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This Year I am thankful for ...


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  • This Year I am thankful for ...

    Thanksgiving is almost here so I thought it was time to share what you are thankful for, I'll start:

    I am thankful and greatful that I have a great husband and 2 kids that are healthy. I am thankful to all those involved in the running and upkeep of Miceage and Micechat for all the fun, friends, and humor. I am greatful that Micechat has the best photographers ever and that they share their photos so that I can always see the parks in a new way.

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    Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

    Internet Porn
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      Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

      I am thankful for meeting such wonderful people (the micechatters) at Disneyland this past September.
      Hayley B. - MiceChat's very own Delawarean. :bow:

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        Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

        Originally posted by OogieBoogie View Post
        Internet Porn


        & I love your avatar tonight. That one is cute.
        Hayley B. - MiceChat's very own Delawarean. :bow:

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          Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

          I am thankful for those serving in the armed forces, my family, my friends, my cat, and all the people who have made my life better.


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            Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

            Right now I am thankful for my good health and the good health of my family


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              Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

              My list is long.

              I am thankful that I found the strength to get help for my depression and am now seeing life in a more positive manner.

              I am thankful for my beautiful 13 year old daughter, who has grown into a beautiful and extraordinary young woman.

              I am thankful for my fiance, without whom I would never have gotten through this past year. He is a wonderful, patient, strong man.

              I am thankful for my family. It's not perfect, but we have a lot of love and support for one another.

              I am thankful for my friends, who have also helped me to find the inner strength to get through the seemingly insurmountable obstacles I've faced over this year.
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                Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

                I have a lot of things to be thankful for, but the biggest one is - I am thankful that my father finally found a doctor who could help him.
                She did it!


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                  Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

                  I am thankful for my family and our house we have ... (took us 9 long years but we have one)

                  I am thankful my family is healthy and I ahve my oldest daughter living with me now

                  Friends for life


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                    Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

                    My husband who works so hard and treats me well.

                    My beautiful, healthy kids who are smart and sassy.

                    My cross-eyed cat who is a constant companion.

                    My husband's beer brewing hobby.

                    Debra Winger movies.

                    Our new house and all that's in it.

                    Our neighborhood and schools--they're incredibly good.

                    My friends are awesome and I'm so grateful I have them in my life.

                    Red wine and chocolate. Sephora. Disneyland. Starbucks. MiceChat.


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                      Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

                      I am thankful for:
                      -My house not being burnt down (and all the stuff that surrounds that. Like firemen, people praying, all that stuff)

                      -being 10 years lump free! This time 10 years ago (yeah 26-10= 16 years old) I was facing this giant horrible breast cancer scare that there was a giant lump in there and all the docs couldn't figure out what it was. So thankful that in 10 years haven't found another one of those.


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                        Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

                        I am thankful for my two incredibley "marches to the beat of their own drummer" boys

                        I am thankful for my husband determination, generosity and drive

                        I am thankful that my health scare this year, was just a scare

                        I am thankful for my family, however screwy they may be
                        (especially thankful for my cousin)

                        I am thankful for some of the best friends that anyone could ever have :love:

                        I am thankful for my house(including my backyard )

                        I am thankful for my DVR

                        I am thankful for my boys's schools and the wonderful teachers they have

                        (not to sound too much like Stink but)
                        I am thankful for Sephora, Disneyland, Starbucks, Target, Red wine, crushed ice
                        & MC :love:

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                          Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

                          I am thankful for ....
                          • My parents, who have been a pillar of strength for me. My dad who makes me laugh, and my mom who makes me feel important and loved every day of the year.
                          • My brother. He rents my spare bedroom to help me pay the mortgage and we get along better now than we ever have.
                          • My friends. Because they are awesome and they get me.
                          • My pets. They love me unconditionally and have the uncanny power to make me smile when all I want to do is frown.
                          • My home. Last year at this time I was getting ready to move out of a house I loved against my will. Who knew that a year later I would love my new home even better than the old one.
                          • Disneyland and Angels Baseball. They keep me very busy!
                          • MiceChat. 'Nuff said.
                          • Feeling stronger and in a much better place than I was a year ago.
                          • Colin Firth
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                          Originally posted by Mouse princess
                          Of course I am worried about your mental health. I want happiness for all. Like we can all be like the Smurfs. But without Gargomel. He was mean.


