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[Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)


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  • [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

    Midnight Mass is a huge car show put on by The Original Poor Boys Car Club and takes places somewhere in Sacramento each year. This was their 4th ever and my 2nd. Midnight Mass officially runs from 4 PM to Midnight extending usually from the hotel parking lot of various ball rooms and conference centers.

    Last years was held at the Marriott in Rancho Cordova. At the end of it all, the hotel was trashed with empty beer cans, bottles and various cups everywhere, including the bathrooms. The actual car show section was quite small and the vendors were stuck in a small ballroom with the band. My dad's booth was joyously located 5 feet from the stage and whenever the band was playing we couldn't do any business. But it was still a fun night.

    So we decided to do it again this year. We left the house at 11:30 AM this year, learning from last year's mistake of leaving too late. It's about an hour and 15 minute drive to Sacramento. We stopped in Vacaville for a burger at In N Out (got to try the Animal Style for the first time, very tasty), and then headed to Sac.

    We got to the Radisson in Sacramento at about 12:00, parked the truck and began to unload to set up. The parking lot was already starting to fill up with the rat rods, hot rods, jalopies, rust buckets, and cruisers. This time we were in a small conference room away from the bands, who were outside. With us in our section were two tattoo parlors (who were doing tattoos and piercings during the show) and a jewelry booth. In the next conference room were two other tattoo parlors and some shirts dealers. Outside in the courtyard were the rest of the vendors, mostly clothing and car parts.

    It took us about an hour to setup. It was very hot in Sacramento yesterday and it was torture having to go out into the heat, then back into the air conditioned room, then back into the heat. We were setup by around 1:30 PM, the show was not to officially start until 4 PM. We still had plenty of customers, as most of the people who had cars for the show were also staying at the hotel.

    The Radisson is a very hotel and it was a much better venue then the Mariott from last year. They had plenty of security to keep the rowdy car show goers in check. The grounds was a lot bigger and a lot easier to navigate. I hope the Radisson will have them back next year. If I end up doing the show again with my dad, I'll suggest to him we stay at the hotel, rather then driving home at midnight/1 AM.

    I came to the show mainly to take pictures, as I love taking car pictures even if I'm not that great. So after resting after the setup and getting myself settled in my corner, I decided to go out and take some pictures. I took a whopping 123, the most I've ever taken in one day on my digital. And here is the results.

    You can visit my Flickr page to see higher resolutions (you can also click each image), and by all means if you wish to see the original 2592 x 1944, feel free to post here or PM me

    First off, we were next to both the "Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor" and the "Cartel Ink Shop", both groups were rowdy at first, but as the night went on, we seemed not to notice them. They had a lot of work, and the buzzing of tattoo needles were heard all night.

    Here is a picture of Lisa, the piercing artist from Cartel. She was very friendly and went around introducing herself to all the people in our conference room. This was actually my last picture of the night, taken during take-down.

    Now onto the cars! Any car geeks who know what a specific car is, tell me so I can tag them as such on Flickr!

    Ford F-100. Believe it's a 1962

    R.Fs. (Rat Fink) Limited on the back of the above truck

    The common car seen at a car show like this

    Though, this is an even more common sight

    I nearly tripped over that tail fin

    This is what I expected to see the most of, a classic "rat rod"

    Most people at this car show haven't even painted their cars yet

    The engine of that last car

    I wish the cars weren't parked so close in most parts, as this was a beauty

    Many cars had their hoods completely off rather then just up

    Artwork inside the car

    Coontz (or is it Goontz, not really sure) hood

    Which I believe belonged to this car

    One of my favorites from the show

    Inside that coupe's engine

    This truck is from my hometown of Vallejo

    The inside is really detailed with pin stripe art, and this fantastic stick

    Number 3

    This one must've just gotten it's bodywork finished. I really like the flames popping up

    I think this is a Chevelle, but I'm not sure

    The entrance to the conference where we were is right across that street. This car's little trunk cover was quite cool.

