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Flu or food poisoning


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  • Flu or food poisoning

    Well, folks, this is the first time I've been able to sit up-right in the last 24 hours. Seemed to have some kind of a bug; or worse, food poisoning. I was sitting here playing video games, began to cramp-up and *puft* I ended up spending a great deal of yesterday and today racing between the bathroom and bed.

    I'm writing this not in an act of sympathy, but out of mere curiousity. My partner was here (thank GOD!) fetching me Pepto (when I could keep it down) and Sprite and making sure I hit the targets--as it were. And now, as the fog clears, I'm wondering dear friends--what do you do when you aren't feeling well?

    Be it the flu or mild food poisoning, how do you survive? I've been only been able to munch of a bit of bread and cold compresses have been my savior.

    Do you have methods that a person could use for future reference? Soup? Shot of whiskey?

    We were close to going to the emergency room to get fluids to stay down. Plus, I realized, I wasn't combating the sickness, I was just letting it run it's course. Probably would have been better to get something, even if it were introventously (sic).

    But I hate going to the emergency room. Detest it. Would rather just crawl into the corner and wallow in my own pity.

    We didn't go.

    The fever is still there, but I feel MUCH better. Especially since it's been a few hours since I had food. Tomorrow is the first day of the second quarter. I have to be there! Besides, I find that the sooner I get back into things, the better.

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    Re: Flu or food poisoning

    So sorry to hear of your suffering, Roo... It was probably just a 24 hour bug. I think the way you handled it is best. I usually just let it run its course and try to force down as many fluids as I can...
    If the vomiting lasts more than a day, I take some emetrol. It's usually used for children and carsickness, but it works for me when I can't stop vomiting...
    I am glad to hear you are feeling better Take care of yourself.
    <3 Chloe


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      Re: Flu or food poisoning

      First off, sorry you weren't feeling well Roo.

      I don't get "The Flu" very often (knocks on wood) but have gotten food poisoning a few times. I can definately tell the difference.

      Usually with food poisoning (not to sound too graphic) but you usually purge whatever is giving causing you to have food poisoning only. About 7 years ago I got it from some mushroom chicken at a chinese restaurant and that's all I purged. (I haven't been able to eat the stuff since). And earlier this year I got it from Clam Chowder at Souplantation (and again, haven't been able to eat that either).

      Did you and Tigs eat the same thing?


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        Re: Flu or food poisoning

        Hmmm. Can you get a fever with food poisoning? I didn't think you could. Maybe.

        Can you trace back to what might have spurned your possible food poisoning? Did anyone else eat the same thing? If it was something from a restaurant, I'd call the place and see if anyone else has complained. Otherwise if it was something from home you might be screwed.

        I know when I have intestinal bugs, and am not in the bathroom, I crawl into bed, and try and get into the most comfortable position, oftentimes looking like I'm NOT in a comfortable position by others. I like to let it run it's course, but know that if it gets really bad, that a trip to urgent care or the ER is important. Sometimes a suppository (SP) to keep yourself from vomiting further is in order. I know this not from myself but from my niece, who is a nurse.

        Feel better! :squeeze:


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          Re: Flu or food poisoning

          Sounds like what I had a couple of years ago. I didn't get it diagnosed by a professional, I sound like you, I hate going to doctors unless absolutely necessary. Here is what I had, fever, weakness, and for about the first 12 hours anything taken in was coming back up within a few minutes. After I was finally able to keep light things down (as you have stated) it then came out the other end in, let's just say, not solid form. Finally after reaching hell and taking the tour, things started to work properly again. At the time I thought it was food poisoning too, but after telling a friend of mine what had happened he told me that it had happened to his wife at sometime before. He said her doctor told her it was the stomach flu. Don't know if this is what you had, if it sounds similar then maybe, but I'm still not 100% on the diagnoses. Good luck Roo, hope you fell better.
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            Re: Flu or food poisoning

            I was going to ask this very same question last week!!!!

            I think that as long as you can get some fluid in, even if it comes right back up again, you are not too bad, and hopefully some gets absorbed before it comes up!

            I wasn't throwing up or running to the loo, but i felt like I was going to. i didn't feel like eating, but i wasn't "sick" so I was unsure what to have. i just ended up having toast and hot tea for two days. Felt off and kinda queasy for about 4 days.
            I think that if you throw up, you get better quicker LOL LOL LOL

            hope you're over the worst and can eat soon!

            Originally Posted by Disney Wrassler
            Tassie, I found a quote for ya :lol:!

            "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."

