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Darkbeer appreciation thread


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  • Darkbeer appreciation thread


    This may be a little different from our normal threads, but I think most of you will agree that there is a very short list of people who are worthy of their own appreciation thread. Darkbeer, is definitely one of these people, and I wanted to express my thanks here. I hope you'll join in by expressing your thanks too if you enjoy his continued efforts. :-)

    Without Darkbeer and his amazing photos many people would not be able to see all the goings on in Disneyland -- on a near daily basis!! Many of the sites we fanatics frequent would not be privy to the improvements, and disrepairs alike happening at Disneyland right now. His smugmug site has become a living visual record of all things present and past at Disneyland.

    No, I don't know Darkbeer, and I'm not trying to plug his site. I'm just saying thanks.

    Thanks Darkbeer!

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    Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

    Amen! Without Dark Beer's site, I really wouldn't be able to appreciate Al's updates. David Michael provides the pictures that really are worth a thousand words, over and over!

    Much appreciated Dark Beer! You have the greatest hobby on earth!
    "Fire at will, boys!"

    "Which one's Will?


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      Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

      Darkbeer makes wonderful contributions to the online Disneyland-lover community. I highly appreciate what he does

      Thanks, Darkbeer!


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        Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

        I love you darkbeer!!!!


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          Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

          I am so in on this thread! DarkBeer constantly amazes me with his journalistic skills and his documentation, in hundreds - no thousands - of photographs, all the changes and news of the Disneyland Resort, and other theme parks.

          How he does this all, and manages to work and have a social life, I'll never know. But it was his photographs, and those of a couple of others on this board, that inspired me to learn more about photography (and I'm still learning).

          Yay for Darkbeer (and Deogee's Mom too!)


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            Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

            You know, I already got the "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Darkbeer again." response once today for my attempt to send some love! Ha!:bow:

            Thanks from a "newbie", Darkbeer.:thumbup:


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              Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

              I'm happy to add my praise to this thread!

              I love Darkbeer ..he's an awesome photographer, and a genuinely nice guy!

              And Deogge's mom rocks too!


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                Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

                I want to add my appreciation too. I am unlikely to get to the DLR again for many years, so Darkbeer feeds my curiosity. His generosity is remarkable.

                I did think for a while that he was an urban myth, in actuality a collective of photograhpers, as no individual could do so much. But then I saw him in atrip report. He is real, but still a legend.

                thanks Darkbeer.
                Visited DLR 1976,1978,1991,2001,2007, 2011; WDW 1976,1985: DLRP 2010


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                  Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

                  I don't really like beer, but I do appreciate Darkbeer!!
                  It's actually "Cars Land", not "Carsland".


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                    Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

                    Indeed Darkbeer needs an appreciation thread for bringing us so many pictures of the park ... and riding Screamin' so much just to update us on Toy Story Mania.


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                      Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

                      I must say... DB is most deserving of a praise and thanks thread like this...
                      SO= thank you for all your time and photos and for getting those awesome shots of all our favorite things Disney!!


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                      Got Tiger? I do !!

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                        Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

                        Beside his fantastic photos I also appreciate the news updates/flashes he posts which are timely and current. He manages to beat everyone else to the punch on current news. Way to go Darkbeer :thumbup:


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                          Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

                          I truly enjoy viewing Darkbeer's photographs. He really captures the essence of his photos and shares them within the MC community.

                          Thanks Darkbeer, I appreciate you.


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                            Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

                            It was great meeting you in person Darkbeer!

                            3 cheers for the disneyland paparazzi!!

                            Click Click Hooray!



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                              Re: Darkbeer appreciation thread

                              Yes, I agree! I have been
                              going to your site since
                              early 2004 to check up on
                              your updates... So, I
                              would like to say to you . . .

                              THANK YOU DARKBEER!
                              :bow: :bow: :bow:
                              Last edited by Maleficent Fan; 07-11-2007, 01:18 AM. Reason: Added words in :)

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