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HOT Lanes in South Florida


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  • HOT Lanes in South Florida

    It was just announced today that we will be getting High Occupancy Toll Lanes in South Florida. HOT lanes, are lanes that you have to pay a premium price to use, which supposedly have less traffic and go faster than the other lanes.

    Personally, I think this is one of the worst ideas they could have thought of, which will only make traffic worse, especially when construction for these special lanes will be in progress.

    As many of you are in Southern California and already have HOT lanes, what is YOUR opinion of these lanes? Do you use them? Do you think they're worth it?


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    Re: HOT Lanes in South Florida

    Take the money they are going to spend on the "HOT lanes" and give me back the bullet train...


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      Re: HOT Lanes in South Florida

      ^^ What Summer said.


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        Re: HOT Lanes in South Florida

        I'm in Northern California, where right now they are working to expand the HOV lanes. Not add more lanes but make them longer where they currently exist and expand them into more areas. I carpool to work and enjoy the using the HOV lane when it starts, looking forward to them extending it all the way to our onramps and offramps we use.

        The idea of having an HOT lane seems wierd to me, I wouldn't want to pay to use the lane. We already pay for the roads through taxes, yeah some bridges have tolls but I understand where thats coming from their expensive. This just seems like a way for people with enough money to not have to sit in traffic rather then carpooling. I always though part of the benefit of carpool lanes is that it promoted having less cars on the road.


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          Re: HOT Lanes in South Florida

          0_0 I don't like that idea either...they need to make all the lanes the same...traffic isn't going to improve by this lane...heck it didn't even improve with the existing one. But then again, they're looking for more money in their pockets, and nothing else. :rant:


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            Re: HOT Lanes in South Florida

            I believe the one down here in So Cal doesn't get used much.
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              Re: HOT Lanes in South Florida

              The fast track lane on the 91 gets used quite a bit. I use it occasionally since it costs $7-10 during rush hours. It is owned by the state, but they had to buy it back from a private company due to the government's stupidity. If you want the full reason just ask.

              I guess it works here but that's a lot of money if you factor the cost for an entire week. It has been proven that carpool lanes don't alleviate traffic at all. So who knows. The only fact is, those that are willing to pay will save time, not money.



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