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AT&T/Cingular - a grievance (repost from another board)


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  • AT&T/Cingular - a grievance (repost from another board)

    Hey guys,
    Really angry and just spreading the love. I'd like everyone to know how horrible my cell company (that I've been with for absolutely ages) has once again become:

    For those of you who know me well enough to have become acquainted with my infamous cell phone, you know that I have a reputation for dropped calls. This has been an ongoing problem for the better part of the last year.

    First, my old phone started having the problem. It was absurdly bad at that point, where nearly every other call was dropped. They said it was because my phone was the old technology, and that though they were building new towers, they were all with the new technology. So I pointed out the unfairness of being charged the same amount for less and less service. So they said if I signed a new contract, they'd send me a new phone on the newer technology so that I wouldn't have the call drop problem. And I, rather foolishly, agreed.

    So it was no longer dropping every other call, but I still dropped more calls than ANYBODY else. I called into their service time and time again, and got one cockamamie scheme after another. Everything from : It's the equipment (um, no, you sent me this phone to solve this problem), to: Wipe off the battery terminals (didn't work), to: Do a power cycle (a what?) Pull out the battery and the SIM card, wait a few seconds, then put them both back in (didn't solve it), to: turn the phone on and off once a day to re-register with the network (uhm, excuse me? And no, it didn't solve it).

    Today, I was finally done. I called in and respectfully explained the situation, that I was in the contract because the new phone was supposed to solve my problem, that I gave them numerous chances to solve it and they failed miserably, and that all I wanted was to be peacefully let go and not charged a fee. Naturally, they resisted. I asked to speak with a supervisor, and went through the whole thing all over again. She told me she could let me out of contract but that I'd be charged the fee, I argued further, and she said (get this) that if she did that, she'd have to justify it, and that she couldn't justify it! I repeated to her that I thought it was perfectly reasonable given the pretenses under which I had gotten into such a long contract, and that given the number of opportunities they had to SOLVE my problem (I have called in once or more per month, pretty much, to let them know that the drops were STILL a problem), and that I thought my loyalty and willingness to give them the opportunity to solve my problem were more than reasonable and that I at least deserved this consideration - if they can't solve my problem (it's obvious to me now that they can't) they should at least let me go peacefully. She refused and repeated that she couldn't justify it.

    So I asked for HER supervisor. Naturally, there isn't one present at the moment, and she only offered me the written complaint address. I asked her name again (Tammy) and her supervisor's name. She gave me the name "Doug Smith". I've worked in a call center, I know a fake name when I see it. So I laughed and asked if that was seriously a real name. She assured me it was. So I asked if I called in during business hours, would I be able to speak with Mr. Doug Smith. She said there's no direct line to reach him. Right, but if I call 611 and ask to be transferred to a supervisor's supervisor, there's someone I can talk to, right? She said there *might* be.

    Are you holding your breath yet? I'm not. But I'm calling in tomorrow. They *REALLY* don't want me letting Gaucho's brother make the call after that.

    I think I've been more than reasonable, don't you? I mean, 6 months with the new phone, repeat calls to advise them that I was having an issue, etc. I think it's more than fair. Do I deserve to be slapped in my face for my patience? That supervisor girl kept saying that if I'd cancelled in the first 30 days she could understand but I kept the service blah blah blah... but I did so because I genuinely gave them the opportunity to fix the problem. Do I deserve to be slapped in the face with an early termination fee after all that?

    BTW, I have already determined that I'm going to Verizon. I'm *done* with this company. I'm changing to an OC phone number as well. I just wanted to share this story with you in case anyone was thinking of going over to this horrible cell service.

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    Don't get me started on Cingular. They did something similar to me. I could never get reception in my house unless I stood in the corner of the kitchen, which defeats the idea of a cell phone. After getting the same run-around I finally got a hold of a supervisor. He actually had the nerve to suggest that my house was made of "lead". This was after the whole gamut of excuses like, "we're building new towers all the time", or "maybe you need a newer phone". I paid the fee and got out because they have no sense of customer service and I wasn't giving them more than I had to. Everyone I had talked to was incredibly rude each time I called and I basically told them that if they were on fire I wouldn't cross the street to piss on them. No love lost between me and Cingular.
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      Morrgoon - Don't waste any more time talking to them. Write a letter to the California PUC and explain the problems that you have had, that customer services has lied and roped you into a new contract, and what you expect them to do about it. Make sure that you ask for huge credits and to get out of the contract.

      In this case, you will get everything that you ask for, since it isn't worth it to Cingular to fight it (The PUC will make them address your concerns wether you are right or not). Don't delay, you can post your complaint with the PUC online.

      Call me if you need any help.
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        Morrgoon - Another resource is They have information on utilities, and may be able to resolve the problem for you.


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          switch to t-mobile... quick... their must be a way to help......

          (hate AT&T/cinqular....)


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            I have never had a problem with cingular call center. I love them. The only problem I had was in one of their stand alone stores. (which are independently owned and operated.) They said the phone would be free then decided it was going to be like $30.00. I just called cingular 9call center)and they said to pay it and they would credit my bill $50.00 ...which they did... I no longer buy anythign from their stand alone stores.....just online or by calling in.


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              dont even get me started as well.....AT&T had been doing fine until they switched over to Cingular......I get more dropped calls than ever before.....and to switch to a different company it will cost you $200 now.....a couple of times i tried to check my voicemail and my phone showed that i had full service, but then it says call failed. that has happened so many my family, im the only one thats still with AT&T cuz the rest of my family is on Verizon.....but i still have like another year with AT&T and if i keep on getting dropped calls and crap then im done.......
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