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BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report


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  • BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

    This report is going to have come in a few stages. (I will also add additional pictures later, when my mom gets around to sending me hers!)

    1st up - Nuremburg, Germany.

    After a long flight "across the pond" (I really hate that term), we landed in Frankfurt, Germany only to go through 2 terminals, 2 check-in counters and 4 different security gates, we were loaded onto a bus and driven out into the middle of nowhere to meet our little plane. After about 40 minutes we were in Nuremburg. We got a taxi to take us to meet our boat, only to find out that there was no boat there. It was running late. The scary thing was that there is no terminal, dock, nothing. The boat just pulls up to the side of the bank. So, we sat at the side of the Danube and waited. Luckily it only took about 20 minutes.

    We immediately went to our room and took a shower and a nap.

    Best Shower ever!

    That night we had dinner and met the other passengers. Nothing too exciting.

    Day 2

    It was barely 0 degrees celsius - freezing. Most of my trip consisted of cold and fog. But, no snow or rain - thank heavens.

    Our ship, the MS Amalegro (Amadeus Waterways) offers a free town excursion every day. So, we got on a bus and headed in. Nuremburg was considered Hitler's playground. This is where he came to unwind and show off his troops. We first visited the courthouse where the Nuremburg, Nazi Trials were held - it's still a working courthouse, so you can only visit it on Saturday.

    These upper 4 windows is Room 600 - where the trials were held

    We then went into the Congress Hall - this was supposed to be a spectacular building built in a horseshoe shape with Hitler's own cathedral in the middle of it. He never got to finish it.

    We also visited the Zeppelin field. This is where Hitler used to parade his troops, hold rallies, and make speeches. It was bombed heavily by the americans. There used to be 36 towers surrounding the field. Now the field is used for rock concerts and the asphalt is now pit row and the starting grid for a Formula 3 race.

    We finally got to the old town of Nuremburg. It was built like a fortress and has a wall surrounding it. We started at the Castle (it was damaged during WWII, but it has been reconstructed). It was estimated to have been built around 1105. It was built on and with sandstone.

    The huge blocks were picked up by a pick like clamp and that's what caused all the holes in the blocks.

    View of the town

    We then wandered down into the main markets of the town. I loved how most of the restaurants had little statues on them.

    This horrible bunny monument is a tribute to Albrecht Durer. He was this town's most famous artist. I guess his most popular painting was of a rabbit. So, someone created this - most of the town hates it.

    Of course, in Europe, you can't walk more than a block without seeing a huge cathedral. My favorite part - gargoyles

    St. Michael (Baroque Church) - every tour guide made sure you knew what the architecture style was.

    On the police station

    This is a 600 year old glockenspiel on the Frauenkirche - it still works.

    In the middle of the town square is the Beautiful Fountain. Hidden in the gate is a ring. You're supposed to spin it 3 times to the right and make a wish

    Mom making a wish

    A weird cherub on the fountain

    Statues everywhere (St. Michaels in the background)

    Regnitz River

    I thought of the fartation cafe

    All through Europe, the towns are putting up their Christmas Markets (think state fair with a Christmas Theme). Nuremburg was just getting theirs started. This is where I got to try the world famous Lebkuchen (like gingerbread with almonds). They've been making it in this town for almost 800 years. Yummy stuff.

    That evening we went through our first of 26 locks on the Danube
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    Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

    Great report, I look forward to reading the rest.


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      Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

      Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing the rest.


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        Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

        wow Jen....wonderful....makes me pine for a visit!
        Just countin' the days til the next visit!


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          Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

          Love it so far JEN.. makes me want to go back to germany and europe on a whole (I lived there when i was 5-10)...

          Can hardley wait for the rest of your tr my friend

          Friends for life


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            Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

            The day before, we passed the continental divide - forgot to add that

            Day 3 - Regensburg, Germany

            After a night of going through numerous locks and a bavarian musical group as entertainment.

            We arrived in Regensburg, Germany bright and early (well, early anyway).

            I loved this town. It was originally settled by Marcus Aurelius as a fortress for the romans. So, we first stopped off at some of the original roman architecture. The stones were all stacked perfectly and didn't use any mortar between them.

            The entrance was called the Porta Praetoria.

