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Alameda County Fair - Trip Report 06-30-07


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  • Alameda County Fair - Trip Report 06-30-07

    So as I mentioned in this thread I had entered my Disney collection in the Alameda County Fair. Well today was the day we decided to go and now here is my trip report with a few pictures.

    Left the house a little after 10:30 and arrived around 11 or so. Took our free parking pass (thanks to entering the fair) and parked, then went on in with our free tickets (also from entering). Picked up a schedule and was disappointed by the offerings in shows this year. There really wasn't much we wanted to see.

    We took off towards the Hobby building, as usual to see how we all did. I placed 4th in my class. Though I'm not happy to be 4th, the displays that got 2nd and 3rd definitely beat me. Though I question the display that got 1st (a Mickey Mouse collection), as it was cluttered and disorganized. While 2nd place (a Jiminey Cricket collection) was very well done and 3rd place (a Muppet collection) had quite a few cool things, though it was mostly stuffed animals.

    My mom's display of Kodak cameras got 2nd place, which made her happy, but I don't think it's convinced her to do it again next year as it was too stressful for her. My dad's collection of Tom Daniels cars got 4th. He got beat by two airplane collections (which are extremely hard to beat) and an Edsel collection.

    After we checked out the displays, we wandered around a bit and went into the garden section. I practiced my flower photography and took these pictures.

    A petunia (I think)

    No idea what kind of flowers, the shadow annoys me

    The waterfall inside the building

    Out of focus Gardenias (I think)

    A waterfall outside

    I really like this flower and picture

    Stupid shadows!

    A flower with a big gaping hole!

    After the gardens we decided to have some lunch. The Alameda Fair offers a really good selection of food, which makes it really difficult to pick. My mom decided first and got a Gyro. I got myself a Philly Cheese Steak and my dad got an Italian sausage. The Philly Cheese Steak wasn't that great, was better then a Philly Cheese Steak lean pocket, but not nearly as good as the ones I've had at the State Fair.

    After lunch we wandered around the free stuff area. We played a little game at the Advil booth but didn't win anything, but they kept giving us free samples, so we got like 5 packets of two pills. The Monterey Bay Aquarium was also there and we spun a wheel. Both my parents won otter toys, I won a poster.

    After the free stuff we went around to where a Dodge dealrship had set up some cars. I love when the State Fair has car companies set up these areas, because you freely check out all the cars you want without salesmen breathing down your neck. I got to sit in a Caliber which is one of my favorite new cars and I really want one since it's practical, has lots of storage, and gets decent gas mileage. It was a barebones version though, with a stick shift and crank windows (!).

    After the cars we walked a bit more and finally ran into my grandparents and talked a while. They had escaped their full house for a day to themselves and I think they were happy to be there.

    After we met up with the grandparents, we headed to the other side of the fairgrounds to catch the pig races, but we were too late to get a good seat. So we skipped them for now.

    There was some Edsels parked by the pigs for some reason, so we checked them out. I of course took pictures. Though the cars were in a horrible place and I couldn't get a good whole car shot, so I stuck to the artsy-fartsy type stuff.

    Nice lemon, nice

    A believe this one had a vanity plate that said "You Drive What?" which is what I'm sure the owners of these cars get often

    This one seemed all stock inside, while one of the others had a brand new stereo, which looked tacky

    Are the rest of the 76 in a scrap pile somewhere?

    Honestly, they weren't all that bad looking

    After the Edsels we hit up the rest of the buildings, checked out the free stuff which was limited. The State Fair is the best for the free stuff. I bought myself a new pair of sunglasses, they are quite awesome.

    There is a pretty big lull in the pictures here, as I didn't feel like taking many and there isn't much to take pictures of.

    We did hit up the technology building and watched some people play the Wii. Now I really want one after seeing the Wiimote in action with Wii sports. It looks like a lot of fun.

    The final thing of the day was to finally see the pig races. So I brought out my camera and took some porker pictures.

    That's what I call fast food!

    Around the bend and into the home stretch

    The finalists rev their engines and get ready for the final race

    And it's all over!

    Overall it was a good day. Tiring day, but a good day. Fair season has started and I can't wait until the Solano Fair and the State Fair. If you are in the Bay Area and need something to do before the Fair closes (believe next weekend is the last), by all means, go to this fair. It's fun, it's cheap, lot's of cool things to do. You can go into the Hobby Building and maybe even vote my case as your favorite. Or you can take in a pig race.

    Hope you enjoyed my pictures, maybe when the State Fair rolls around I'll take more and have a more exciting TR.

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    Re: Alameda County Fair - Trip Report 06-30-07

    I grew up in Pleasanton and went to the fair every year. (I entered artwork one year.) Thanks for bringing back memories since I no longer live nearby! DH was very upset to have missed the Edsel display!


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