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Do you have any good flight tips?


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  • Do you have any good flight tips?

    In August, I'll finally get to head down to DL! Now, I have flown a fair bit, so I'm used to the whole thing, but my husband is a flying virgin. I've walked him through the whole process - ticket counter or kiosk, security, the gate... but I'm thinking it might be fun to do stuff that will make our travelling super comfortable. Instead of yucky airplane food (I had a horrible experience once and I refuse to eat airplane food since) I'll be packing us a fabulously yummy breakfast picnic to eat on the plane. We'll have a fully loaded iPod, but other than that, I'm not sure of how to make our flight more fun. (Mind out of the gutter people! :devil: )

    So do you have any great tips for flying? Do you have any great products that you HAVE to fly with?

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    Two words:

    Sky Mall.

    I :love: Sky Mall. :lol: Because when you're flying, you suddenly need heated kitchen carpeting and nose hair trimmers and foot massagers and Lord of the Rings jewelry.

    Introduce him to the Sky Mall catalog. Good stuff.

    I love magazines and cheesy books that you normally wouldn't be caught dead with. This is when I buy In Touch or catch up on the latest from John Grisham.


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      Be sure to arrive at the terminal plenty early. It's hell when you're nervous trying to work your way through security when time is short. Much better to get through... have a little time to relax with a Bloody Mary or two... and board at your leisure.

      Nothing beats a good book on the plane. Time flies. Travel versions of Scrabble, checkers, etc. are good too.

      If it's a loooooong flight, there's something to be said for sleep aids. Knock yourself out and arrive refreshed.

      While on the plane, drink a lot of water. The recycled air is dehydrating.

      When checking-in, always ask about a 1st Class upgrade. Usually, it's not available, but sometimes it is. Sometimes at a huge $ premium... sometimes at a nominal $ premium... sometimes free. Always ask! (Each year we fly from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta. Coach ticket is about $300. First Class is about $1200. We've always been able to upgrade from coach to First Class at check-in for $75.)

      Dress comfortably. No one cares what you look like on the plane.

      Ask for a pillow and a blanket. If you decide to nap through the flight, they really help.

      Have a great flight!
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        Ok where can one find CHEAP flight tickets
        Katie :yea:
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          When are you going? I'll be at DL August 20-21.


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            Originally posted by stinkerbell
            Two words:

            Sky Mall.

            I :love: Sky Mall. :lol: Because when you're flying, you suddenly need heated kitchen carpeting and nose hair trimmers and foot massagers and Lord of the Rings jewelry.

            Introduce him to the Sky Mall catalog. Good stuff.

            I love magazines and cheesy books that you normally wouldn't be caught dead with. This is when I buy In Touch or catch up on the latest from John Grisham.


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              we always bring our portable dvd player with us and its really funny to watch people trying to watch it while in line for the bathroom, even though they can't hear anything. Some airports let you rent them if you don't own one.
              Bringing your own food is an excellent idea- most flights don't serve anything more than peanuts anymore.
              I also make sure I have time to browse the airport girftshop and make sure to purchase a few trashy magazines

              Disneykat- for cheap airline tickets, you have to shop around. I usually check hotwire, priceline, orbitz and expedia first to get an idea of flight prices. Then, go to the airlines website, sometimes the prices listed there are cheaper than on the travel website. Some great cheap airlines: southwest, frontier, alaska. We are flying from Omaha to John Wayne International in September for 200 buck a piece round trip through frontier- waaaaay smokin deal!
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                I don't know about making your flight more fun, but if you get up and move around (i.e. bathroom breaks) at least every couple of hours you won't get to your destination with leg cramps.

                I hope you have a wonderful time!

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                • #9
                  Portable DVD player really passes the time, but some of the new airplanes have TV built in the back of the seat now and you can watch a few different channels- so its not too bad, like Delta Song has the travel channel cartoon Network, etc...
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                    I second the water comment. It's easy to get really dehydrated on planes. Especially when the windows are open. But seriously folks, drink lots of water.

                    Take Airborne before you go on the plane. I guarantee that there will be one person on board who is constantly sneezing or coughing. Pray that it's not the pilot.

                    Books on audio totally makes the time go by. David Sedaris is one of my favorites. The iPod is a great idea. Keep those ears plugged to drown out those noisy passengers. Books on audio give you less paper cuts.


                    • #11
                      Lots of alcohol! After that, nothing else will matter.

                      This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                        Actually, altitude enhances drunkenness, that's why it's NOT a good idea to drink before you get on the plane, you don't know how "drunk" you'll be at altitude.

                        Make sure your husband understands that airport security has no "sense of humor". That is, do not even JOKE about security, and for goodness' sake, never say the 4-letter B-word unless you want a chat with the FBI and a hefty fine from the FAA (I can't think of a single FAA fine under 10 grand).

                        My other advice, don't coddle him about it, like it's some big deal, that'll just make him think it is. It's just a bus in the air.

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                          Heh heh.. I thought I'd just post this in here... what about any flight tips for those of us who are scared out of our minds? :lol:
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                            For me, a good flying experience depends on many factors. Length of flight determines what airline I fly. Seat choice is important too. Food is pretty irrelevant anymore since most offer none, some do have buy on board however.

                            You have to always be prepared for a problem, like a delayed flight, maybe even a cancellation. Best thing to do is not get all worked up if this happens, 99% of the time it's NOT the agent thats helping you that is at fault. No sense in getting upset if its a weather issue or mechanical, do you want to fly on a broken plane? Or take off in unsafe weather conditions? Just chill out, things happen. Take a walk, read, people watch, do something but argue with the gate agent. I always bring my toiletries bag and an extra set of clothes with me in my carry on for possible problems like that.

                            Get to the airport early so that you can get through security with no hassles and get to the gate in plenty of time. So many people just dont do this and it'd make them so much more relaxed if they weren't rushing around.

                            In flight, drink plenty of non alcoholic fluids. Especially on long flights, cabin air is very dry so hydrating is important. I always have water with me to sip on along with a soda or juice. I try to avoid likker but sometimes a glass of merlot in first class is oh so fancy And dress comfortably. If you must wear dress clothes at least wear a pair of sneakers on the plane and change them when you deplane. Tight clothing and shoes restrict bloodflow at high altitudes.

                            I always bring magazines/books to read. I always bring my own headphones too because ya just never know about the ones they hand out If you plan on sleeping, ear plugs and eye shades are a must.

                            Have fun! Flying has become so routine that people have just look at it as a necessary evil rather than an adventure. I always look at a flight, whether its a 12 hour trip to London or a 1 hour trip to Phoenix as an adventure.


                            • #15
                              My son has problems dealing with the change in pressure. We buy the Earplanes (not sure of the spelling) to help deal with the pressure. You can find them in drug stores and, usually, at the sundries shops at the airport.

                              I'll often review my trip plans on the plane, if I'm going someplace like Disneyland. I also print out people's recent trip reports, scanning for last-minute tips and tricks. The nice thing is that you can toss that paper (in a trashcan - be neat) when done.

                              I also second (or third) the comment about brining water and snacks.
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