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Destination: Europe...

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  • Destination: Europe...

    Victoria and I are off on a 3-week vacation tomorrow. Early Monday morning, we'll spend a long day in the air from Los Angeles to Amsterdam. There, we will board Holland-America's MS Prinsendam for a 14 day cruise. :yea:
    Here's the itinerary:
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Cruising The North Sea Canal
    Scenic Cruising The Kiel Canal
    Ronne, Bornholm, Denmark
    Visby, Sweden
    Helsinki, Finland
    St. Petersburg, Russia
    St. Petersburg, Russia
    Tallinn, Estonia
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Scenic Cruising Stockholm Archipelago
    Cruising The Baltic Sea
    Warnemunde/Berlin, Germany
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Scenic Cruising Oslofjord
    Oslo, Norway
    Cruising The North Sea
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    We will spend 3 more days in Amsterdam before flying back home. We'll have internet access on our ship but I don't know how reliable or available it will be. If possible, I'll check in with some trip updates along the way. Otherwise, I'll join you again when we return August 12.

    In the meantime, I've changed my Avatar to something I think appropriate.
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    Re: Destination: Europe...

    That sounds awesome! I lived in Germany for 9 years (3 separate times of 3 years each) and I would love to go back on a trip like you are headed on. We did take advantage and travel all over while we were there but I'd like to go back now as an adult. Maybe one day... Anyway, have FUN!!

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      Re: Destination: Europe...

      Have fun! We'll miss you in MiceEars. Can't wait til we get ya back!
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        Re: Destination: Europe...

        Have fun!! We shall miss you and you're witty humor while you're gone!:crybye:
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        Originally posted by Reverend DMother
        Girl bonding is just so necessary. It's just as important as "me" time. A good girl bonding session leaves you feeling so refreshed. :love: I think of it as a NEED vs a want. There are just things that you need to talk to other women with. You may have the best relationship in the world with your husband, but there are just times you need your girlfriends. It makes for a healthier and happier you which makes everything else you do better.


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          Re: Destination: Europe...

          Wow, Tom, you two have fun and be safe!
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            Re: Destination: Europe...

            Sounds like a great trip!! Have fun!!


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              Re: Destination: Europe...

              Bring lots of pictures! I wish I could go with you two, you take some interesting trips.

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                Re: Destination: Europe...

                That sounds like a great trip, one I hope to do one day as well. Have a great time!


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                  Re: Destination: Europe...

                  My Wife just returned from trip of Northern Europe, except Russia and Denmark, Sweden, Germany.I would love to see Russia one day. She also did a cruise and had a wonderful time with her Mom who had never been out of the U.S. (She is 70) They both had a great time.
                  I hope you have a fantastic trip Tom. And be alert and safe.
                  Holland America Rocks - The service is fantastic!! Better then any other.
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