit breezy. I stopped at the International Fountain to take some pictures.

    Check out the rainbow!

    Whale Sculpture near fountain.


    This pink one was at least 10 feet tall.

    A purple one.

    The Purple one close up.

    Key Arena, home of the Seattle Sonics (for now at least).

    Some nifty flags.

    The Space Needle.

    The EMP.

    The Space Needle again. It's a little known fact, but its against the law to take less than 3 pcitures of the Space Needle when visiting Seattle.

    More coming.
    Last edited by Melonballer; 05-18-2007, 01:07 AM.

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    Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

    Cool pics, I wish I could've come!


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      Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

      MEET TIME.

      I met LLEBREKNIT about 10 minutes early. I had seen her picture in her thread about the Nemo bus and when I saw her coming I was like, this is so easy. She waved and we met up. Then a moment later here comes Inspired by Walt. That post in the meet thread where I gave instruction on how to identify a Melonballer really paid off. I gave them their cookies and we hung out in front waiting for more to show.

      Then jurgenb52 showed up and more cookeis were distributed. About this time students from the Art Institute showed up and asked if they could take a picture of one of us. Apparantly the project was to take a picture of a stranger. We "volunteered" jurgenb52 since he was the best dressed. Micksgal showed next and more cookies were given out. Like most meets we spent the time chatting about Disneyland and Micechat. jurgenb52 and I had to pose for another group of art institute students. My sister goes there and I can hear it now, "My classmates took a picture of this guy and he looked just like you!" LOL.

      Finally Tinkermonkey, SimplyMad, and ykiki showed. YEA! One more round of cookies. Time for the group picture! Where are those art institute students when you need them.

      from left to right: micksgal, jurgenb52, LLEBREKNIT, Tinkermonkey (in front), Inspired by Walt, SimplyMad and ykiki. Not pictured, Melonballer (someone had to take the shot).

      We hung out for a while longer before heading in to find our seats in the JBL theater. While we waited for Sklar to start Tinkermonkey called PezzLightyear on her cellphone. Welcome to the big Seattle meet!

      At 7 they got started Sklar was introduced and we watched a cute little video presentation about imagineering. BTW, no photography or video was allowed. After that was over Marty Sklar came out and talked about first visiting Seattle in 1954 to cover the UW Huskies/UCLA Bruins game (UCLA 21, UW 20).

      He went into a speech/powerpoint presentation on "Mickey's Ten Commandments" . Here they are...

      I. Know Your audience.
      II. Wear your guests' shoes.
      III. Organize the flow of people and ideas.
      IV. Create a "wienie" (visual magnet).
      V. Communicate with visual literacy.
      VI. Avoid overload - create turn-ons.
      VII. Tell one story at a time.
      VIII. Avoid Contradictions- maintain identity
      IX. "Ounce of treatment - ton of treat."
      X. Keep it up (maintain it).

      Many of these would have brief videos to go with them.

      For example, with IV they showed a video of wienies from around the world (oh man, I can't believe I just wrote that.) They showed such icons as the castles in all the parks, the Tree of Life, Spaceship Earth, and Innoventions in Disneyland. Wait, Innoventions in Disneyland? Yeah, we chuckled over that one as well.

      One of the other hilarious moments came when Sklar was talking about Mission: Space. He showed a great picture of Buzz Aldrin in the "pirate seat". WHA?!?! Big laughs all around. He quickly corrected himself to pilot seat, but if you wanted evidence that imagineering has pirates on the brain, there it is. All I could think of was the episode of Futurama when they go to the theme park on the moon and ride "Whalers of the Moon".

      Another great moment was when they were showing the beautiful architecture, then they pulled back to show a Chevron sign next door. Obviously he did not talk to the people planning the Nemo Dream Mobile tour.

      After this section he spoke about the music of Disneyland, especially from the 1964 World's Fair. He showed scenes and played music from many of the best attractions, like Pirates of the Carribbean, Haunted Mansion, Its a Small World, Tiki Room, and the Country Bear Jamboree. Then he showed video and music from The Voyages of Sinbad from Tokyo Disneysea. The song "Compass of Your Heart" first played in Japanese, then English. I really liked it.

