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Doggy Door Suggestions Needed

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  • Doggy Door Suggestions Needed

    My family is adopting two older dogs. My grandma-ish (mom's best friend's mom) passed away in April. She left behind two wonderful dogs. Sonny (11), a Border Collie, and Dundee (14), a West Highland White Terrier. This will be the first time that we will have dogs. The kids have played with the dogs. All four of them seem to be ok with each other. The dogs are very easy going.

    In getting the house ready for the dogs, we need to figure out getting a doggy door for the Sonny & Dundee. They are used to being able to go in and out of the house freely.

    Does anyone have suggestions as to what to do for a doggy door? The best solution I have come up with so far is one that goes into the screen door. My husband is a bit concerned about it.
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    Re: Doggy Door Suggestions Needed

    Go to your local Home Depot or Lowes. You will find several types of doors - from those where the panel just swings open for them, to electronic keyless entry ones. The keyless entry ones are a bit more expensive, the animal wears their "Key" on their collar and when they are close to the door, the door is unlocked for them to come in and out. This keeps unwanted animals out.'s been a long time.


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      Re: Doggy Door Suggestions Needed

      We cut a hole in our den wall and installed the one below. We did have to do a little bit of framing around the inside but it was definitely a beginner's level job to do. It does come with a solid piece that you can put in if you want to keep the dogs out or you want to keep them in. Our back door is mostly glass and has a security screen so we could not do it in the door.


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        Re: Doggy Door Suggestions Needed

        We have a glass panel one that fits into the sliding glass door. We opened the door, set the panel in, close the door up to it, and put a stick in so the door can't be opened.

        No cuts to the wall.
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          Re: Doggy Door Suggestions Needed

          The doggy door was in the house already, but it does have a hard piece that can be put on. Our cats used it until we got a dog last year. We don't ever lock him out, but we do place the hard piece on when we aren't home. A small child can easily enter through the doggy door. We also found out we could stick our arm through it and unlock the back door. We know have a dead bolt on the door which locks with a key (that we take out) on the inside.

          Obviously my main concern are security issues. Last week we i9nstalled a security screen door as well. It can be left open so the animals can still egt in and out, but we lock it at night.