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Your car and you


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  • Your car and you

    This was a thread Villans Fan came up with but she's shy :roll: so she said I could start it for her.

    Does the car you drive fit your personality? Is it "you"?

    I'd have to say all of mine have. My first was a Saturn and I had been a fan of Saturn since that division was announced back in the mid 80's so for the first car that I bought to be a brand new Saturn was a big deal. It was a great car, but I needed something a bit bigger with more OOOMPH.

    My next car was a 2000 Cougar. I loved the looks of that car, very unique styling (I called it my origami car as it had so many funky lines). I still like it's looks, too bad it didn't catch on which is why they no longer make it. It too was a decent car, but I now wanted a car with 4 doors and more room.

    Flash forward to now. I bought my current car, a Mazda 6 5-door in June 2004. It's a beaurtiful car with a color that's not too popular, blue. It seems to turn heads which is kinda fun.

    So what about you? Does your car fit "you"??

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    Re: Your car and you

    no. my car is a grey mini van. i don't think i could tell you who makes it. it is so non descript, it's nothing like me at all. i have had a couple of friends tell me that they picure me driving a red convertible jag, but my wallet won't allow it. it's kinda telling me the mini van is not such a good idea either!
    please be afraid.


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      Re: Your car and you

      We currently own two Honda Civics. Sven is the silver one, which is also known as The Silver Bullet (only when I drive it). The gold civic is known as Yan, which is short for Yan Can Book. They show that I am practical and drive what I can afford.

      Tomorrow, we will say goodbye to Sven *sniff* and say hello to, yep you guessed it, another Honda Civic. Not sure if we will end up with the spiffy Special Edition or one with side air bags. We will drive off the lot with either a charcoal grey or dark blue model. Nathan said the deciding factor would be whichever car has the better AC.
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        Re: Your car and you

        We have two cars and my husband and I each drive them both depending on what we are up to. My minivan fits me cause I am a mom of course and so it's perfect for us. We haven't had it very long, so it's still sort of a "new" member of the family.

        And this is my baby. She's a bit dirty here, but that's why I love her. She's a great camping car- she even matches her environment when we camp and offroad! My Explorer has been such a reliable car even though she's not exactly fresh off the lot. my husband wanted to trade this in recently on a new car and I said absolutely not, I love this car! So his got traded in in the above van. BTW her name is Dora

        I forgot to say that I do think my Explorer fits my personality. Reliable, likes to have fun, not quite "fresh off the lot" but still presentable.

        It's hard to fit a minivan to a personality other than practicality so I guess it fits me cause I am a practical mom but that's about it.
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          Re: Your car and you

          My car is a 2004 Ford Focus, affectionately referred to as "The Blue Bomber". She's a good little car, but I don't think she really fits my personality. She just gets me to & from wherever I need to go.
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            Re: Your car and you

            I currently drive a 2000 Ford F-150 Lightning (Red), Build Number 2527 of 4966 - Lightnings are a limited production, drag-truck built by Ford's SVT division. She's been asked to do a number of things, including towing a 5,000 lb., 22 foot long, twin-engined tunnel-hull boat that goes 130+MPH on the water.......She's also towed a jet-ski trailer regularly, moved a 10,000 lb travel trailer and carried a golf-cart in her bed. She's powered by a 5.4 Liter V-8 with a supercharger - I've had her up to 130 MPH so far (with more left). This truck is me......Sorry, I can't attach an image - I just checked with my IT guru & I would need to set up a photobucket site to post a link, so I did the next best thing & changed my Avatar.