      When all that was over there was a QnA session. There were several of the kinds of questions you'd expect; "When is Star Tours going to be Updated?", When are you guys building a new Park in Florida, When are you building a new park in California. Yeah, like he is going to reveal that here. He did say that new parks are down the road a bit and agrees that Star Tours needs updating. He said they have a great outline for it, but he did not elaborate. He did say that they are making an new ending for the American Adventure film in the America pavilion in EPCOT.

      He told a great story about where the funding came from for Space Mountain and even about how Disneyland had fallen into disrepair a few years ago and all the work and money that went into fixing it up.

      When the QnA was over (he was getting hoarse), we decided to head to the front to get pictures with him. Some people brought stuff to be signed, but none of us thought of that. I did have him sign my ticket stub. And I got my picture with him. He's the first Disney legend I have ever met, as well as the only person who ever met Walt.

      Marty Sklar and Me! (coming this fall from ABC. Its a buddy cop drama).

      Then the whole group got our picture with him.

      Excellent! Clockwise from Melonballer: LLEBREKNIT, InspiredByWalt, Tinkermonkey, ykiki, Marty Sklar, SimplyMad, micksgal, jurgenb52

      The people that took our group picture were from another website. On our way out Tinkermonkey referred to them as rivals. I made a comment that we could take them. RUMBLE! Westside Story style! ummm, maybe not.
      We did outnumber them though 8 to 3.

      We went outside the theater and talked until they kicked us out. We then spent at least a half hour outside chatting. Finally it got too cold for even the craziest of us, so we split up to go home. SimplyMad and ykiki gave me a ride to the ferry so I could get home.

      Bye Seattle!

      The meet was so much fun. It was great that we managed to get this many Micechatters to a meet outside of Florida or California. Until someone corrects me or beats our record I'm going to call this the biggest meet ever outside of those 2 states.


      Melonballer, SimplyMad, ykiki, Tinkermonkey, LLEBREKNIT, micksgal, InspiredByWalt, jurgenb52, PezzLightyear (via telephone).

      I would like to thank all my fellow micechatters who showed. For those of you who couldn't make it keep watching the Washingtonian Thread. I hope to make this the first of many local meets for us poor Disneyland deprived Washingtonians.
      Last edited by Melonballer; 05-18-2007, 12:11 PM.


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        Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

        Originally posted by ecdlanddude View Post
        Cool pics, I wish I could've come!
        I wish you could have made it. It was a lot of fun.


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          Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

          I had a great time "being there" as well!

          Too bad we couldn't keep the phone line open through the whole event...
          How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
          :monkey: :monkey:


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            Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

            Great report. Love the group shots and the shots of Seattle.


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              Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

              Melonballer -- to pad our numbers for the event, add PEZZ - he was "there" too!!

              Originally posted by PEZZ Lightyear View Post
              I had a great time "being there" as well!

              Too bad we couldn't keep the phone line open through the whole event...
              Funny - I thought of that a few times during the event -- but you said something about needing getting up really early (wait, look at the time stamp of your post! Ewww that is early!). Oh, and they said to turn off our cell phones. Silly rules!!

              Glad you "joined" us!
              I love my awesome crazy wonderful friends!!

              "Do you remember in kindergarten, how you�d meet a kid,
              then 10 seconds later you�d be playing like you were best friends?"
              * * *



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                Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

                Great report MB! Thanks.
                Follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


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                  Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

                  Thanks for the report!


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                    Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

                    Mellonballer, thanks for the TR, awesome! Great pics!


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                      Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

                      Yay!!..How exciting for all of you to have met Marty Skylar. Great trip report. Thanks so much for sharing.
                      HEARTS CLUB !!


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                        Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

                        Originally posted by Melonballer View Post
                        The Space Needle again. It's a little known fact, but its against the law to take less than 3 pcitures of the Space Needle when visiting Seattle.
                        So true. :rules:

                        LLEBREKNIT--we have two of the same purses. That cracks me up!! :lol:

                        Sounds like you guys had a blast!! I've met SM, Ykiki, and tinkermonkey--they're great people. I'm glad you all got to meet one another and I wish I could have been there!!


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                          Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

                          Awesome TR! Thank you for sharing!
                          "I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. "Groucho Marx


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                            Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

                            Super fun report! Thanks for sharing the pics and info...


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                              Re: An Evening With Marty Sklar trip report.

                              Great trip report! I especially loved the "Nifty Flags", and the "Wienies from Around the World".
                              :thumbup: :thumbup:


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