            Charles M. Schulz
            Originally Posted by MWalton
            :lol: Did the pages take that long to reach around to your part of the world?!? :lol:


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              Re: Flu or food poisoning

              Originally posted by sir clinksalot View Post
              And earlier this year I got it from Clam Chowder at Souplantation
              I've gotten sick on more than one occasion from the Souplantation in Camarillo (I'm assuming that is the one you are refering to)... A lot of my friends like to go eat there after classes because of how filling it is, but the quality has gone down at that particular location... It almost reminds me of the Fresh Choice that was in Oxnard and then moved to Ventura and then shut down.. it used to be good but when you're dealing with salads and soups that are made in a mass quantity, one little slip up and its all downhill...
              <3 Chloe


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                Re: Flu or food poisoning

                First off my sympathy to you and your tummy. I hate being nauseous sick. Since you had a fever I doubt it was food poisoning more likely the stomach flu. Fortunately for me I work for doctors and have the ability to get prescription anti-nausea medication for these occasions, unfortunatel for my employers they also put me to sleep. Compazine is the most widely prescribed, it comes in pill form, suppository or they can give you an injection of it. If you had been able to go to your doctor more than likely they would have given you an injection of it.

                The most important thing when you are 'kissing the porcelain god' is to stay hydrated. Although you may not want to drink anything it is critical to keep your body hydrated. Also I try to eat a bananna to bring my potassium levels back up.

                I hope you feel better tonight and that by tomorrow you no longer have a 'rumbly in your tummy'.


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                  Re: Flu or food poisoning

                  Fever can be part of food poisoning

                  Food poisoning is a common, usually mild, but sometimes deadly illness. Typical symptoms include nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea that come on suddenly (within 48 hours) of consuming a contaminated food or drink. Depending on the contaminant, fever and chills, bloody stools, dehydration, and nervous system damage may follow. These symptoms may affect one person or a group of people who ate the same thing (this would be called an outbreak).

                  Flu or Influenza

                  Symptoms of the flu may include:
                  • fever
                  • chills
                  • headache
                  • muscle aches
                  • dizziness
                  • loss of appetite
                  • tiredness
                  • cough
                  • sore throat
                  • runny nose
                  • nausea or vomiting
                  • weakness
                  • ear pain
                  • diarrhea


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                    Re: Flu or food poisoning

                    Roo, I totally sympathize! A year ago, I was in your same position, literally. It was, IMO, a stomach bug of some sort. Don't call it "The Flu" because people will jump all over you tell you that there is no such thing as the stomach flu. So it really isn't the flu (as in influenza) but it is a virus, and it is very real.

                    Don't eat solids until you can hold down liquids for 12 hours. Then start slow: soda crackers, bananas, plain toast, applesauce, jello. Stay away from dairy, meats, etc. Watch out for the fever. Because I was laying around for a couple of days, it caused bronchitis that nearly went to pneumonia.

                    Get better soon!


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                      Re: Flu or food poisoning

                      Aww, I hope you get better! The flu and or food poisioning is terrible!
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                        Re: Flu or food poisoning

                        Awwwww! So sorry you were so sick.

                        I once heard that more often than not , it's food poisoning and not the flu that people actually have. If it came on really suddenly and violently, it was probably food poisoning and unfortunately it usually has to just run its course.

                        Last January I had the flu and it came on more slowly but I haven't felt that sick in years. I was almost ready to go to the hospital , but then I tried theraflu and it helped immensely.

                        Hope you are completely better now Roo!:ghug:


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                          Re: Flu or food poisoning

                          Awe, Roo . . . not fair. Hope you're feeling up to par by morning so you can mold those young minds.

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                            Re: Flu or food poisoning

                            I had the worst stomach flu three weeks ago. Five days of upset stomach, then I wrecked my car (I was dizzy, shouldn't have been driving!), then 24 hours of throwing up with fever, then 48 hours to feel humanish again. While I was throwing up, I couldn't even keep 1/4 cup of water down! Worst stomach flu since I was pregnant with my nine year old and got the flu and had to be hospitalized.


                            I feel your pain, Roo. The only thing that made me feel better while vomiting is when my husband moved me into the bathtub (fully clothed!) and gave me a shower and washed my hair. It was really sweet and felt good. I think I cried from relief the entire time. :lol: That man is a saint.


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                              Re: Flu or food poisoning

                              Thanks for this! I'm up and moving, but am now suffering from muscular pains that come from violent movement. I'm still nauseuous but I have to go to work. I have a sweatshirt and a jacket--determined to stay warm. The kids will be like, "you should have stayed home! Then we wouldn't have homework!"

                              Their love for me is abounding.

                              The only thing I ate that my partner didn't was a food sample at Sam's Club! Last time I do that!

                              Thanks gang. I probably should have waited a bit longer to eat--but I was hungry this morning and permitted myself a slice of toast. Best thing I've tasted in days!

                              husband, petowner, wordsmith, imagineer, martialist, playwright, traveller, ardent, wit, critic, barista, Taoist, superhero, fortuneteller, reader, fidget, teacher, dreamer, author, blogger, ghosthunter, voter, patient, bear, gourmand, Floridian, friend


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