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Some cool new merchandise for Harry P.


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  • Some cool new merchandise for Harry P.

    I went into Borders today to see what they had in the way of Harry Potter stuff other than the new book. Mine is on it's way from England and won't be here for awhile so I wanted to see what else they had. Here is what I found that was pretty cool:

    A "Poster Book" of "Hogwarts Castle Though the Ages" with nice color photos from all 5 movies showing the changes in cast and castle. Really some nice pictures here and in large format as well. This had a sticker as being an "Exclusive to Borders" item.

    A set of small (3") figures of Harry, Hermoine and Ron with wands from NECA and the box includes a fold out Marauders Map on glossy paper. It doesn't fold out like the real one, but it's still pretty cool. Each of the figures also comes with a stand and wand. This was also marked as "Exclusive to Borders Books".

    KLUTZ Publishing puts out a series of cardboard assembly books and they had the new Hogwarts Castle build set.

    A 2008 Calender (another Exclusive to Borders product) with 12 color photos from all five movies.

    They also had a bunch of "Jelly Slugs" and some "Chocolate Frogs with trading cards" and big and little boxes of "Bertie Botts All Flavor Beans". Lots of other stuff for kids that I did not get.

    Through Diamond Comics the following items also came into the Comic Store that I help at, over the last two weeks, and I stopped by and picked them up today. These are all from NECA:

    A 12" Metal sign for "The Leaky Cauldron".

    An 18" wooden sign for "Platform 9 3/4 Hogwarts Express" with a chain for hanging.

    A plush Buckbeak. A Marauders Map Throw Pillow (this one is really nicely done) and a working "Weasley Clock". That last one takes one AA Battery and hangs on the wall. Most of the Weasly "Hands" are printed on the clock face, but two of them tell time and are Jenny and Ronald. I haven't hung it all the wall yet as I am working on redoing that part of the collection. But it works and looks pretty cool.

    The only item ordered but not yet shipped because they overlooked it and are going to backorder it for me is "The Monster Book of Monsters Plush" replica of the chomping book seen in POA. It looks pretty cool so I hope they can get it for me since they overlooked it with this last shipment.

    All the stuff is really nicely made and is not all that expensive. Nothing was over $19.95. Some of it is still available at Big Bad Toys on line toy store.

    I can't post any pictures as this new, temporary, computer is not set up completely yet. If you would like to see some pics, then I will give it a try later on when I get this thing working up to speed, so to speak.
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    Re: Some cool new merchandise for Harry P.

    The NECA figures are fantastic. I've bought Hermione, Voldemort, and a Dementor so far. Hagrid should be out soon. I'm really hoping for a Luna and an in-scale Buckbeak.


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