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[Car Show Photos] Goodguys Fall Get-Together, Pleasanton, CA, 11-11-07


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  • [Car Show Photos] Goodguys Fall Get-Together, Pleasanton, CA, 11-11-07

    So at first I wasn't going to do one on this show because I've been lazy lately. But I thought, what the heck. I love sharing my photos and MiceChat has offered some of my best feedback for my car pictures.

    Goodguys for those who don't know is one of the largest Hot Rod and Custom car associations. They hold many car shows across the country with huge amount of cars, large vendor areas, and huge swap meets of used parts.

    Goodguys was one of the first car shows my dad did. Before he only sold at toy shows, now he sells mainly at car shows, including all but 1 of Goodguys shows in Pleasanton at the Alameda Fairgrounds.

    This was my first time to the show in a long time. I avoided it for a long time because I didn't like the car owners (many of the cars are "trailer queens", never driven and spend their lives in garages, bleh) and enjoyed having the house to myself.

    This year I decided to go on Sunday as this is pretty much the last car show of the year, so might as well get some more pictures.

    It had rained the night before in the Bay Area, so the ground was wet and many of the cars were either wet or belted with leaves. I waited until the sun came out before I headed out to take pictures and here is the result.

    (Click any pictures for full size and more information)

    This '26 Ford had a Pinto engine in it, something I've never heard guys doing.

    There isn't enough Firebirds at car shows, especially not enough '60s Firebirds

    My first trek was into the Car Corral, where all the car for sale were parked. These cars didn't have to follow the car show rules (American made or powered)

    I'd love to own this Cadillac

    Pretty '34 Roadster

    If I bought this Karmann Ghia, I'd paint it a different color

    Wouldn't mind owning this '36 Ford

    The first Oldsmobile I actually liked

    The owner of this was willing to trade it for a rat rod. I'd rather have a rat rod too

    I love the colors on this

    '56 Willys Wagon, not something you see everyday

    A Checker Marathon that isn't a Taxi.

    After this I decided to leave the Corral and move into the actual show cars.

    This was probably my favorite car of the show.

    I see lots of '32 and '34 Roadsters, but I've never seen a '36

    I managed to take two pictures of this car without realizing it until I got home. It's a '37 Chevy

    Purple suits this '39 Ford, but the striping isn't that great

    This Lowrider Caddy was nice.

    Pre-'60s Buicks are some of my favorites, even if the '55 looks like an exact clone of the Bel Air

    The bumper shot, or roadkill view. I get funny looks when I take these shots.

    Is it obvious I love Buicks?

    Though as much as I love Buicks, I'd take a Viper over one. Though not a 2005 SRT-10 like this, I'd rather have a late '90's Viper.

    That's it for Part 1. I'll work on some more parts later. Here is the Flickr Set if anyone wants a sneak peak of what's coming next or to see anything I left out.

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    Re: [Car Show Photos] Goodguys Fall Get-Together, Pleasanton, CA, 11-11-07

    I like going to the Good Guys shows. I usually go with my friend and his parents. His dad usually has his car in the show.
    I hate robots...

    One Annual Pass-$365 379
    Gas For Car- $60
    Meeting Billy Goat Bob- Priceless


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      Re: [Car Show Photos] Goodguys Fall Get-Together, Pleasanton, CA, 11-11-07

      Here comes Part 2. Remember you can click any picture for the Flickr photo page for larger sizes

      1949 Mercs are one of my favorites as well

      It really was a Dream '49

      In my opinion, after the Stringray the Corvette only got worse.

      I think Chevy Bel Airs were tied with '40 Fords for the most prominent vehicles.

      I'm sure this appeals to someone, but I just don't like it (1974 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Custom Cruiser)

      The 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H was a special model of Shelby made for Hertz as a rental car, they are very rare. Only 1000 were produced, 800 in this color scheme (source: Wikipedia)

      I took a picture of this because it was so ridiculous looking. I hope the DUB fad dies soon

      Don't see that many GTOs. Not a big fan myself, prefer the Firebird

      My favorite style of the Dodge Viper. Not my dream color (which is blue with white stripes), but still a beauty

      I really like the effort the owner of this hearse took to display his car. I inherited my dad's love of hearses, though not as much as him

      This 1942 Ford was advertising itself as one of the last '42s Ford made before WW2

      This guy won the "Dare to be Different" award. A Helms Bakery delivery truck, I'm sure some of you SoCal residents know the bakery. It was a neat little truck

      This '52 Chev was really a beauty, no wonder it was in the Winner's Circle

      Out of all the '40 Fords I saw that day, this one was the best, of course it won an award so that could've been an indicator.

      A beautiful '68 Camaro, though I could live without the paint job. This also won an award

      This little guy had a lot of attention. A 1951 Austin with a huge Chrysler engine in it. It was fitted to drag race, and I'm sure it did fantastic

      Another wonderful '49 Merc

      What you get when you mate a Mustang and a taxi and then try to make it look like a Shelby

      The artwork on this was fantastic, though the actual color was ugly

      That's it for Part 2. Watch for Part 3, the final pictures

      Of course you can always visit the Flickr set and see the rest on your own time and any I may have skipped!


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        Re: [Car Show Photos] Goodguys Fall Get-Together, Pleasanton, CA, 11-11-07

        I want a "Rent-A-Racer" so bad.
        I hate robots...

        One Annual Pass-$365 379
        Gas For Car- $60
        Meeting Billy Goat Bob- Priceless


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          Re: [Car Show Photos] Goodguys Fall Get-Together, Pleasanton, CA, 11-11-07

          Cool pics!

          Thanks for sharing!


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            Re: [Car Show Photos] Goodguys Fall Get-Together, Pleasanton, CA, 11-11-07

            Great car show photos as always. Keep them coming, and thanks for sharing.


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              Re: [Car Show Photos] Goodguys Fall Get-Together, Pleasanton, CA, 11-11-07

              Here's the final part, Part 3!

              Here's a Shelby GT350

              This '47 Ford has a nice flame job

              The real life version of the Goodguys logo

              Not many buckets at this show, more at shows like Billetproof

              Not many '40s and '50s Oldsmobiles out there. Was surprised to see this '51 Super 88

              This is the first Vega I've ever seen. A lot bigger than I thought

              A pretty car, but a bad color

              The truck is ugly, but the sign is neat

              Not much of a truck to look at, but check under those tires

              Think he brought some little buddies in

              This was an old "dual purpose" hearse, both as an ambulance and a hearse. I'm not big on the color, but the artwork and the addition of the funeral sign make up for it.

              Here's the Hot Pants Pinto that has made an appearance in a previous report. I still think its awesome

              Not only was this '49 Cadillac Coupe De Ville beautiful, it was also not being looked at by anyone else, so I was able to take my time with the pictures

              Fordnstein served to hide the Cadillac from the rest of the show

              A 1936 Cadillac Fleetwood with a V12 engine. A V12!

              The hood on this '67 Camaro Rally Sport was quite interesting

              And that's my report. I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget about the Flickr set for all the pictures with even more information.


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