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Whats the longest you've been awake for?


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  • Whats the longest you've been awake for?

    I was up Saturday morning at 6am to get my passport processed, and was up until 9pm the following day with just one 3 hour nap (i was editing a 2 hour program for local television)
    Whats the longest you've stayed up for?

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    Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

    I think the longest was when i came home from France, i woke up at 6 am France time and got home and dind't go to sleep until 2 am CA time, so it was 29 hours, and no i didn't sleep on the plane
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      Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

      37 hours.


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        Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

        close to 48 hours I think. That was many years ago. I did pull an all-nighter last year though. Thanksgiving night I went to see my friend's band play, then went to wait in line at Best Buy to get my grubby paws on my lovely 22" widescreen LCD monitor that was on sale $300 off for Black Friday. Store opened at 5am, I was back home by 5:30am, set up the monitor and was zonked out by 6am.


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          Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

          I've gone two weeks with about only a couple of hours of sleep during the course of each week, on several occassions.

          In one continuous period I'd say close to 60 hours.


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            Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

            48 hours in high school. A long night playing Risk.
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              Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

              37 hours for me to. Left for Vegas on a Friday morning after working a 12 hour night shift. I don't actually remember most of that trip.
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                Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

                The longest without any sleep whatsoever was a back-to-back allnighter I pulled about four years ago. Got up around 7 a.m., and didn't get back to sleep until about 7 p.m. two days later, so that was about 60 straight hours.

                Almost worse, because we were driving, was a road trip my friend and I did in 1991. We got up Friday at 6 a.m., and when he got off work, we took off on an East Coast weekend run that went to Atlantic City, then NYC, the Cooperstown, then some town in Maine, then back to Atlantic City, then back. We arrived back at Norfolk 72 hours later and the only sleep we got was about two hours each night while the other guy drove.
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                  Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

                  I think I pulled 52 hours once, in college. I know I opened the store saturday (worked for Subway), studied, went out that night, hit the study hall (free coffee and donuts!), worked sunday evening, back to study hall, and went to class monday morning. It was finals week. I watched the sun rise over campus two mornings running!
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                    Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

                    I'm sure when I was a teenager I could go for days without sleep. Not so much now. :blush: If I don't get my full 8 hours a night, EVERY night, I get incredibly cranky and spend the whole next day feeling like crap.
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                      Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

                      This is great. I've always wanted to share this.

                      On Christmas Day 1995 I was awaken by my sister at 6AM and forced to open presents.

                      - Was up the rest of the day - at Midnight it had been 18 hours

                      - The next day Chiefs Playoff tickets went on sale and so we stayed up all night out side the stadium. They went on sale at 9 AM - We are up to 27 hours.

                      - Had to work a double that day at Applebys, Got off at 9PM - Up to 39 hours.

                      - That night the cool kids wanted to party at my apartment and so I hosted an all nighter - At 6 AM we are up to 45 hours.

                      - I got a call from my GF who broke up with me because I didnt pay enough atention to her at my house. Didn't get off the phone until 8 AM, and couldnt fall asleep until 11 AM - Finally ends at 50 hours.

                      So I lost my girlfriend, 50 hours of no sleep and to make matters worse the Chiefs lost 10-7 on the coldest night of my life Jan. 7, 1996.
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                        Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

                        About 70 hours, pulled a couple of all nighters in a row.


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                          Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

                          about 28 hours. I spent new years eve in pasadena. We were suppose to be guarding the rose parade float we helped decorate, but it ended up being one huge party. I'm surprised my mother let me go at 15.


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                            Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

                            54 hours.

                            1993, I was a senior in high school.

                            Up at 6am for school. Grad night that night. Went to grad night, then out the b-fast. About 8am that morning (already up 26 hours) somebody suggested we go BACK to Disneyland. So we did. Stayed until midnight, home at 2am. Had a call from a friend to go shoot pool at his house. To his house until about 11am, asleep at noon.


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                              Re: Whats the longest you've been awake for?

                              Probably about 48... in line for JC wristbands, then camping out on Sunset for the Seacrest show then back in line for the signing. Was miserable but fun!!! But never again LOL
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