    This guy came with his roof rack loaded, one thing was a 24 pack of beer, which nearly every car had.

    I really like the color of this car

    To be continued...
    Last edited by Brain Toad; 07-29-2007, 10:05 PM. Reason: Pictures should be fixed now...

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    Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

    Nice pictures, looks like a whole lot of fun. It has got to be fun meeting up to share stories about each car and the time to build them.
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      Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

      I missed a car show here in Sac!?!?!?! Man...PLEASE keep posting more pics, I love old cars.


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        Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

        some of the photos not working


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          Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

          So after a break to eat dinner and begin to replace some of the photos (I hadn't realized my Flickr Uploadr was still resizing to 800x600 from when I had an upload limit, but thanks to AT&T Yahoo, I now have a Pro account and no upload limit), this may also explain the photos not working for a bit. So back to the cars!

          There was 3 parking lots were cars were at this show. There was the main lot right in front of the conference centers, which was packed with cars in all parking places, as well as rows 3 wide in the middle. Then the overflow lot across the street was pakced with even more, and then the lot that wrapped around the back of the hotel. It really was a sight to see that many cars packed into such a small place.

          I took breaks where I'd go back to our booth to rest and cool off, drink some water, watch the booth while my dad went to the restroom, etc. Then I'd go right back out and take more pictures.

          A brown coupe. It's either a Ford or a Willys.

          Pontiac Eight

          The most common Rat Rod is like this car, the car is a rust bucket with multicolored parts and pieces flaking off, but the wheels are brand new.

          I'm pretty sure there was at least 5 of these types of Cehvy, but I'm still not sure what they were and didn't realize until later all the cars were labelled with such information.

          Just noticing it now, but I'm pretty sure thatd bed is made from unpainted plywood

          This was a very unique truck

          I think those eyes were attached to the brake lights so they would light up when the brake was pressed.

          And they were attached to this truck

          There was a lot of Silver Streaks, Fleetlines and the like and honestly I think it's an ugly car.

          This was quite a shock when I first saw it. I thought it was some kind of old Mercedes. Later discovered it was a Packard One-Twenty. Not something I expected at a show like this

          So I tried a reflection shot. It looks fine in smaller sizes, but it's blurry in the original and I'm not sure why.

          This was a beautiful Fleetmaster. The gold was amazing, it looked like the real stuff.

          Now this is what I expected to see. To me the rust buckets show more love for cars then the shined up trailer queens that show up at Good Guys and other similar car shows. These guys do to their cars what you are supposed to do, drive them!

          I'm pretty sure these guys had a booth set up and doing tattoos

          This one's wheels actually match the condition the car is in

          I'm used to see red wheels, never seen the green wheels before. They really only look good on a black car/truck

          Quite a few people from Grinders were walking around. Honestly this paint job is really ugly

          Not sure what this is, but the colors are really nice. I'll take a flat finish over shiny any day

          This looks like something straight out of a movie

          This Model T looked like it was brand new, it was beautiful

          This was the most uniqe car the show. It's a Kirby Maid car. It looked like it just got done doing some server

          And this was in the back!

          Flat black trucks are some of my favorites

          This thing was quite a sight in the bright sun

          To be continued...


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            Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

            Wow, what a great looking group of cars. I love classic cars, so much style, they really are an art form to me. Thank you for sharing the cool photos and the TR about them.


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              Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

              So after another short break back at the booth, some Spider Solitaire on my laptop, I went back out to see if a band was playing. There was. It was Last Chance, a punk ban from Sacramento. I watched for a bit, but walked away as it wasn't that entertaining. I walked around a bit in that shop area, then back to the booth for awhile. Went and grabbed some dinner, a Bratwurst, from the little hotel food court, ate it, then went back out for more car pictures.

              Here is Last Chance performing

              Over in the other parking lot, a Chevy

              This car was probably the most popular at the show. Took me forever to get a good picture because people kept getting in the way. My first attempt, my camera insisted on focusing on the guy's face behind the car. It really is a beauty.

