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3-Hour Diet


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  • 3-Hour Diet

    I lost some weight during our Disney cruise in June, and felt it was due to eating smaller well-balanced portions at evenly spaced times throughout the day. Both of us had more energy too.

    And then, I found out about this program: The 3-Hour Diet

    This program teaches people to eat well-balanced small meals more frequently, keeping the metabolism higher, which also produces more energy.

    I thoroughly believe in this, because I know the way I felt during that entire week, and I've since cut back on portion size, and try to space out my meals better. I'm feeling MUCH better!

    What's kinda funny about this: The guy's name is "Cruise", and it was on a cruise that I kinda figured out this concept for myself. Thought it was a funny corelation.

    I'm definitely going to try this more and see how it goes.

    What do you think? :smart:

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    Re: 3-Hour Diet

    There was an article in the newspaper today about the benefits from not eating all day and then bingeing at night with a huge meal. That just wouldn't work for me, and most of the world.

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      Re: 3-Hour Diet

      I'm HORRIBLE at remembering to eat at the proper times, so that could be a factor in my recent weight gain... I put a hold on the book at the library, so I should get it within a week or two. It definitely looks interesting and something to consider (not to mention eating every three hours would stabilize the blood sugar).


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        Re: 3-Hour Diet

        Every real diet I've seen has suggested smaller and more frequent meals. Your body can digest only so much food at a time. Overeating leads to your body expending more energy to digest, leaving you with less energy to do other things.
        While you are digesting, your body is converting food into stored energy to be used later. If you can't use all that energy, then some of it will be stored in a more long-term manner: fat.
        Smaller and more frequent meals mean that your body has the energy it needs to burn and not too much extra. If your needs extra energy for, say, a brisk walk, your body will find it inside: fat (hopefully).

        That's the simple and general explanation. Results may vary. See your doctor, etc.


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          Re: 3-Hour Diet

          Whatever works for you. Dieting is too tough for most people. I sympathize with dieters.

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            Re: 3-Hour Diet

            Originally posted by sediment
            While you are digesting, your body is converting food into stored energy to be used later. If you can't use all that energy, then some of it will be stored in a more long-term manner: fat.
            And it's really a simple plan too. I've noticed huge differences with my body already. I have no gallbladder, so I sometimes have problems with digesting a full-sized meal. And since going this route, I've had MUCH less issues. The weight is coming off very slowly, but hey, it's coming off, and I've been feeling good and have more energy. And that is most important, I think.

            I've also noticed that I'll eat a much smaller portion of well-prepared food than I do junk/fast food. It's more satisfying and flavorful.

            Maybe I finally found the key for me, and my body seems to like it.

            I'm definitely going to buy this book and check out the whole plan.


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              Re: 3-Hour Diet


              Pick up the book "The Abs Diet Plan, Eat right every time" - and you can get it @ Target for $7.19. It bascially echos what all sensible eating habits should be: Eating often ( 6 meals a day), Exercise, and eating the right foods, and you even get a cheat meal. It's not a Low Carb or Low Fat plan, it's an eating better lifestyle and can be easily adopted by men or women.

              It shines away from the word "Diet" and focuses on changing to learn about eating habits. The book is a very simple and fast read. It tells you simply, what you can eat, and what you can't. It also helps you to make a better decision when eating out with it's recommendations for chain restaurants. And you get receipes in this book.
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                Re: 3-Hour Diet

                Slower weight loss is better in the long term. Keep at it, and keep records!

                I've found that fresh herbs make healthy foods taste very good. We go down the street and clip some rosemary (it grows like weeds, and people use it as ground cover).

                A couple more tips (might already be in the book):
                1. High-protein meals (with low carbs and some fat) are more filling relative to the amount of food you eat.
                2. Avoid "High-Fructose Corn Syrup" at all costs! It's everywhere! Beware!!
                3. Junk food tastes good. That's the problem.
                4. Find a Glycemic Index table and limit the amount of high GI foods in your diet.
                5. Go as close to the source as you can with your food, as little processed as possible. Oranges: good. Orange juice: less good. Orange creamcicle... Make your own salad dressing, and control the contents to your needs.


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                  Re: 3-Hour Diet

                  Yea.. I've heard this is definately a secret to weight loss. What also works is not eating ANYTHING however after say 7 or 8 PM.. they say it's best to go to bed on a semi-empty stomach (and it's true.. it worked for me). It's really bad though if you eat something and then go to bed right afterwards... I can't do that anymore now that I'm used to this. :wave:
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                    Re: 3-Hour Diet

                    I like anything that tells me to eat more!

                    Seriously, eating every three hours or so is what works best for me. I get *very* cranky if I get hungry.

                    "Diet" is a bad word- it means something you'll do for a while, and then go back to your old eating habits. Anybody wonder why the weight comes back on???

                    Changing your eating habits- long term. This is good.
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