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Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Trip Report


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  • Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Trip Report

    Adam and I had the good fortune to sail on Cunard's Queen Mary 2 from New York to London two weeks ago. We had an amazing experience just relaxing on the world's largest ocean liner for six days as we sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.

    We boarded the ship in Brooklyn's new cruise terminal in Red Hook.

    From our balcony cabin, we could see the Statue of Liberty.

    And to the North, lower Manhattan.

    The cabin was very spacious with lots of storage space.

    We were welcomed with a bottle of champagne.

    The Britannia Restaurant, where we'd dine almost every night.

    Another view of the Brooklyn Cruise terminal.

    Spare azipod blades were kept on deck and also served as art.

    A view of the bridge and one of the most expensive suites on board - with a private elevator.

    Around 5:00 PM, we departed from Brooklyn and New York - Goodbye America!

    Almost everyone was on the open decks as the ship departed.

    But some people didn't leave the privacy of their own suite's balcony.

    This little friend accompanied us out of port.

    People on the open decks ... and a sneak view of the duplex apartments.

    Going under the Verazano Bridge was exciting as there was very little clearance between the ship's funnel and the bridge.

    More pictures to come ...

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    Re: Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Trip Report

    This was pretty much the view from our cabin for the rest of the voyage.

    Deck 2's tables for people who wanted to play board games or just watch the sea go by.

    This machine exchanged your US Dollars for very few British Pounds.

    This pretty model can be yours for a mere $3500.00.

    The on-board planetarium was the best experience of all. I wish Disney would install this on their new ships.

    When the sea was rough, you were not allowed to access some decks.

    And it was rough, but the QM2 handled the seas very well.

    Our first day out, we had a typical British Pub lunch.

    At the Golden Lion Pub.

    I had Traditional Fish N Chips.

    Adam had the Ploughman's Lunch.

    This model was not for sale.

    The Queen's Room was where the formal balls were held, as well as daily afternoon Tea.

    Bags were provided in case of sea sickness.

    I loved watching the rough seas.

    Not many people ventured out the first few days.

    And even less used the pools.

    But it was nice just to walk around and view the ship's architecture.

    One of the food stations in the King's Court.

    More to come ...


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      Re: Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Trip Report

      The ship's crew made sure everything was perfect on board.

      This chart showed our route across the Atlantic and gave weather information.

      The ship's indoor Pavilion pool.

      A viewing room just behind the Bridge allowed guests to see how the ship was controlled.

      After a few days, a few people ventured into the pools.

      This deck was reserved for "Grill" suite passengers only.

      The beautiful Veuve Cliquot champagne bar.

      The Royal Court Theater hosted the ship's shows and plays.

      A perfect table for Tea.

      A peek in to the Queen's Grill Restaurant - reserved only from the most expensive suites.

      More rough seas.

      The Empire Casino was very stylish.

      As the days progressed, more people came out to the open decks.


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          Re: Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Trip Report

          Another great ocean view.

          One night, we had dinner at the Chef's Galley where they showed us how they made a wonderful French dinner.

          Steak au poivre with potatoes and asparagus. It tastes even better than it looked.

          There was amazing liner art all over the ship.

          Early on Thursday morning, we arrived in Southampton.

          All of QM2's lights were on as we arrived.

          In Southampton's port, all these cars seemed ready to be exported to the world.

          Our journey ended in Southampton's Central Train station ... or did it???

          Where else to go in Europe ... but Disneyland Paris!
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            Re: Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Trip Report

            Wow, I loved seeing the ship through your eyes. It looks like you had an amazing relaxing time crossing the ocean. Thanks for sharing these.


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              Re: Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Trip Report

              WOW, great pics. I love the viewing room behind the bridge, that is a cool way for people to see it without interrupting whats actually going on.

              A little piece of heaven


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                Re: Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Trip Report

                Nice report. I've never really seen many pictures detailing cruise ships so it was nice to see your account of it.. Glad you had a nice time!
                <3 Chloe


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                  Re: Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Trip Report

                  FABULOUS TRIP!! You are so fortunate to enjoy all these experiences.. The QM2 makes the DCL look like "mickey mouse business". Thank you for sharing those pics.


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                    Re: Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Trip Report

                    Wow! What an incredible trip Thanks for sharing it with us.


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                      Re: Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Trip Report

                      You call that excitement? No icebergs and no rogue waves flipping the ship over?

                      Nice pics. Being a Canadian, I thought the money exchange ones were funny.


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