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TRIP REPORT - Our Trip to Maryland to See In Laws


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  • TRIP REPORT - Our Trip to Maryland to See In Laws

    First and foremost, my apologies for just the links because my profile doesn't allow me to post attachments for some reason. Anyways, click on the link below to go to the page with all the pictures.

    The way this story goes, after Aiden was born, Becka's parents were going to come down again this year to see him. But it proved to be more cost effective and cheaper if Becka, myself, and Aiden were to go there and see them. We were going to try for xmas but I couldn't get the time off so we aimed for the end of June. Her parents paid for the whole trip which was really nice!

    We took a red eye flight leaving at 11pm at LAX on friday June 22nd and the flight was completely booked. It was with Continental airlines and we had a 2 hour layover in Cleveland. We flew all night and it was almost a smooth ride, but Aiden was the main concern and he slept through the whole flight. (For those traveling with infants, we recommend to make sure you feed them during take off and landing to ease the popping of the ears and it also helps to give them a shot of the liquid tylenol as well.) We landed in Cleveland on the 23rd at 6:30 am and we were not impressed with the place. It looked like a dump and that's all I'll say about that as to not insult any cleveland residents here on MC. We boarded an express plane about an hour and a half later and landed in DC in about a half hour, to where we were picked up by her parents.

    Her parents are absolutely wonderful and are a pleasure and a benefit to be around. And boy Aiden was sure spoiled while we were there. It was about Saturday afternoon before we went to their house and had to rest up. Later that afternoon, Becka's long time friend Terri came by to see Becka and the baby and visited a while. Later though that evening, Becka's brother Michael his girlfriend, and part of Becka's Jersey family on her dads side came by for a BBQ and to see the baby. They left the next afternoon after one more stop to see the baby. On that Sunday the 24th, we really didn't do much of anything except relax and enjoy the peace and quiet in their neighborhood. Her brother Michael came over again and we went out to eat at her sister's restaurant where she is a waitress to see her at work and give her a hard time.

    The next day on Monday the 25th, Becka's dad, Becka, Aiden, and myself went to Harpers Ferry, a small historic town in West Virginia. It was at this town, which is where the Shenandoah and Patomic rivers meet, that is known as the start up or spark of the Civil War. It was here that John Brown led a slave revolt against the town's amory but soon lost and was captured by the local military and was tried, convicted, and executed for his crimes. But it was this spark that started the Civil War and leaves this town as a significant place in history. You can see by the many pictures just how old this town still is. It was a beautiful spot and location. Later that evening, Becka's parents, herself and me went into D.C. to see it at night and got some good pictures of the monuments and memorials before going back home.

    The next day, Becka and myself went into D.C. to see the monuments and museums. We took the metro subway to get there and got off at Union station to attempt to get inside the capitol, but it was closed because of security measures. Nowadays, you have to get there early in the morning, get a pass to come back at a specific time of day, and attempt to get in that time because they only let in a certain amount of people. It is kind of like a cross between Disney's Fastpass and going to see a live studio show in Hollywood. You have a certain time to be there, but it's also first come first serve. We walked past the Supreme Court and paid a visit to the Library of Congress which is quite amazing. After here, we walked to the nearest subway station to go to the Air & Space Museum. We arrived there and ate lunch in the food court, sponsored by what else? McDonalds!We walked around the museum which tributes everything to air and space, but we were here mainly for something else. The American History museum is currently closed for refurbishment, but they have some of their displays at the Air & Space museum. We also saw the Natural History Museum and that went pretty quick because there wasn't a whole lot to see. Plus by this time, our feet were really hurtin and we weren't spendin a lot of time readin every display and sign. We tried to see the National Archives, but the line was atrocious for the next several days. This is where you can see the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. It's also where part of the Nicholas Cage movie "National Treasure" was filmed. I tried going back to see them through the week, but it was always busy and way too hot outside to wait in line. Yes, when the rotunda inside would fill up, they would hold people outside before getting in through security. And that line alone would be about an hour, while the line inside would be 1 to 2 hours. So we were exhausted by this point and went back to her parents house. And the next day, which was Wednesday, we didn't really do anything but relaxing and resting our feet.

    On Thursday we went to Arlington Cemetary to do the tour and went into Virginia to see Mount Vernon, George Washington's home. First at Arlington, we rode the tour shuttle around first to the Kennedy gravesite. Here it started drizzling. We hopped back onto the shuttle to go to the tomb of the unknown soldiers and it started raining a lot harder. Grandma and Grandpa rode the shuttle back to the visitor center with the baby to keep him dry while Becka and I went to see the tomb of the unknown. We left here and drove to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. We had to rush at this place, because it closed at 5 and we arrived there like an hour and a half before. We also weren't able to take any pictures inside the mansion due to historians personal property being inside. On the way home from here, we went into Alexandria to eat at joint called Hard Times which has some of the best chili money can by. After eating dinner, we headed home and there was some serious thunder, lightning, and downpouring everywhere which made driving home an adventure.

