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8/19/07: Nebuta Festival Visits Los Angeles


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  • 8/19/07: Nebuta Festival Visits Los Angeles

    I saw something really cool yesterday and I thought I'd share. Every year the Japanese American community holds a festival called Nisei Week in LA. The festival is complete with parade, pageants, and all of that stuff. I haven't been in the last couple years but when I saw that this really famous festival from Japan would be visiting the parade I had to go.

    The Nebuta festival is from Aomori and a lot of articles I've read have compared it to the Electrical Parade. Official information can be found here:

    Anyways in person it was spectacular... dancing, chanting, live music, people pushing the float along the parade route! Video and pictures below\?doc...29561264&hl=en\?doc...44637165&hl=en

    What it looked like during the day:

    Lots of sponsors. Hey whatever it takes to get that thing crated up and shipped over here!

    It was a great experience, now I'm inspired to go to Japan and see it in its natural habitat. Thanks for looking

    The End!!

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    Re: 8/19/07: Nebuta Festival Visits Los Angeles

    very cool pics and video
    :thumbup: I'm back MiceChat:yea:


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