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Pirates of Carlsbad


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  • Pirates of Carlsbad

    I'm not sure where this post belongs...
    But since it was inspired by POTC at Disneyland, I thought I would start there. But I defer to the MC moderators as to where this ends up. -JJ

    Now, in your best pirates voice...

    Haloween! Everybody is talkin' ghost and spirits! Jason and Freddy have their following. But what about us pirates? Don't our spirits deserve a proper port? Well, there is such a place. And this place lies in the uncharted waters of a place called Carlsbad, California...

    I knew I was charting familiar waters when I came across this flag...

    I decided to steer my ship up the cove...

    (Editor's note: the lights on the driveway were projections to create a rippling water effect.)

    As I neared the cove, I found a poor mate who had suffered a miscalculations of the tides...

    (Editor here again. This is my homage to the shipwrecked pirate in POTC. Of course, on a smaller scale. And at a lesser budget.)

    My poor brethren... He'd seen better days.

    Finally, I'd made it to the entry of the Pirate Swamp. My reward just laid yards away...

    (Hey, just another Editor comment. That bird was an old toy of my dad's. It basically repeats whatever it hears. BIGGEST hit with the kids. Moral: Simple Rocks. That's why it always has a front row seat in my holiday displays.)

    First, I had to get my this old friend..

    (Okay, Editor here again. Less than one year ago, this skull was part of a candy dish in the Walmart 50% off bin. I took him apart, fabricated a new base, installed a servo, wrote an editing program, and now...? He's a superstar, reciting the talking skull speech from POTC (revised)...

    Once I made it through the Pirate's Swamp...

    (Again, it's me. The 'swamp' had fog, fireflies, beady eyes, glowing skulls... It was not a walk in the park. But those that made it through..,)

    ...I got my reward!

    (Editor's note: The box with the skull on it --- it had 175 FULL SIZE candy bars in it. I ended the night with an empty tank of 30 candy bars.)

    I found my way past Ship Wreck Cove, fought my way through the Pirate Swamp. Cheers to the keepers of the Pirates of Carlsbad:

    (Editors note: JJ61, Chili, Chance and Mrs. JJ61.)
    Happy Halloween MC.
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    Re: Pirates of Carlsbad

    Pretty cool. I like it when people use a favorite and appropriate Disney attraction for a Halloween display. That is really pretty darn good. I like the idea of the talking parrot as well and the reworked skull. Wow only 30 bars out of 175? You must have had a pretty decent crowd come through last night. Well Done!
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      Re: Pirates of Carlsbad

      Wow! What a great job, thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

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        Re: Pirates of Carlsbad

        Very cool! So much better than some of the creepy stuff that scares the heck out of the kids. We are close by I would have loved to have come by!


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