              The wonderful interior

              A reflection shot in the mirror

              The shade in the area plus the really crowded parking lot made pictures a bit difficult

              I dub this rust bucket "PETR"

              Ain't that rust beautiful?

              Stupid floodlight shadow

              A station wagon that looks more like a hearse

              A kiddy/pedal car in the back of a car I couldn't get a picture of

              So smooth

              Again with the nice wheels and incomplete car

              A little race car

              A strange Chevy station wagon with a cut off back part

              Back windows really are overrated

              This car looks so tiny next to that truck

              Looks ready to go with its matte gray look

              Whoops, missed a spot!

              Another hoodless car

              Not much room in there

              I really like the pin stripe job on this

              These guys almost ran me over when they were coming in and I was crossing the street back to the main lot

              They drove this all the way up from San Jose, brave souls

              To be continued....


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                Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

                Head back over to the other parking lot which had gotten a few more cars since I last went through

                This kind of confused me

                This was for sale, and I wanted it so bad. I wouldn't bother painting it either

                Here is "Lucy"

                It seems these car people aren't that creative with their pinstripes.

                Though they are good with other decorations

                I'm not a huge fan of the "gangster" looking cars

                Here is the "Ford Shark" which I believe is a modified Thunderbird

                A Ford Tudor, very luxurious looking.

                The color is perfect for this rod

                And take a look at that engine

                This Apache made an appearance at Billetproof last year in Antioch, and they smoked the entire way.

                That's Mr. Horsepower on the side, not Woody Woodpecker

                This bike had a really cool Motorhead helmet on its handlebars, but it got cut out of the picture

                This car was in the 1939 World's Fair

                Skulls and spikes on a green grill. That setting sun was starting to annoy me

                The car the spikes belonged to

                This car was very long. This picture also shows how crowded the parking had become with cars.

                Not sure what this is, but it would look awesome lowered.

                Then it was time to go back to the booth for a little rest and watching it while my dad made his bathroom runs. After a bit of rest, I went back out and saw that a band was playing. It was The New Pendletons who replaced the Buckshot Boys. They were pretty good. They did a dynamite cover of "Leave Me Alone", which was performed by Hank Williams III, but I don't know if it's his song.

                The guitarist was really good

                The acoustic bass was a bit strange, and the drummer was quite goofy

                The singer was entertaining

                After that I took a long break at the booth. I was burnt out. It was 7 PM and I had been there since 1 PM. I was getting tired of walking around and was getting antsy at the booth. Did some reading and listened to the constant hum of tattoo needles. Once the little mini parlors got going, they rarely had a time without business.

                As the sun set more, I decided to go out and try some black and white pictures.

                My first attempt is this racing coupe. I was going to do black and white and color, but there was people who insisted on walking in my shot, so I gave up on the color.

                Sepia doesn't really fit a Ranchero

                Let's do color instead

                Yup, still an ugly car

                The green wheels kind of ruin this car

                Let's remove the color then

                This was the best picture I took at the entire show, if not my best picture ever. There is a big flaw, but I only notice it because I know it's there. I may try to enter it into one of the county fairs next year

                The sunset more and I went around taking a few more shots. Some of these my flash went off even though it really wasn't needed and I was too lazy to turn it off

                Fuzzy interior

                It's the hilarious Ford Anglia with a blower!

                Apparently they drag race them, who knew?

                A Cadillac pickup. Not nearly as ugly as a Ranchero, but up there.

                Classic Corvette, only Corvettes I like. Anything after the '70s are ugly.

                Went back for a break as the sun set more. Then went out and around to the band. These are horrible pictures, as I was set on night snapshot and my camera kept trying to focus on the outdoor lighting. These are the Pyronauts. They were pretty good. They covered Folsom Prison Blues, but the singer kept throwing in these random high notes which annoyed me. I watched for a bit, but the cigarette smoke was getting to me, so I went back to the booth.

                Back to the booth for a short break, then back out to try some night shots.

