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Fantasy Waters sister show...

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  • Fantasy Waters sister show...

    As you may know... my Fantasy Waters show has been closed down to make way for a new themed area known as "Rufus the snoring bear" which will be opening this winter.

    However at a much bigger and as of now secret location, Fantasy Waters sister show "Fantastic Visions" will be opening 2009 or late 2008.

    *Fantastic Visions is in no way related to the website Visions Fantastic.
    Fantastic Visions is a show I had drawn up and planned out a few years back to be in part with the origional Fantasy Waters show located in the Disney Inspired backyard, Fantastic Visions is a mystery show as I will not give out the info on whether or not it will include pyro, lighting, or water.

    It may have all three, however as far as I know the plans I have for this show are unlike anything I have ever seen or even heard of before, this show will be unlike anything you have seen before. The location is much much bigger than that of the Fantasy Waters theater. unlike Fantasy Waters where all of the action of the show took place in front of you, you are actually part of the show, you will figure that out almost as soon as the show starts while you are either standing or sitting there, however to get the full and amazing experience you must remain seated in a designated seat.

    I will not give out much info on this show other than the fact that it is expensive and the name. I will release a little info on it over time, the show is set to open in 2009 when I graduate and go on to college. until early 2008 after Rufus has been constructed the location of the show will be flat as construction will start early 2008, or possible immediatley after Rufus has been completed.

    There are several people who have helped out with my origional show Fantasy Waters, and if they choose they can help put the show's soundtracks and narrations together as this show will also be themed to Disney, but WILL NOT have the Disney name in it due to several reasons, however the soundtracks can have as much Disney music as it wants. Those who make the show's soundtracks and edit the video clips for it will also have the oppertunity to see the show before I open it up and pretty much do what ever they want to the show. I am taking in as many ideas as I can since this show is the real thing... not a mini backyard show. The show is still however in Bakersfield. If you have any ideas to add to or make this a bigger and better show please inform me, and if those of you that have created previous soundtracks and or narrations for Fantasy Waters and are willing to create real soundtracks and professional narrations and graphic designs, let me know. I will also be having a domain website for this show not opening until weeks prior to that of the show's opening.

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    Re: Fantasy Waters sister show...

    If you need any audio, i know troy does it for you but if for some reason he can't, i have soundtrack pro, i know you have a mac, dunno if you have final cut studio
    Good luck!


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      Re: Fantasy Waters sister show...

      You must have very patient parents.


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        Re: Fantasy Waters sister show...

        Yes I do... lol

        Hilsbro made the origional announcments for Fantasy Waters and if he wants, he can put future soundtracks together as well. I will be needing the soundtracks within 4 months or so so I can get the show effects and motions programmed before it is built, then wire up the effects to the correct locations that will be signaled by the computer at the correct time that the effect or motion is supposed to happen.