    The next morning, I made another attempt for the Archives in DC. On the way there, riding the subway, I realized I left my cellphone back at the house. This was my only way of contact with Becka and the family, aside from payphones which are no help whatsoever, especially when the only number you can remember is your wife's and that is her cellphone, so therefore no collect calls. I continued on to the Archives, in hopes of getting change and using a cellphone. There was a line outside the Archives again, but it moved quickly. Once inside, I went into the gift shop to get change, but there were no phones in the building. I went upstairs into the Rotunda to see the documents but there was an hour long line. There was also a security guard explaining that no pictures would be allowed so seeing no further point of being there, especially without my cellphone, I left the building. I went back to the subway station and attempted to call Becka but apparantly calling a 714 area code cellphone number, from Washington is next to impossible. I was supposed to call her when I left so she can meet me at the zoo which was where we were going. I hopped back onto the subway and made my way to the National Zoo. After a change of clothes and getting more change for the payphone, I made yet another attempt. After dialing 411 and successfully getting her parents home phone number, I got a hold of her and she was on her way. About 45 minutes later she finally showed up and we made our way through the zoo. It was hot and rained for part of the day so there were not that many animals out where you can see them. There were those that had enclosures that could be viewed from indoors that were able to see such as the elephants and the pandas. After finishing the zoo at about 5, we headed back to the subway and went back home.

    The next day, Becka went out to lunch with Terri while I stayed at the house and prepped laundry for us to leave the next day. We got everything packed and had to get up at 3am this morning, Sunday, to get to the airport. Our flight left at 6. But unfortunately, the Continental people at baggage check in were running pathetically slow. Then when we got to security, said our goodbyes to her parents, security was running slower then the others. We barely got to our gate when they were boarding. We didn't have time to get Aiden relaxed or asleep so he was crying when we were getting on the plane and I could feel all the eyes of hatred on me because I was bringing a crying baby onboard a plane. But fortunately he got quiet before we took off and stayed that way through the flight. We landed at Houston airport at a lil around 8, and almost missed that flight because they changed the gate at the last minute. Fortunately though, we got 3 seats to ourselves to give us more room. Then we arrived here about 10:45 am California time and came home.

    Well, hope you enjoy the pics.

    Oh, and I nabbed this shot when we were getting ready to board the plane this morning. (The sunrise one.)

    That's the end.
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    Re: TRIP REPORT - Our Trip to Maryland to See In Laws

    Gad you guys had such a great time!
    And that he was an angel on the plane
    Good morning, son
    In twenty years from now
    Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
    And I can tell you 'bout today
    And how I picked you up and everything changed
    It was pain
    Sunny days and rain
    I knew you'd feel the same things...



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      Re: TRIP REPORT - Our Trip to Maryland to See In Laws

      What great pics! Its sooo green and pretty back there. Where is that where there is the sculpture that looks like a man coming up out of the ground? Thats interesting!

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      Originally posted by AGhostFromThePast
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        Re: TRIP REPORT - Our Trip to Maryland to See In Laws

        Originally posted by penguinsoda View Post
        What great pics! Its sooo green and pretty back there. Where is that where there is the sculpture that looks like a man coming up out of the ground? Thats interesting!
        I believe it was called drowning man or waking man and its located at Haines point in Washington D.C. It's on this lil peninsula south of the Lincoln Memorial. D.C. was beautiful at night, but a pain to walk around during the daytime in the heat.

        Lil Aiden is going to miss his grandma (or as she likes to be called his May-me) and his aunt Kerry. His Mamie spoiled him and his aunt Kerry had what everyone called "pillows" that he always fell asleep on.

        I'm gonna miss the family atmosphere and how peaceful & relaxing it was there.

        And when I did this trip report, I posted the pics first, then typed it out and posted it. But I was heavily drowsy when I finished and I meant to put some captions with some of the pics. I am doing that now and it should be finished shortly. So for a better view and descriptions, please click on the links again any time at your convenience.


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          Re: TRIP REPORT - Our Trip to Maryland to See In Laws

          I revised the trip report a little bit, adding a little more info, and the pics are now "captionized."


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            Re: TRIP REPORT - Our Trip to Maryland to See In Laws

            Thanks so much SP- The pics are fantastic and I LOVE the "running man" video

            Glad you guys had a great trip and hope things work out so you can move back east one day


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              Re: TRIP REPORT - Our Trip to Maryland to See In Laws

              I should also mention that we never got to go to the White House, nor get any pictures of it. We drove by it that Monday night when we got the evening pictures of the Capitol, but it wasn't lit up. When we were in D.C. during the day, both Becka and I were on foot and were never near enough to it to snap any photos. And to get inside, you have to call for an appointment just to get a tour.

              Damn 9/11 bastards!!! :rant::rant::!$#%::verymad:


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                Re: TRIP REPORT - Our Trip to Maryland to See In Laws

                Sounds like a great trip. Your baby is absolutely darling!


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                  Re: TRIP REPORT - Our Trip to Maryland to See In Laws

                  You guys sure did squeeze a lot into your trip. Glad to hear that the 3 of you are doing well and the little guy is adorable.
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                    Re: TRIP REPORT - Our Trip to Maryland to See In Laws

                    Hello QM. How is your lil guy doing? And thanks to all, btw.


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