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What's your other obsessions?


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  • What's your other obsessions?

    OK so the majority of us have a thing for Disney. What other "things" do you have a "thing" for??


    The Olympics (obviously). I watch them all the time when they are on, follow their news daily, been to 4 Games in the past myself. If its an Olympic question I can probably answer it.

    Aviation and aerospace. In particular commercial aviation. I have a thing for airplanes, and can tell what that plane is in the sky, what airline it is by sight and can most the time tell what type of plane it is by hearing its engines without even looking at the plane. Sick? Yes

    Cars. In particular new cars. LOVE new cars and seeing what the automakers are about to come out with.

    College football. USC football in particular. I'm usually watching college football all day on Saturdays during the fall, or at least part of the day. When the Trojans are on, my voice is gone by halftime usually. FIGHT ON!

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    Re: What's your other obsessions?

    My "Hobbies" are cycling, and the bicycles that are coming out. All the latest European Carbon Bikes, With bicycle framesets as light as 2.4 pounds. and with wheels and parts, 14-16 pounds. Also Wheels, what else can the Road Bike Industry come up with? I like Euro Bikes, because pretty much all the other 80% of bikes they are made in Taiwan or China.
    Pro Cycling since 1982, Love it to the point that is the hardest sport in the world.

    Also Reading, spending more time reading. Just whatever is an interesting read, Like Ray Bradbury right now.
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      Re: What's your other obsessions?

      Reading, boating and river rafting, camping, movies, shopping, the ocean, writing music, etc, various sports, cooking, yada yada.
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        Re: What's your other obsessions?

        Theme parks other than disney.... music....

        and.. hm... something else.. got to remember...


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          Re: What's your other obsessions?

          MOVIES, Orlando Bloom, Superman, retro clothes, shopping, singing, music, movies, guitar, flute, writing, movies, themeparks, drawing, swimming


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            Re: What's your other obsessions?

            Travelling... if I don't know where I'm next going on vacation, I'm a cranky %^$&# :lol:

            Work... unfortunately, no matter what job I'm working, I'm a bit of a workaholic.

            The library... yes, you read that right. I LOOOOVE the library... I'm there 3 times a week.

            Food... I'm a self proclaimed foodie. For those of you who are like me, see


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              Re: What's your other obsessions?

              Scrapbooking, but I have not done it for a while. But alas that will soon be changing

              Photography- I'm not a pro like some of our Mice Chatters but I love taking pics.

              baking. When it's not hot out and I have people to bake for. I love baking goodies

              Roadtrips. I love going on trips!!!! Heck I love traveling

              Dim Sum.....I only wish I went more. i usually go nuts eating Dim Sum when my beloved is in town.
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                Re: What's your other obsessions?

                Universal Monsters and other Classic Monsters (Hammer, etc.): I love the classic monsters. I collect Monsters merchendise and love the films.

                Records/Music: I love to collect records and listen to them. I have a wide selection of Disney records, from the read-along stories to the soundtrack LPs. I love to collect different versions of the Beatles' hits. My favorite is a record I recently acquired which features the hit songs of my favorite band (the Beatles) in full orchestra, performed by the 101 Strings orchestra and pipe organ. The songs are really retro and very well "re-composed".

                Dark Shadows: Love the old tv show, the remake, the music. Collect some merchendise and the DVDs.
                *am a fan of other classic tv shows as well.

                Star Wars: Love Star Wars, have lots of merchendise.

                Coca Cola: Have tons of Coca Cola memorobilia. I no longer buy it, but still love the stuff I have.

                There's gotsta be more, but as I look around the room, that's all I can see, other than my DL 50th display...


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                  Re: What's your other obsessions?

                  Well, besides my husband.....
                  skyscrapers, population patterns(BIG dorky thing right there!), architecture, and travelling(with my husband )


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                    Re: What's your other obsessions?

                    I have a major obsession with antique/classic cars... particularly pre-WWII. (...and certains ones made after.) I also like trains, ragtime music and travel.
                    "Yesterday, a man walked up to me and said, 'Isn't it a shame that Walt Disney couldn't be here to see this?' and I said, "He did see this, that's why it's here."
                    -Art Linkletter July 17, 2005-

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                      Re: What's your other obsessions?