            Other cars I've owned:
            2001 Jaguar X-Type (Red)
            1999 Ford F-150 (White Shop Truck)
            1992 GMC 1500 Truck (Teal)
            1990 Nissan 300ZX (Red)
            1985 Chevy El Camino (Owned 2 of them - 1 Silver, 1 Red)
            1979 Volkswagon Scirrocco (White)
            1970 Plymouth 440 Six-Barrel 'Cuda (Red - Never should have sold it)
            1970 El Camino (Yellow)
            1969 Dodge Polara (White)
            1967 Disneyland Autopia MK VII Body (Yellow - Will be returned to running)

            Most fun: tie between the Lightning & the 'Cuda
            Most practical: Ford F-150
            Best fuel economy: Volkswagon
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              Re: Your car and you

              My car is a grey 1988 Honda Accord, affectionately known amongst my friends as "The Rice Crockpot". Most four bangers are called rice burners, but mine doesn't burn the rice - it slow-cooks it. Hence the name. :sweat:

              My car fits my personality in that it doesn't like going up hills.
              Make something Idiot-Proof, and someone will build a better Idiot.


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                Re: Your car and you

                I own a black 2000 VW Beetle and it screams "THIS CAR BELONGS TO KATIE" My former co workers called it the Mickey mobile!!!!!
                Katie :yea:
                Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
                :sc: FIGHT ON!!!!!!


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                  Re: Your car and you

                  I have a 2005 Pacifica, fits me to a "T"! Large and luxurious...LOL!
                  Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
                  it's what they are like in their HEART!

                  - Wolfette


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                    Re: Your car and you

                    Originally posted by TinkPink
                    This car reminds me of jurassic park.

                    I will someday drive my 1987 Mercedes Benz...once it passes the smog check. I think it kinda fits my personality, heck we were born in the same year too.


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                      Re: Your car and you

                      My first car was a 1990 Toyota Corolla - and it WAS me. from the stickers that my kids put on it when I was a nanny, to the disco ball to the one seatbelt that didn't work... that poor car saw me through everything!!

                      I finally had to trade her in, in Feb. for a 2003 Chevy Cavalier. It's not exactly me - a little too bright, a little too big, but boy is it more comfy!

                      My me car - a black PT Cruiser with flames - will be bought and detailed someday
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                        Re: Your car and you

                        My car was a blue (almost the same color as Olympicnut) Nissan 200sx...I loved that car. It was me to a T. Sunroof, disney items in it. It matched me 100%.

                        Sadly I sold it when I got a company car (no sense paying the insurance on it)...even more sad is 3 months after I sold it, I got laid now I have no car.
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                          Re: Your car and you

                          I've got an '02 black nissan sentra. Not too snazzy, but it's ok.
                          J has an '02 silver nissan altima 3.5....which he adores to no end!
                          Our next car will probably be the nissan murano....or infiniti g35 if I can help it!

                          Can you tell we're a nissan fam?
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                          Homer: But Marge, this one came with a corn-cob pipe!
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                          Homer: So, which is it? Blue or purple?
                          Marge: Pink.
                          Homer: D'oh!
                          Marge: "If ye test should fail, to a doctor set sail!"


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                            Re: Your car and you

                            Nope doesn't fit me AT ALL.
                            I am currently driving an 04' Chevy Silverado truck, the blue is almost the same at O'nut's. It's an extended cab with the two backwardsy doors.
                            The only thing remotely "me" about it is the big ol' stereo that's in it(ask Malibu MInion, All Aglow & Cyneeyore, it rocks! :yea: )

                            I'm driving it because we traded in my 01' Eddie Bauer Expedition for a new full size 4 door Chevy 3/4 ton truck for mr. dsnylndmom before we moved that his company pays for. So he got a new work truck AND we got out of a car payment. It made the most sense financially. But I dislike it. It's a PITA, parking is not fun(Shut up All Aglow & Cyneeyore)

                            My favorite car I've ever had was my Deep Purple 99' Dodge Durango. It was a V8, black leather interior, big stereo, sunroof, the works. I LOVED it, adored it. But it was a nickle and dime us to death POC!! LMAO!

                            I'm hoping to trade this in next year but honestly I'm totally up in the air on what I want. I LOVE the Infitniti G35(good taste Cuzco!) but I also love the Maxima. Do I want to go to a sedan or back to an SUV etc etc etc. I'm so not sure.

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                              Re: Your car and you

                              I drive a white suburban. Could it be more appropriate?
                              I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.
                              That explains the trouble that I'm always in...


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