            The town still looks very medieval. There is a strict code that you can't knock the buildings down and rebuild - you have to restore the buildings. And since this city somehow avoided being destroyed during WWII, almost everything is authentic and not reconstructed.

            I loved these rod iron signs - most are a few hundred years old.

            This bridge is the oldest stone bridge in Germany - over 800 years old. Travelers had to cross here, because it was the only bridge for a long while. Parts have been rebuilt due to wars and people blowing it up to prevent invaders.

            Some newer artwork - it's only about 200 years old

            Town Square building

            The Regensburg Cathedral (Dom) was also being restored. It was made of limestone, and the pollution is eating away at it. My camera didn't take good pictures inside the cathedrals, so when I get my mom's pics (hers did take a few good ones), I'll post them.

            I was surprised by most of these christian churches. There would only be a teeny little christ figure on all of the cathedrals, but the hundreds of saints and mary, etc.

            Now, being adventurous, we decided to find a cafe every day and eat like locals. So, we heard of something called Dampfnudel and set off to find it. It was described as dumplings in vanilla sauce. But, it turned out to be more like a fluffy cake with really heavy vanilla sauce. Yummy. But, we were both totally sick afterwards because it was so rich.

            We found a statue of Don Juan

            Somebody was helping him be more attractive to moms

            We needed to walk off a few calories, so we headed off to find the palace (aka St. Emmeram's Abbey). This is where the family of Thurn and Taxis lives.

            That night, for our entertainment we were treated to an acapella quartet. Each man was a former member of the Regensburg Boys Choir, the oldest boys choir in Europe. They were just amazing to listen to.
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              Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

              Beautiful pictures Jen, thanks for posting. The weather sure looked gloomy, glad you and Mom had a great time despite of the chill in the air.



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                Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

                More! More! More!

                Great Trip Report Jen!
                Har har har


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                  Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

                  I'm loving your trip report and all the pictures.


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                    Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

                    Great stuff BFJ!! Love Germany! I keep trying to convince DH that we should move there for a while. But neither of us speak German and it is such a difficult language (compared to learning Spanish, that is).


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                      Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

                      Day 4 - Instead of going into Linz, we opted to go to Salzburg. It was a 2 1/2 hour bus ride, but we did get to see the birthplace of Hitler! (Not that the town advertised it at all).

                      We crossed the river and headed into the heart of Mozart and the Sound of Music.

                      A statue in tribute to the Magic Flute

                      Corner of the Abbey from the movie the Sound of Music - also where the real Maria VonTrapp was married.

                      Mozart Square

                      When they were getting ready to construct the statue, they uncovered some roman ruins

                      They're Christmas Markets opened the day we were there

                      Inside St. Rupert's cathedral

                      While listening to the tour guide I saw this

                      All I could think of was - DEAD POPES TELL NO TALES.....

                      The baptismal font that Mozart was baptized in. His mother was also married in this cathedral.

                      This is the fortress next to the abbey - it's also in the SofM - this is where the nuns took the plugs out of the car.

                      Backside of the home Mozart was born in

                      The front - think they want tourists to know which one was his???

                      This is the cemetery that they wanted to use for the big escape scene in SofM

                      But, the city wouldn't let them film in here, so, they reconstructed the set in Hollywood.

                      The best meal we ate on the whole trip.

                      We had to have some Apple Strudel

                      But, my mom's souffle was so much better

                      On the way back to Linz, we took a little trip through the Alps. We got to stop at Lake Wolfgang

                      Then we went to the Cathedral in Mondsee. This is where the VonTrapp wedding happened in the movie.

                      I guess there are some people that just need to be immersed in the Sound of Music - it took me a week to get "High on a Hill was a lonely goatherd...." out of my head. I think that tour would have killed me.
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                        Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

                        This is a wonderful trip report!! I can not wait to see more !!!


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                          Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

                          Cool Trip Report. Love the picture of Lake Wolfgang and snow on the rooftops. I love Germany and i can't wait till i go again


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                            Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

                            Very eerie visiting the area of Nuremburg considering all the history. Your photos turned out great and thank you for posting them.
                            I want to go back to Holland with a stop where you visited first. I love Europe! So green and fresh.
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                              Re: BFJen's River Cruise Through Europe Trip Report

                              Awesome trip report Jen..

                              love the pictures.
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                              Wow. If regular MiceChatters saw this thread they might think we are normal. Thanks Dan & Gina!


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