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Happy Birthday KinofHearts

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  • Happy Birthday KinofHearts

    I'm pretty sure my message board settings are still on New Zealand time, but meh, I care not.

    Happy Birthday Anyway, KoH, King of Hearts, KinofHearts, and all your other Aliases.
    What an idiot....

    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.

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    Re: Happy Birthday KinofHearts

    Happy birthday, KoH! Hope everything is awesome for you today. Hugs!
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      Re: Happy Birthday KinofHearts

      All the best and eat lots of cake and ice cream!
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        Re: Happy Birthday KinofHearts

        Thanks guys, actually the 18th is my B'day but I can celevrate a day early. FYI, I am waiting for someone to fix my error in typing so that it actually reads KingOfHearts but everyone is partying. I thought I would go back to the name I love and continue on as the charming and delightful person I have become. Hugs ro you all,
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