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                            Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

                            I am thankful for my parents:
                            My mom,she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year annd is currently going through chemo,she's my best friend and just the most amazing person.

                            My father,who last year was diagnosed with kidney cancer,2 months after his father passed from colon cancer that had spread.My dad had a kidney removed and a month later went back to work,hes insane(in a good way).He's currently cleard of cancer.

                            Angels baseball,me and my dad are huuge fans,took me to my first game when i was 8.
                            This is so corny but the first game we went to after my dad was cleard of cancer he told me "The only thing I wanted when I found out I had cancer was to come to one more game with you." Ah Im tearing up just thinking about that day.


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                              Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

                              I'm thankful for my health. This has been a wild year - and it as a year ago tomorrow that I was diagnosed with Cancer......and what a wild time it has been - emotionally, financially.....EVERYTHING.

                              I'm thankful for my wife for sticking by my side through this. I'm thankful for my son for putting a smile on my face every day. I'm thankful for my parents who have helped us out so much. I'm thankful for my brother and sister who told me recently how my cancer diagnosis affected them. I'm also thankful that I learned to 'never give up' - attitude is everything and I'm thankful to God for showing me that.


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                                Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

                                I'm thankful for:

                                My beautiful wife - I couldn't ask for a better person to spend my life with
                                My kids - They are the best and I'm totally proud of the people they are growing up to be
                                My family - It's been a rough year in this department, but no matter what, we have all been there for each other.
                                My friends - I really don't think they know how much they really mean to us and that we would do ANYTHING for them


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                                  Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

                                  I am thankful for:

                                  - a job that I really, really like (for the first time in years) and feel appreciated in.

                                  - the wonderful friends I have made through MiceChat and all the friendship and fun I share with them.

                                  - Good health and a mostly happy state of mind

                                  - Paying off my car

                                  - And of course, Disneyland and how it can always make even the worst day, better!


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                                    Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

                                    Just finished a great Turkey dinner...watching football...feeling very content ...and pensive...

                                    I'm thankful for....

                                    1) The assurance that my wife is in a better place and that I will see her again.

                                    2) My three amazing kids and a mother in law who is always over cooking for us.

                                    3) Friends who have dropped everything to help us back on our feet.

                                    4) My job in which I get to make beautiful music with wonderful people.

                                    5) All of you who make up the Micechat family. Through Micechat (my first message board EVER) I have learned about avatars, sigs, user bars, photoshop, all things Disney, and a new hobby that I've become rather avid about. I haven't had a decent camera since high school, but after seeing the amazing shots by Froggy, Daddyb, Hollywood, Photomatt, Mastergracey, Aniko and countless others, I caught the bug and have since spent more than I probably should have on a new camera and some decent lenses.

                                    All of this is a direct result of you guys.

                                    For the advice, information, laughter, cameraderie, randomness, and sometimes tears, I am very, very grateful.

                                    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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                                      Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

                                      I am thankful for
                                      -god( because I had a small choke incident when I ate the frie back in early of this year mostly jan.
                                      - Family
                                      -Mice chat( You guys are all just so fun and very helpful. Thank you everyone.


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                                        Re: This Year I am thankful for ...

                                        I am thankful for:

                                        1) My family that loves me, supports me in all of my pursuits, and remains proud of me for always putting my best foot forward (regardless of outcome).

                                        2) My God-given attributes, talents, and a country that allows me to constantly progress, regardless of life's barriers and setbacks.

                                        3) Real friendships where I live, on MiceChat and elsewhere. I'm lucky to have a diverse array of friends. We respect eachother for who we are - in spite of our differences, and regardless of pretentious socio-economic status.

                                        4) Fantastic themeparks such as Disney, Universal, and Busch/Sea World.
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