                The following is an experiment with various features using a Chevrolet
                The first is my program mode, which picked a 1/60 exposure and a f/2.6 aperture with flash. Second is program mode, which picked 1/8 exposure and a f/2.6 aperture with no flash. Third is "night snapshot" with 1/8 exposure, f/2.6 aperture, and flash. Fourth is "night snapshot" with 1/8 exposure, f/2.6 aperture and no flash

                The rest of my night shots were taken with a 1/4 exposure, no flash

                Fuzzy with a tiki

                Guess my hand shook during this one (or because I used a 1 second exposure)

                My best night shot of the night I think

                These were my first ever night shots with a digital camera. I think I did pretty good and learned a bit about my camera settings.

                It was overall a fun night, but very tiring. By the end of the night I was really annoyed with the tattoo artists because of their mouths. I mean I have a dirty mouth when I'm around my friends, but hearing it as much as they were going and the way they used it, it got kind of annoying. I was definitely impressed with the amount of cars and people at this show. I was also impressed that there was already drunk people at 2 pm. I'm also glad the majority of the show goers were staying at the hotel, because the amount I saw people drinking, I wouldn't want them on the road.

                We left the show at a little after midnight, choosing to start packing up at 11:30 because the show was pretty much dead. We didn't get home until 1:00 however because we got lost coming home. We made a wrong turn, ended up on 160, then going through downtown Sacramento, went past the Capitol building, ended up on 50 and into West Sac, where we turned around, eventually flagged a cop down who said we shouldn't've turned around and if we kept down 50 until it turned into 80 and headed home. Was quite the adventure!

                Hope you enjoyed my trip report. It was almost as much work writing this up as it was going to the show!

                THE END!
                (there was quite a few girls dressed like the one on the left, and there was even more on skates like the girl on the right, handing out candy)


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                  Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

                  I emailed a link to my Flickr photo set to the promoters of the show, The Original Poor Boys Car Club and they linked me on their frontpage.


                  I'm the 2nd one too, right under the Vintage Ford link. So awesome that so many people may potentially see my pictures.


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                    Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

                    I easily fulfill the stereotype of girls not knowing much about cars. I know what make I drive and that's just about it. However, I know that I love old cars and unique paint jobs. These wheelsmobiles are gooorgeous, I wish I'd been there!
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                      Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

                      Is it strange that after reading the title of this thread, I really thought someone had written a TR about church?


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                        Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

                        Originally posted by kirbilicious View Post
                        Is it strange that after reading the title of this thread, I really thought someone had written a TR about church?
                        Haha. My dad did a car show at the local Catholic private high school and he had a poster for this show at his booth, and the Catholics all got a kick out of the name.


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                          Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

                          I love the flat matte paint jobs!


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                            Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

                            What does your dad do?

                            Great pictures - looked like a fun car show! I love all the rust buckets - you usually don't see those at car shows!
                            Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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                              Re: [Trip Report] Midnight Mass, Sacramento, 07-29-07 (lots of car pictures!)

                              Originally posted by BFJen View Post
                              What does your dad do?

                              Great pictures - looked like a fun car show! I love all the rust buckets - you usually don't see those at car shows!
                              My dad has his own business selling Diecast cars (toy cars like Hot Wheels, but we sell higher end stuff mostly) as well as stickers and patches made by PosterPop. He's been selling cars and toys for about 10 years now I think. Just started selling the stickers and patches a couple years ago though.

                              For this show and another in Antioch called Billetproof (which is in September, look for my report after it, with even more pictures!) we break a certain type of cars, focusing on rat rods, von dutch, as well more stickers and patches then usual.

                              The rust buckets and flat matte paintjobs are the reason I love this car show and Billetproof. I like cars that show character and personality, cars that reveal that they are driven machines and a labor of love to these guys, not some antique collectible to only be shown off a couple times a year. Rat Rods are the true hot rods, not that shiny junk you see driven by the grumpy old man, or towed by the rich yuppie. Plus they make better pictures.


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