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Evil Queen Mirror w/Slave - Anyone have this?


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  • Evil Queen Mirror w/Slave - Anyone have this?

    Hey everybody.

    Recently, I purchased a mirror from It was in their "fine decor" department, and it is a 2-way mirror that (when a button is pressed) illuminates the Slave of the mirror from inside. Its a great effect! And its HUGE!

    Anyway. The one I received is damaged. I tried to get a replacement, but was told they are discontinued (probably because... well.... its easy to see how they could all be damaged in the same way). They did refund me tho (and didnt even ask me to send it back!) and its not SO badly damaged that its not usable... so I am happy.

    But. I have a few questions about it... and I am trying desparately to find someone else who purchsed the same mirror. I cannot tell if there is plastic on the glass! I have bought 2 mirrors from DisneyShopping in the past, and they both had a layer of protective plastic on them... but THIS one... the glass goes so deep into the frame, that I cannot tell if there is plastic on it! The mirror seems scratched, but it looks like its just the plastic (if it is plastic)... so I really want to peel it off! but... i really cannot tell if there is any. I am not that familiar with 2-way glass... so ... it could just be the glass.

    There is also other damage, but its all on the back... so I can live with it.
    I was also curious to see if anyone else received a damaged one... and if anyone knows how many of these were made. I'm curious how limited/collectible is actually is.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Evil Queen Mirror w/Slave - Anyone have this?

    I have one and I love it, although I don't know where I'd hang it since it is heavy and there is only one hook on the back of it.

    As for damage, what kind of damage did you get on your mirror? Thankfully mine came in good condition, but I didn't think about there being film on the mirror itself. I did think it looked a bit foggy, but thought it was because of it being a two way mirror - so I didn't think it could be a film.


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      Re: Evil Queen Mirror w/Slave - Anyone have this?

      Hey there! Thanks for writing!

      The damage is weird. There are 4 screws that hold the "plastic shell" to the back of the mirror frame. The screw at the top seems to have broken through the plastic, so the shell is only being held on by 3 screws. Also... the light leaks out the top... since the shell is slightly separated from the frame at the top. Its odd.

      Since it already damaged, I actually just used some duct tape so the light would not leak out. Then, I hung it on a wall stud by the single screw-hole... and I also mounted a second screw (with washer) to the wall stud above the plastic shell. Then I used picture-hanging wire to "tie" the top screw (the one that broke through the plastic, but is still in the frame) to the screw/washer that I put into the wall. So. At least if the screw holding it up falters, the one above should keep it from falling.

      But you are right ... its heavy! I think it weighs like 45 pounds! But I just love it too much to not display it.

      Anyway. That was a long rant! Do you have any idea how many of these were sold before they discontinued them?



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