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Disneyfnatc's Hawaii Vacation


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  • Disneyfnatc's Hawaii Vacation

    Well, I hope this is the right spot to post this. I went to Hawaii from 6-29 - 7-7 with three friends and took almost 550 pictures.
    After a red eye flight and landing in Honolulu at 6am with 1 hour of sleep we attempted to hike diamond head. This is some of the many stairs to the top.

    The first full day we went to Pearl Harbor and visited the USS Arizona and USS Missouri.

    Here is a view out into the Harbor from the Visitors Center

    Here is the Memorial Wall (this was a very solemn experience)

    The main guns of the Battleship Missouri (the last battleship)

    Sleeping 3 to a bunk!

    They had a plaque marking the surrender spot of World War II

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    Re: Disneyfnatc's Hawaii Vacation

    The next day we had an early morning flight to the big Island. I wanted to get the most time on the Big Island. So we arrived at the Honolulu airport befor 4am and were in the are a little after 5. Seeing the sunrise from the air was cool.

    (sorry for the size of the images I can't shrink them)
    Kiluaea Steam Vents

    Rainforest on the volcano

    Black Sand Beach

    Kona Coffee Beans

    A very cool waterfall. It was raining very hard when we went out to see this waterfall but I think it was worth it. I am there next to the guy in the green shirt.


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      Re: Disneyfnatc's Hawaii Vacation

      Well I'm enjoying looking at Hawaii! ( I haven't been in 10 years ) Keep them coming!


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        Re: Disneyfnatc's Hawaii Vacation

        Honolulu/Waikiki a view from the top of our building

        Waikiki Beach

        Sunset Beach on the North Shore at sunset. The waves were not big at all and the water was warm.

        Here is Sharks Cove where we went snorkling.

        Here is another cool beach


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          Re: Disneyfnatc's Hawaii Vacation

          A very cool blowhole. We stayed at this spot for at least a half hour looking at the waves crashing on the rocks.

          On the last day we were there I decided with another friend to try to climb Diamond Head at sunrise, well the park opened at 6 and the sun was already comming up but here are some pictures.

          I enjoyed this compass at the top but then I like maps and things.


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            Re: Disneyfnatc's Hawaii Vacation

            These stores were everywhere.

            We had the opportunity to watch fireworks on Oahu and they played the 1812 overture and shot these cannons off.

            Fireworks on Oahu

            Some fish from the Waikiki Aquarium

            This place had the best shaved ice (at the time I did not think to get a picture of it). Both times we went there there was a HUGE line out the door.

            However, it was like the "soup nazi"

            Thanks for looking. I know have respect for those who do trip reports more often. I have more pictures on my photobucket site: Please check them out. These were all taken with my Treo 750 with a 1.3 Mpx. I wish I had a better camera but oh well.


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              Re: Disneyfnatc's Hawaii Vacation

              Originally posted by PrincessY View Post
              Well I'm enjoying looking at Hawaii! ( I haven't been in 10 years ) Keep them coming!
              It was a great trip. I had never been and already want to go back. My friend had a Timeshare so the place we stayed at was free but the hotels are expensive.


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                Re: Disneyfnatc's Hawaii Vacation

                Cool shots! :thumbup: Thanks for sharing!


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