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Wild West Mustang Show, Concord, CA 06-23-07 [PICTURE HEAVY]


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  • Wild West Mustang Show, Concord, CA 06-23-07 [PICTURE HEAVY]

    So today I woke up at 6:45 AM and headed to the Wild West Mustang Show in Concord at Buchanan airfield. My dad was setting up a vendor's booth there and I tagged along to earn some cash, to see some cool cars, and take some pictures.

    My dad sells diecast cars, stickers and patches. He mostly sells at car shows, but has also done antique and toy shows. Since today's event was Mustang only, he brought all Mustangs. One of our most unique items is the "rust-o-rods" where my dad takes a diecast car, rusts it, beats it, paints it different colors, makers it dirty, etc, then mounts it on a theme board. These are supposed to look like cars you'd find in some field. And they are a big hit. Today he had all mustangs done. Here is one.

    The rest of our merchandise is your standard diecast cars, mostly in the 1:64 scale and mostly from Johnny Lightning.

    There was over 300 Mustangs at this show. As long it was a Mustang, you were allowed in. So we had everything from a couple 1964 1/2 all the way to the 2007s, even the most dreaded Mustang of all, which I shall reveal soon.

    I took most of these pictures in my walk around the area, shooting what looked good or interesting. I'm not the bets photographer and the people there didn't make it easy to shoot, but I did the best I could.

    This is a P-51 Mustang. As this was held at an airport, they brought it out. On Friday Mustang owners could park their cars next to it for a picture.

    A Shelby next to our booth.

    There was quite a few in this color.

    I love the color on this one. Not a fan of the convertibles of this style though.

    This is an Air Force MP Mustang. Believe it's an 1989

    Plenty of the late models out there. The black makes it too blocky

    A modernized version of the car from "Bullit"

    Not really a fan of this color. It doesn't scream Mustang

    The flames on this one were beautiful

    Told you this color was popular

    A Fastback, unsure of year.

    Another Shelby. The scoop in the front bugs me

    Black is of course a very popular color

    To be continued

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    Re: Wild West Mustang Show, Concord, CA 06-23-07 [PICTURE HEAVY]

    No reason to really wait, so here's some more lovely Ponies!

    There was more Shelbys then I expected. The strips look odd on the scoop

    I really liked this one. The color was perfect for the style.

    The Infamous Muschero. It is a Mustang convertible front end with a Ranchero back end. No one is sure if Ford made it or not. Either way, it's ugly.

    A '71 right behind our booth. It's my dad's favorite year. I didn't like it at first, but the more I looked it, the more I liked it.

    Is it a requirement that Boss 302's come in god awful colors, because that's all I saw.

    This was a unique color. Not many other silvers

    I was surprised how many of the cars had doors like this. But this one my favorite of both the Shelbys and 'stangs with those doors.

    Most of the cars were green, cherry red, or this maroon. Out of those 3, I prefer the maroon.

    Most of the Mustangs I see are either '65/'66s, late '90s or '05s. The best part of this show was being able to see the various different years, styles, models, etc.

    The wheels on this Shelby are way too huge and the top looks like it doesn't belong.

    Beautiful color

    When I think Mustang, this is what pops into mind

    The one that started it all, a 1964 1/2

    An Indy pace car, quite neat

    This is the color I want my grandfather to paint his '65 when it's done. Hides bad body work like white (his current color), but gives it more character

    This color is even better then the last, but don't think it'd hide the body work mistakes like the other.

    This color was a bit more unique.

    Most of the cars had their hood locks hanging down, and it looked bad.

    To be continue


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      Re: Wild West Mustang Show, Concord, CA 06-23-07 [PICTURE HEAVY]

      Here is the final set. I apologize to those using dialup

      I'm pretty sure this wasn't an actual cobra. Like the color though

      This one looks like its missing a proper grill

      This is why I don't like the convertibles of this style. They look too flat with the tops down.

      This doesn't look like a 'stang at all. It looks like a cross between a BMW and a Pinto with a Firebird hood

      The local Ford dealership called in the guy they sold their single GT in to to show it off. He is a firefighter. I dunno who the dude is in the picture, but he sure looks like he's posing for me.

      This beauty was all alone in his row. Made for an easy picture.

      This is the Ronster. I'm not sure what they did, but I don't like it.

      A CHP Mustang. My least favorite style, but it was cool to see this with all the decals still intact.

      A lot of guys were using mirrors to show their undercarriages. Or to peak up skirts.

      The rollbar ruins this for me.

      Love this Shelby Cobra. I think it was a "clone"

      I've come to the conclusion that baby/sky blue is the perfect Mustang color

      Again with the atrocious colored Boss 302. Just because your car is fast and powerful, doesn't mean it can look like diarrhea

      This kind of reminds me of a DeLorean

      Pea soup!

      The guy who owned this was a really nice guy. He's from my town of Vallejo. But to be honest, his car is ugly. The green and flames is awful and tacky. And he has an import looking spoiler. Plus the whole Feel Tha Stang thing is kind of stupid.

      And for the most horrible Mustang ever made.

      Are you ready?

      I'm not sure you are.

      You asked for it.

      THE 1976 MUSTANG 2!

      My eyes, they burn

      That's all I have to show. The show was really fun. It was quite hot though, and did not have a lot of shade, even with our canopy. Plus they had us an "airplane parking lot" which was basically a slap of asphalt, making it even hotter. And me not realizing all this, did not wear sunscreen.

      Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

      And if you are free tomorrow and live in the Bay Area, head on over to Concord and go to the show. It's completely free to get in. If you want directions, feel free to PM me and I'll help you out


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        Re: Wild West Mustang Show, Concord, CA 06-23-07 [PICTURE HEAVY]

        I love, love the Shelby Cobra so thank you :bow: I probably would have gone up and huged that car. "Hello baby":blush:


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          Re: Wild West Mustang Show, Concord, CA 06-23-07 [PICTURE HEAVY]

          Now these Mustangs I can appreciate.
          That "CHiPs" patrol car is funny because they didn't last long. ) There is a Mustang 2 near my workplace IN orange. Ugh. :thumbdown
          Thanks for the pictures Brain Toad.
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