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The Year Long Late NY Trip Report!


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  • The Year Long Late NY Trip Report!

    So Heres The Dealio.
    A year ago I went on the most amazing trip of my life to New York and New Jersey. I thought it would be cool to wait a year and not do a trip report when i got back, and look back on the memorys of the trip, and how much fun we had. My grandparents and brother went on the trip, and it was amazing.
    __________________________________________________ _____
    So, lets go back to the day we started the trip:
    9:00 am: I am in summer school taking a test about sexually transmitted diseases.
    12:01 pm: Schools Out!
    After summer school got out, me, my brother and mom ran over to Target to get some last minute stuff for the trip.
    Baggage lock, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo ect.
    We (me, my brother) left our house with my dad who had dinner with us and our grandparents. We ate, it was good, we said goodbye to our dad, and then we were off to check in and go through LAX security.
    We actually took the Red Eye out to Newark NJ, so of course I couldn't sleep on the plane. The on flight movie was Over The Hedge. About halfway through the trip, we ran into some turbulence and I kept seeing lightning outside my window (freaked me out...i hate flying).
    So 7am we arrived in Newark, I have never been so tired...I was up for over 24 hours by then and was WIPED!

    We took a Taxi over to our hotel (Hyatt of the Hudson...very nice hotel). I was surprised at how humid it was. We checked into the hotel, and I fell asleep until 3pm. I woke up and had a jarring pain on my leg..mabey caused by not standing up during the flight.
    Anyway, we went to dinner, and so ended Day One.

    The next morning, we got up bright and early to try and get tickets for a show in the city. We were planning on seeing wicked. So we took the Subway from our hotel to The World Trade Center.

    It really is a chilling place. I told myself I wouldn't go to ground zero, but i didn't realize the subway stop was actually there.

    I have no idea why, but its just plain creepy there, the subway screetches on the track and when it does it sounds like screaming.
    It was a really busy place though.

    Anyway, we took a Taxi over forgot the name.
    Theres a science museum and its right near the old fish mart, thats all i remember.
    So we went to lunch somewhere there, and took the subway to Time Square.

    WOW! It was amazing in real life. So we went over to the theatre where Wicked was showing, and just our luck, no tickets left.
    So we settled on The Producers at the St. James Theatre that night.
    I'm a huge fan of the movie, so i liked it a lot, and so did everyone else.

    The right out front the Theatre.

    Wow. Long Day, we were wiped on the Subway back to the hotel.
    And so Day Two Came to a close.

    The next morning, we got right up and had breakfast at our hotel, and took the Light Rail over to the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Tour!

    Now that was pretty cool. Ellis Island was, eh, but my grandpa actually came there when he was younger, and made a donation a while back so his name is on the wall.
    Pretty Cool!
    So after that we headed into the City to go to the NBC Store (Woo hoo), the top of the rock, and get ready for our nightime tour of Brooklyn.

    I also was determinded to find the Hello Deli..I did, and it was closed!

    The nightime tour was cool.

    Althought, in one picture, you can kind of see the outline of two towers in the distance...looks eerie, im not sure if they are the supports for the Bridge or what, but they did not have the lights on.

    Wow..Quick Day!

    Day Three. We went over to Coney Island and China Town today.

    It was gonna be HOT HOT HOT!

    I felt bad for this Woman.

    It was really hot out.
    So after Coney Island, we took a Taxi to Sheepshead Bay to go to Lundys. My grandma used to go there when she was growing up, so it brought back memorys for her.

    When I saw that my mouth dropped open!
    Poor Mickey..

    The Moon Rose above the city, and day 3 ended.
    Day 4 Coming Later Today or tommorow!

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    Re: The Year Long Late NY Trip Report!

    This is a really clever idea.
    Can't wait for the rest!
    Good morning, son
    In twenty years from now
    Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
    And I can tell you 'bout today
    And how I picked you up and everything changed
    It was pain
    Sunny days and rain
    I knew you'd feel the same things...



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      Re: The Year Long Late NY Trip Report!

      Day Five Was a little sad for me, we had to leave the City and head to a little town called "Port Jervis" to visit my grandmas friend, who actually owned a pasta sauce factory!:O

      When i saw "Scranton" i freaked out..The Office is my favorite show. a nerd. I watched Season 1 over and over again on DVD on my grandpas laptop on the way there.

      So next stop was the factory!

      That was a really cool place. We stayed in Port Jervis for 3 days, saw lots of deer, and now it was time to go to
      *Insert Dramatic Music"

      Niagra Falls!

      It was INCREDIBLE!

      No one could resist its...wateryness.
      So we wanted to go closeup.

      This is after my grandpa convinced me to put on a poncho.
      This was before.

      I thought it would be a hilarious myspace picture if i took a pic right under niagra just a tshirt.
      I am so stupid sometimes. Notice my Disneyland shirt though
      Niagra falls was amazing.
      So was the Caves of the winds.
      But after 2 days there, we were totally ready to leave.
      So we drove to "Howe Caverns".
      I forgot what city it was in so forgive me. But you go in an elevator down a lonnnnggg way into a freezing cold cave, and theres a boat you go in and see some of the cave. That was amazing as well.

      The next day we drove back into Newark, returned the car, and flew back to wonderful LA.
      The Trip Was Amazing, i know iv said it tons of times in this, but i want to go back so bad.
      Wow. I condensed 11 days into a couple paragraphs.
      The End.


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        Re: The Year Long Late NY Trip Report!

        Very interesting. Thanks for the TR!


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