                      Music! I'm the guy that makes the awesome mix cd for everyone at Christmas.

                      I also am obsessed with my instrument. I've been playing clarinet for 6 years now. I'm in all three bands through my school (wind ensemble, marching band, and jazz band)
                      I'm also a member of a youth band.(we generally have parades every Saaturday)


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                        Re: What's your other obsessions?

                        Disney's a bit part of what I love - and I have a lot of friends with the similar obsession, so I spend a lot of time on that one.

                        Other things I listen to, watch, do, collect, etc include:

                        Travel. I'm working my way through the world. Lately, that's been one Disney park at a time. I've visited all 10 Disney parks in the last calendar year. But, really, I spend more time in the surrounding areas than I do at Disney parks. I also spend a lot of time taking drives, weekend trips, little explorations and adventures. I love experiencing new places and things.

                        Food: I'm a complete foodie. I will eat just about anything and have no fear when it comes to trying out something new or exotic. Eating out is truely one of my most cherished hobbies.

                        Music, Contemporary Dance, Art, Cultural Events, Architecture: Living in LA offers such a variety of awsome cultural activities. We always have subscription tickets to UCLALive events - dance, spoken word, etc; we're museum members, we visit American Cinamatique regularly, see old movies in cemeteries, I love to visit Little Tokyo, Little India, Little Saigon, Little Cambodia, Thai Town, Little Ethopia, etc. and will spend good time at the various interesting shopping districts of LA. I love to see live music and buy way to much of all types (except most popular stuff). We have the largest, oddest collection of music and I love it all. Lately, JPop has been in the player, but that will change. I just love anything that seems to push the limits of what is "normal". I like to see what people will do outside of the box. BTW, I also almost never watch TV.

                        Tour de France and the Olympics: I generally don't like or watch sports but I've been watching Le Tour since 1983. I think it started with the desire to see the French countryside, but the grace and power of the sport reeled me in. Every year, I am obsessed with this event and it is one of the only reasons we have DTV.

                        The Olympics - expecially Winter - are also a favorite and I love everything about them (except maybe the assinine television coverage)

                        Camping: I haven't been in over a year, but my tent and stove NEEDS to be released from their storage soon. The Sierras are a favorite destination. I love the mountains, the sheer granite clifs, the hige trees, the smell, the sounds......incredible. I camp in a small tent with minimal padding, but I cook like a gourmet. Seered Ahi or Indian Lamb Kabobs anyone?


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                          Re: What's your other obsessions?

                          Turtles! I collect them. Don't know why or how it started but I have a lot. Ditto for shotglasses, I love the unusual looking ones.

                          Music is a definite obsession! My train obsession that has been buried is coming back to life. Reading is one too, but I hardly read anymore for fun, but if there's words in front of me I read them.

                          I have to agree with traveling... I live to travel. I love going to new places and exploring different cities. Tough on the wallet but it does wonders for the soul!
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                            Re: What's your other obsessions?

                            I love music, particularily live music, Dave Matthews Band, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Prince, just to name a couple.

                            I love movies, but find myself busy and unable to sit still and watch them recently.

                            I totally love to travel, I grew up traveling all across the US, Canada and the Caribbean. I majored in Tourism in college just for that fact alone. It's so cool to see the world around us.

                            I also love photography, reading, drawing, painting and writing. Though photography is my biggest love of the group.


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                              Re: What's your other obsessions?

                              Guitar: Its my #1 obsession. I picked up my dads guitar when I was very young, somewhere around 6-7 years old. Technically, I didn't start learning to play until I was around 10. One last interesting fact, I'm lefthanded but play righthanded cause I started on my dads guitars.

                              Sports: I love hockey, boxing, football, just about any type of competition. When it comes to baseball I'm a freak, bonafide NERD. I have so many useless baseball facts in my head its sad.

                              Toes: nuff said
                              I find it hard
                              It's hard to find
                              Oh well, whatever, nevermind


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