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Knotts Scary Farm 9/29.........


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  • Knotts Scary Farm 9/29.........

    I went to Knotts Scary Farm last night with my wife and friends. One person in our party was in a wheelchair and we had the opportunity to get on some of the attractions from the exit. One of these attractions was the Mine Train and we headed for the exit area of that attraction and went up the stairs to wait our turn to board the train. Well, anyway while waiting there I noticed another group of people that just entered the exit area to wait their turn and lo and behold I recognized these people to be Micechatters. How funny is that. Well I have never been to a meet as of yet, but I recognized faces from past trip reports, so I excused myself from my party and went up and introduced myself to none other than Fishbulb, Dusty, Crazy Legs and Sadako. Although our introdutions were brief, I have to say it was nice meeting all of you and hope you had a great time last night. One of these days soo, I will bring my wife and come on over to a meet. Once again, it was a pleasure meeting you.

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    Re: Knotts Scary Farm 9/29.........

    It was wonderful meeting you


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